OLTL Update Monday 6/23/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/23/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

Joey fixes a meal for his mother but then finds a note from her saying she’ll be back soon. He looks at a picture of his sisters and prays for Jessica’s safe return. Flash comes over and asks Joey for news on Jessica. When he replies that there is none, she coughs and they talk about her throat for a minute. She tells him about the band’s progress but then admits that she really came to apologize for lying to him. She says that they had something so nice and he says he can’t date her because they’re cousins. She asks if they can still be friends and he tells ‘Sarah’ that they’re more than that. He tells her that she’s a part of the family, like it or not. He tells his cousin that Jessica is in a lot of danger and she apologizes for being selfish and asks if she can help. Joey gives validation to her problems too but when she blames herself for them he says they must be legitimate if it was enough to make her run away from home. He tells her that she can’t blame herself for everything and when she mentions that he doesn’t know the whole story, he asks her to tell him.

Flash is reluctant at first to tell Joey the story of her childhood but eventually give in. She begins to fill him in on their move to Detroit when she was fourteen. She also tells him about C.J.’s escape and her first introduction to singing and to playing the guitar. She tells him about ‘Dare’, her first and only who taught her how to play guitar. She tells him that one morning Tina was outside waiting for her and threatened to call the police if her friends even speak to her again because she’s fourteen. Then Kane, Tina’s boyfriend, told Dare that if he ever spoke to her again he’d be in jail before sundown. Then Tina told her she could never sing again and rock n’ roll would ruin her life. Then Kane pawned her guitar. She says she tried to talk to her mother but she wouldn’t listen to Flash took off and headed for New York to find C.J. She was broke before long but failed in finding C.J. Joey promises her that they will find her brother. Joey apologizes to her for her story and says it doesn’t sound much like Tina. She swears that there’s nothing else to it. Flash says she doesn’t want to discuss it anymore and coughs herself into a frenzy. Joey goes to get her some water and Flash escapes while he’s gone.

Antonio calls his boss and tells him where he is, with Walker, and what he sees around him. Bo tells him he sent the helicopters back because their searchlights are useless right now. He adds that no choppers spotted a house, that their evidence is all circumstantial, and asks that Antonio hold off his search until first light. Bo warns him that the wilderness area is huge but Antonio feels hopeful and determined, and refuses to stop and wait. Walker and Antonio hit a dead end of a path and Antonio goes on foot. With Cristian and Natalie in front of him, Bo calls Antonio and when he gets voice mail he assumes Antonio is now on foot. They discuss it and Bo admits that until morning, Antonio’s on his own. Walker finds an old building but it isn’t on the map. When he checks his compass, it’s going in circles. They check the phones and the flashlights and Antonio returns to the car for some more batteries. A servant finds Walker and pulls a gun on him. Antonio calls for Walker but doesn’t find him, just his flashlight.

Jessica asks Brian for help and he agrees, and apologizes. He plans to walk her through the forest to a carriage house. Mitch brings Viki to Lion’s Heart Manor, blindfolded, and tells her what the place is and why it was built. He adds that she will spend her last night of her life in this house. He asks what she thinks and she says he’s crazy. Mitch asks her to call him Victor and then goes to look for Jessica. Viki looks for a phone but finds her daughter instead and runs into her arms. Jessica wants to know why Mitch brought her and she replies that he’s so insane she doesn’t even know if she’s a hostage. Viki introduces her mother to Brian and says that Brian will help them escape. He tells them to escape through the cellar but before they can go he doubles over in pain. She looks down to see Brian bleeding and then up to see her father holding a gun and he tells her that this is their home and no one will taker her from him again. Jessica cries and asks her father why he would do this when Brian never did anything to him. He replies that he is the lord of the manor and will not tolerate betrayal. Mitch orders they take him down to the stream.

Viki asks Mitch if he can see how out of control he is and he says it’s nonsense. He injects her again, while Viki screams for him not to. Mitch asks them to finally accept the inevitable, that Lion’s Heart is their new home. When she replies that he’s lost his mind, he calls he the expert on that. She asks him what he wants and he responds that he has it all, including everlasting power. He says that everything her father had, he now has. He says that there’s one last thing to do to make it all complete. He sends Jessica upstairs. She doesn’t want to leave her mother but Viki swears to her that she’s not alone. Once they’re by themselves, Viki says she’ll do whatever he wants as long as he lets Jessica go. He begins to dance with her and she begs him to do whatever he wants to do to her, not to Jessica. With that he begins to kiss her neck. A young woman brushes Jessica’s hair while Mitch continues to dance with Viki. He comments that they’ve created something beautiful and perfect together, Jessica. She agrees and adds that Jessica is also so innocent in so many ways. He agrees and adds that it makes her even more beautiful. Viki asks if he wants to destroy that innocence and he replies that he would never do that to Jessica. She responds that he’s doing that by locking her up and keeping her from her family. He screams and interrupts, insisting that he is the only family that Jessica needs.

Viki says she knows Mitch was hurt horrible by his father but that there’s goodness in him, there has to be. She begs him not to do to Jessica what Victor did to her. She asks him to give their daughter her freedom. Upstairs, Jessica hears Antonio telling her to be strong because he will find her. When Jessica picks up a perfume container, the woman tells her that the messenger will provide her with all the pretty things she could ever want. Jessica then sprays perfume in the woman’s eyes and carries her off. Viki begs Mitch to let Jessica go and adds that if he does then Jessica will always remember him as a loving father. He screams again, for his servant, and asks him to tie up Viki. He then goes to check on Jessica. She threatens to kill him if he hurts Jessica.

Mitch knocks on the door and Jessica doesn’t respond verbally. Instead she breaks the mirror and takes a few shards. Mitch calls his servants to look for Jessica, who is now missing, and Viki smiles. Mitch warns her not to get her hopes up. The servant, Jeremy, comes to the door and he goes to answer it. When he does, he finds his brother, alive and standing before him. Mitch realizes that his brother’s death was a ploy to draw Mitch out and says he’s not as stupid as they are. Walker asks Viki if she’s all right and Mitch is surprised he has nothing to say to the brother who thought he killed him. Walker tells him that he wasn’t in his right mind. Mitch pretends to be joyful that his brother’s alive and then comments that this is turning into a family reunion. She reminds him that Jessica has escaped but he’s convinced she will return soon. As soon as the words are out, Jessica arrives, holding something behind her back. He tells her that he was starting to fear that she doesn’t love him as much as she claims to. She asks if he does love her and he replies that he does with all his heart.

Jessica puts the shards from the broken mirror up to her neck and tells her father to let her family go if he speaks the truth. She promises that if he does not let them go he will lose her forever and she leaves both of her parents speechless. Both parents beg her not to do something so horrible and Jessica screams that it’s the only answer because Mitch keeps destroying people’s lives and it’s all her fault. Mitch asks her not to do something they will all regret and he orders his servant to untie Viki. He tries to convince her that everything’s fine. She begs her father to let them go. Walker says he won’t leave her alone with Mitch and she replies that it’s not his decision. Mitch tells the servants to let them out and orders them not to follow. Viki says she’s not going anywhere without her daughter. He orders everyone out and Viki tells her she’s been drugged and she doesn’t know what she’s doing, She replies that she’s never been more serious in her life. She tells her mother to leave her because she belongs there with him. Viki argues and Mitch screams at her to do what Jessica says or else her blood will be on Viki’s hands.

Bo tries to get helicopters up again and Cristian admits to Natalie that he’s worried about his brother, because he knows Antonio will do anything to rescue Jessica. Keri eavesdrops as Cristian adds that his brother may not be as sharp as he usually is because he’s pretty messed up over Keri’s return. Natalie tries to comfort Cristian and then they see Keri standing there. He asks why she’s there since Antonio isn’t and she comments that what Jessica’s going through must be really difficult. She asks to be kept posted and Cristian tells her that Jessica takes priority, adding that right now his brother is risking his life in order to find her. She’s glad he’s helping, and then leaves them alone. Meanwhile, Antonio calls for Walker and for Jessica but realizes that he’s been moving in circles. He stops to rest and to yell at the animals howling at him. He drinks some water and then sees a vision of his baby and Keri asking him to come back. He shrugs it out of his head, determined to find Jessica. Antonio trips and then finds a plaque on the ground that says Lion Heart.

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