OLTL Update Friday 6/27/03

One Life to Live Update Friday 6/20/03

By Nancy
Pictures by Juanita

Natalie, Joe and Vicki are at Llanfair discussing Jessica when Walker shows up and offers to help find her. He suggests that they share their info. Vicki tells him all she knows about Lion's Heart from
her childhood memories of Victor. 

Mitch catches Jessica trying to break out through the barred window and gives her another shot to calm her down. He then shows her the Badra diamond which he has on display on a table in the middle of the
room (funny how we didn't see it there before.) He starts telling her the bloody history of the diamond and how Grandfather Victor obsessed on having it. He says that it now belongs to him just as everything Victor had is now his and will be hers. He goes on and on about Victor being a visionary and now he will be one, too. Jessica tells him that everything isn't his but her mother's.

Keri shows up at the police station and tells Antonio she wants him back. She wants the family together the way it should have been (before she ran out on him!)

Asa gets into an argument with Wesley because he won't cheat and move the putting cup for him like Nigel use to. Wesley says that would be cheating and Nigel was wrong to do it. Asa gets mad when Wesley
mentions Nigel's name and says that Nigel's name is never to be mentioned in his house again.

At Foxy Roxy's Renee is insisting that she and Nigel will be married if Asa doesn't show up to stop the wedding as the guests begin to arrive. Max is helping Nigel get ready and giving his marriage advice while Roxy is helping Renee. Al and Marcie are listening in and are surprised that Max and Roxy feel the same about marriage. When they are ready, Renee announces that they have a secret weapon as Rae walks in and says, "Me!"

Rae has told everyone at the salon that ol' cowboy Asa has a soft spot in his heart for her and she knows he will listen to her but when she arrives at the mansion she runs into a brick wall of cowboy

Meanwhile, Walker is telling Vicki what he knows about Lion's Heart from Mitch's rambling when Walker pulled him from the river. She feels he knows enough to go talk to the police.

Mitch is dancing with a very groggy Jessica telling her everything is just the way he knew it would be for his beautiful daughter Victoria. (I don't like where this is heading) He keeps calling her Victoria and this helps to bring her out of her drugged stateand she asks Mitch what he called her. He tells her that he called her Jessica and she asks him if he knows he is not Victor.

R.J. and Hank are arguing about his keeping Keri away from the people who loved her and R.J. jumps Hank about keeping Keri from him for years. Nora tries to keep them apart but they are really into it. Nora tells R.J. he was wrong in trying to keep Antonio from Keri and his baby.

Back at the police station Keri is pleading with Antonio to give her a second chance. She tells him she loves him but is interrupted by Walker who tells Antonio that he thinks he has information about Jessica's whereabouts.

Vicki is remembering when Victor took her to the woods where he wanted to built his secret lair for the two of them and he called it Lion's Heart. She suddenly starts worrying that Mitch might turn out
to be like Victor in other ways.

Mitch continues to drag a dazed Jessica around "dancing."

Asa asks Rae if she is going to the wedding. He tells her that he hopes Renee and Nigel get what they deserve. Rae tells Asa that if he doesn't stop the wedding he will be lonely the rest of his life
because he loves Renee but he insists that he could never love someone who would shack up with Nigel.

Antonio tells Keri he has nothing else to say to her and goes back to working with Walker to find Jessica. Keri overhears them talking about the area they think she might be in and then leaves.

Jessica is concerned about Mitch's behavior and asks him if he knows who she is and that he is not Victor Lord. He answers of course he knows who he is and calls for the Young Henchman (I know his name
now...it's Brian) He tells Brian to take his daughter upstairs to rest while he goes out. Brian asks him where he is going. Mitch tells him that he is going to get Jessica a companion and that he has a very special person in mind.

The judge shows up at Foxy Roxy's ready to marry the happy couple. Renee tells him he's early! Nigel just stutters. The wedding starts and just at the if anyone objects part, Asa comes in and stops the
wedding! Renee makes him apologize to Nigel and give him his job back. Nigel says he can't come back until Asa tells Renee that he loves her. Asa asks Renee if she will and we see Asa with his arms around Renee and Nigel moving the cup as they putt. Renee says it's not exactly a proposal but...and we see R.J. stalking out on Hank and Nora while Joe offers to make Natalie and Vicki a Joey Special. Joe
tells Natalie she has to learn how to make one so they both go out to the kitchen as Vicki notices that the gardener is working very late. She goes out on the patio and asks him why he is working late when he
turns and it's MITCH with a gun. She staggers back into the door (as usual, the Llanview police are nowhere to be seen)

Keri goes back to the police station with information from a geology professor that will help Walker and Antonio locate the area where Lion's Heart was built.


Jessica tells Brian that her father is crazy
Mitch waves the gun at Vicki and tells her she has to come with him

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