OLTL Update Thursday 6/19/03

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/19/03

By Nancy
Pictures by Juanita

Everyone seems to be at the Palace for dinner or drinks.

Blair and Troy are at the Palace bar and he is questioning her about Walker and telling her that if Walker stays with her she will be in more danger from Mitch. R.J. is with Keri and the baby when Max shows up to talk to R.J. about finalizing their deal. R.J. tells him the deal is off because he isn't leaving Llanview after all. Max is very upset and accuses R.J. of backing out because he ratted him out to the police, this upsets R.J. even more because he is saying this in front of Keri.

At Foxy Roxy's Natalie is talking to Roxy about being upset: Roxy thinks she is upset about Asa bulldozing Foxy Roxy's and offers her a raise.

Natalie tells her that she is upset about Jessica and starts to leave when she notices a box on the reception desk. (Asa has class...the box is a blue Tiffany box) Roxy opens it to find a toy bulldozer with a note from Asa telling her she has 24 hours.

Renee and Nigel go to Asa's mansion to get his things and are surprised when Wesley, Asa's new English butler opens the door.

Joe is finishing up a phone call from Kevin when Jen and Rex show up at Llanfair. He is shocked when Jen asks him to perform their wedding ceremony.

Back at the Palace Max is still arguing with R.J. about the sale of Capricorn when he gets a call from Roxy demanding that he handle Asa like he promised. Troy and Blair are still going around and around about the danger Walker is putting her in if he stays with her.

Joe is still in shock at Llanfair where Jen (doing some of her best reacting) is telling him why she and Rex should be married. She tells him they know what they want and don't play games with each other. He
tells her she deserves better and he knows she is just trying to make him jealous.

At the police station, Commissioner Bo and Antonio are talking about Mitch and Jessica but it sounds a lot like R.J. and Keri. When Bo finds out that Antonio hasn't seen his daughter yet he orders him to go and see her. As he leaves, Al arrives to take Marcie to dinner (where else? the Palace!) Al jokes about taking more classes at Landview U in Art History because he can't get enough. Marcie asks him "since when?" and he says, "since you." (awww, sweet moment) As they leave, Nora arrives.

(sorry I don't know his name so he is just the "Young Henchman") At Mitch's lair...Jessica is pleading with the YH to give Antonio a yellow rose for her since she promised to send him one every day. YH tells her that he can't because he doesn't want to upset the Messenger.

Nigel has finished packing and as he and Renee start to leave the mansion, Asa confronts them. Renee invites Asa to the wedding and Asa tells them how great his new butler is. After they leave Renee tells Nigel that Asa is just bluffing and Nigel is upset that Asa found someone to replace him. The doorbell rings and Asa thinks it's Renee and Nigel coming back but it's Max who is surprised to find Wesley answering the door and says that now he understands why Nigel is having a meltdown. Max tells Asa that he is there to buy Foxy Roxy's. Asa tells him he can't afford it since he is broke and Max tells him about winning the lottery (don't we wish we knew how much!!) Asa tells him the price is the song that will unhypnotize Renee and Nigel. Max tells Asa that Roxy doesn't know it.

At Llanfair Joe calls Jen's bluff and tells her to go ahead and marry Rex. She is surprised and she and Joe have a great scene where they talk to each other and almost connect. (some days I just want to shake them both) Jen says they have a Maryland license and can get married at City Hall. Natalie arrives home as Rex and Jen leave. She asks Joe what her brother was doing there with Jen.

Back at the popular Palace Troy is still trying to find out if he and Blair have a chance at a relationship and argue over Walker. Al and Marcie are talking to Keri and admiring the baby (ignoring R.J. like everyone else does) they leave the table as Antonio arrives and finally gets to hold his

Jessica is still pleading with YH and she tells him her father is not well. He tells her that is all the more reason to wear the clothes and eat the food the Messenger has picked out for her. She says she will if the YH takes Antonio the yellow rose.

Meanwhile back at Asa's mansion, Max and Asa are sitting down ready to barter over the sale of Foxy Roxy's. Wesley hands Max a nice large glass of bourbon/scotch ? and saying "Doctor's orders." hands Asa a glass of branch water and leaves taking the bottle of booze with him. Asa mumbles Nigel would never have done that. He then asks Max what's in the sale for him?

Natalie is still upset about Jen and Rex and tells Joe that he doesn't really know her, he didn't see what Jen did to keep her and Cristian apart. Joe tells her he is just trying to minister to Jen's needs
and Natalie hints that maybe Joe is what she needs. Falling into his sister's trap, he gets excited and Natalie jumps on his reaction and tells him she knows he has feelings for Jen.

Back at the station Nora and Hank are having an argument about what R.J. did.

Al is worried that Marcie isn't eating her dinner as Rex and Jen arrive. Marcie asks what does Jen see in Rex and Al says he doesn't even know what he saw in Jen. Rex tries to convince Jen that they really should get married. He thinks he is good for her -- he went along with the joke of asking Joe to marry them. After more arguing, Blair leaves Troy at the bar and he picks up the first woman to come in and sit at the bar. Jen and Rex are secretly video taping the good doctor for a biography for her documentary film class. Antonio is at the table with Keri and the baby asking her how she came up with the name Jamie. She tells him that she was too angry with him to name the baby after him so she named her after R.J. She leaves him alone with his daughter but R.J. shows up and the two of them get into a heated argument. Keri comes back and takes the baby away because she doesn't want them to fight in front of the baby. R.J. wants Keri to let him help her and the baby but she refuses. Jen and Rex are still filming and Jen tells Rex why she picked the good doctor for the bio: because it's his fault for everything that has happened to her family. (She has a plan but we have to wait to find out what it is.)

Roxy is getting the salon ready for the wedding when Max shows up to tell her that she has a new landlord--HIM! From Renee and Nigel's reactions Max and Roxy figure out that they are no longer hypnotized. Max tells them that Asa doesn't seem to care that they are getting married and they are upset.

Antonio returns to the police station with a copy of LORD OF THE BANNER (where did he get that?) and takes it into Bo's office. They talk about the baby and that maybe there is something in the book which will tell them where Mitch has Jessica. Hank has cooled down and asks Nora out to dinner. They decide to go to (wait for it...) the Palace because there is no way R.J. will be there.

Joe talks to Vicki on the phone and she tells him that she might have an idea where Mitch has taken Jessica. Natalie comes in and they talk about her fears about Jessica and what Mitch might do to her. Joe asks her how she put up with being married to Mitch.

Jessica has finally changed out of the huge bathrobe into yet another long, velvet gothic style dress and is wandering around the room near panic. She goes to the barred window and starts shaking the bars.

Renee and Nigel are discussing what to do next and she tells him that if she has to marry him to get even with Asa then she will.

Max and Roxy are having drinks at (one guess...) the Palace where Roxy is well on her way to getting drunk when Al and Marcie stop by their table. Roxy tells Marcie that she needs a new look and drags her away with Al telling her that no, she doesn't. Jen approaches Troy at the bar after his new friend leaves and starts to talk with him about how he helped her mom when she escaped from St. Anne's and how he is such a great catch being a rich doctor while Rex videotapes the conversation. Nora and Hank run
into R.J. as he is leaving. Not a happy surprise.

Kevin has called and talked to Joe again (at least he cares about his sister but where is Clint?) Joe continues to comfort Natalie about Jessie as we see her find a loose bar and start to try to pry it loose.

Antonio discovers a clue in the book about where Victor might have built his secret hide-away and Bo calls for a chopper as Antonio goes back to his desk to find the yellow rose sent by Jessica.


Rae is telling Asa to stop the wedding; 
Jessica is praying to be found;
Keri tells Antonio she wants him back.

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