OLTL Update Tuesday 6/25/03

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/24/03

By Nancy
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital Natalie warns Jen to stay away from her brothers, both of them.

Joey goes to the garage looking for Flash and runs into Rex who tells him that Flash is much more his type than Jen. He also tells him that he still intends to marry Jen.

Flash is sitting in front of Luna's statue in Angel Square when Nora goes by and stops to talk with her. Flash is listening to music and doesn't hear Nora until she touches her. Nora asks her what she is listening to and she tells her its a rough cut of her band...very rough. Nora asks her what her problem is and she says nothing. Nora keeps at her and asks her if the problem's name is Joey. Flash tells her that she has been such a jerk lying to him for months about who and what she is and Nora asks, "Who are you?"

Antonio finally gets through to Bo on the cell phone but the reception is very bad. He tells Bo he has found Lion's Heart Manor but he is not sure where it is located because he had gotten lost and his compass wasn't working. Bo tells him that the helicopters are able to fly again and to leave his cell phone on and they can follow the signal. Antonio tells him approximately how far from the end of the road he thinks he traveled. Bo tells him to wait there for backup but Antonio says he can't wait.

Jessica tells Vicki to go and leave her with her father. Mitch tells Vicki to go before Jessica hurts herself. Finally Vicki agrees to leave.

Cristian is talking to the hospital administrator about a job and she tells him that Troy had given him an excellent reference and that he had the job. Cristian is all excited and starts asking about benefits when she tells him to report to Personnel.

Jen asks Natalie where she gets off telling her to stay away from her brothers. Natalie accuses Jen of playing games with them the way she did with Cristian. Jen says she isn't the one playing games its Flash or Sarah Roberts to use her real name. She then asks Natalie why she doesn't know members of her family, did someone forget to tell her about C.J.'s wife. She tells Jen that she does know her own family she is just surprised because Sarah is C.J.'s sister not his wife.

Back in the square Nora is shocked to learn that Flash is Sarah Roberts. Flash tries to stop Nora from going on and on since she knew Sarah when she was a little girl. She tells Nora that she can't say anything to anyone about her because she doesn't want Tina to know where she is. Nora says she is surprised because the Tina she knew loved her children very much. Flash tells her that she doesn't
matter to Tina, that Tina doesn't love or respect her and that Tina ruined her life.

Joe asks Rex if he is telling him to stay away from Jen. When Rex says yes, Joe jumps all over him about not knowing Jen at all and just using her for her money. Rex tells him that he really loves her and that since they have the license they are going to get married.

Antonio carefully approaches the house which appears to be unguarded now. He looks at the windows and decides the best way in is to climb to the second floor.

Vicki is about to leave with Walker when the Badra Diamond catches her eye and she picks it up as we go into slow motion: she throws it at Mitch hitting him in the shoulder and causing him to spin around. Walker rushes over and tackles him and as they both hit the ground, the gun goes spinning across the floor. They wrestle for it momentarily and Walker wins. He holds the gun to Mitch's forehead (I could hear thousands of voices saying "Pull the trigger!") Mitch starts quoting the Bible about Cain and Able and Walker not being able (no pun intended) to kill his brother. As Mitch gets up off the floor, Vicki and Jessica are in the traditional female position when a fight takes place: standing in the background quaking in fear, not moving a muscle to help or get the gun. As Mitch stands still quoting the Bible, Walker finishes the quote for him and tells him that he will shoot. Mitch picks up the diamond and walks toward the front door telling Walker that he knows he won't shoot him in the back. Antonio rushes in from behind Mitch and tackles him to the floor.

Nora asks Flash to start at the beginning. She tells Nora that the only thing that matters to her is music and she tells her the whole story about sneaking out, getting caught, being grounded and losing
her guitar.

Claire, the hospital administrator stops Troy in the hall and tells him that she has found the perfect get-away for them. Troy tells her that there is no them, that it was just a one night stand.

Cristian tells Natalie he got the job and Jen makes a couple of rude cracks which makes Cristian wonder what is going on between the two of them now. After Jen leaves, Natalie tells Cristian about Flash being Sarah.

Flash makes Nora promise not to tell anyone again and then starts having another coughing attack. It is so bad this time, that Nora takes Flash to the hospital.

Antonio is pounding on Mitch and Vicki is yelling at him to stop before he kills him (would anyone care?) Walker tries to stop him but can't and then Bo arrives and tells Antonio to back off which he does. He reads Mitch his rights and tells the officers to take him away. Before they leave, Jessica comes over and tells him that she hates him. (the makeup is very good, Mitch looks like someone who has really been beaten up) Jessica goes over to Antonio and tells him that she knew he would come and then she faints in his arms.

Nora arrives at the hospital with Flash and asks Troy to take care of her. She sits down to wait when Claire and a nurse get off the elevator and stop in front of Nora to talk about Troy. Claire tells the nurse about the wonderful night she and Troy spent together but now he seems like a different person. The nurse agrees that Troy has been acting like two different people. While they are talking, Nora is peering over a magazine while she listens to every word.

Joey warns Rex not to hurt Jen but before they can finish trading threats, Joey gets a phone call about Jessica and rushes off to the hospital running into Jen who is coming into the garage. She wants to know what is going on and Rex tells her that Joey is hurrying to meet Flash and that he is madly in love with her. (since Jen just found out that they are cousins this has her puzzled)

Troy tells Flash to stay away from the throat spray as she leaves and Jessica arrives at the hospital.

Bo, Mitch, and Walker arrive at the police station. Bo tells everyone in the squad room to say hello to Mitch. Walker is telling Bo that Mitch needs medical attention. Mitch is sounding incoherent and Bo tells him not to even think about and insanity plea. Mitch asks for a bible. Bo tells him he can have a bible, he can have a whole stack of bibles but what he can't have is the diamond which he holds in front of Mitch's face.

Vicki is telling Jessica that she will be fine as Troy comes in to examine her. Antonio hands him a vial of the drug that Mitch had given her and Troy orders a tox screen. As he starts to draw blood, Jessica freaks out thinking its Mitch.

Back at the police station, Mitch grabs for the diamond and Bo snatches it away. Mitch tells Bo that the diamond is cursed and only he knows how to handle it without danger. He starts talking about power and being a man of vision and that men like him are above mortal laws. He says that he can't be harmed.

Vicki calms Jessica down and talks her into letting Troy draw the blood. Nora is still out in the hall and asks Cristian and Natalie if that was Jess that was brought in. Joe arrives and insists that he be allowed to see his sister but Troy tells him to wait. Troy is now being very nice to everyone and Nora notices the change. She asks him how Flash is doing and he tells her that unless Flash lets her voice rest and get better that she will lose her singing voice permanently. She then asks how he is doing and as he turns and smiles at her (I melt) and asks her why she wants to know she tells him no reason.

Jen tells Rex that Flash is a freak for going after her cousin. Rex tells her that he has a great idea but won't tell her what it is that he wants to get her something but it is a surprise. She tells him that she is going to take the motorcycle out for some alone time and then she leaves. Rex notices that she left her purse and starts to go after her but stops and goes through her purse instead taking one
of her credit cards (a gold American Express I think)

Joe says he would like to kill Mitch, Cristian tells him to take a number.

Mitch warns Bo that there is nothing that anyone can do to him as they take him to a cell. Walker tells him that he will visit him but Mitch says he might not be there. Walker asks Bo what he is going to do with the diamond and Bo tells him that he is going to use it for a paperweight (LOL) and wants to know why Walker is interested. We then see Mitch sitting in his cell with a strange smile on his battered face.

Antonio tells Jessica that he was thinking about her and that he got the notes and the yellow roses. She tells him that she is glad he liked them and then sort of gets a blank look on her face as a worried Vicki looks on.


Al tells Marcie that he wants to make love to her
Jen tells Joey that she thought he would be good for her
Nora asks Matthew if he wants to see her and Bo dance
Antonio tells Jessica that he needs to see more of Jamie
Jessica asks Antonio what about Keri

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