OLTL Update Tuesday 6/17/03

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/17/03

By Bella
Pictures by Juanita

Natalie is with Joey at Llanfair. She tells him how worried she is for Jess. Joey assures he that Jessica will be fine. Natalie than asks Joey if he will be the priest at Natalie and Cristian's wedding. Joey says that he would be happy to marry them. Natalie than brings Flash's name into the conversation. She tells him that she can bring her to the wedding as his date. Joey than gets upset and Natalie apologizes. Natalie leaves and on her way out Flash is in front of the door.

Flash apologizes to Joey some more. She than says "You probably hate me now" Joey responds by saying "No!". Flash tells Joey that she thought it would be easy to come to town, tell Joey that C.J was her boyfriend and than he would help her look for him. Joey brings Tina,
Flash's Mom into the conversation. Flash tells Joey once again she never wants to see Tina again. As Flash walks out Jen walks in with a smirk on her face.

Jen tells Joey that she's sorry and Joey asks why she always lies to him. Jen tells him that she knows he wants her, just the way that he looks at her. Joey than tells her it will never happen.

Keri and Cristian talk in the garage. Keri apologizes to Cris but Cris is still angry and upset with Keri. they talk about Antonio and how he is going to feel. Keri leaves and Natalie walks in. They talk for a while about Keri.

R.J knocks Antonio conscience and pours liquor all over him. a cop finds him and brings him to the train station. Dorian is there because she is on her way to savanna to get Jack. Dorian buys Antonio a clean sweater and a ticket to Llanview. Dorian than gives Antonio a
lead to Mitch's whereabouts.

Blair is thrilled to see Starr. Blair was upset that Starr ran away from her camp. Blair introduces Walker to Starr. Starr gives Walker a warning. Later Starr eats Milk and Cookies as Blair leaves the room to get Starr more milk. Starr apologizes and tells him not to think of taking over Todd's spot. Walker remembers that Mitch kept talking about this place that he wanted to go.

Mitch takes Jessica to an old house and they live in his fantasy world. His two followers Mark and Brian bring Jessica to Mitch. Mitch has a table full of breakfast for him and Jess. Jessica tells him she needs fresh air because her head hurts from the drug that Mitch gave
her. She tells him she wants to go see the grounds or go for a walk. Mitch than says no. He puts on music and asks her to dance. She frightfully excepts. The whole time that they dance she stares at Brian. Mitch than asks her if she will ever leave him and she says "No, Father". Mitch than leaves her with Brian, as he leaves he gives him a needle to use on her. Jessica than begs him to let her go because everyone is looking for her and everyone who works for Mitch will be put away in jail for a really long time. Jessica also adds she would tell them that he helped her. Brian refuses and tells her that Mitch will kill him. Mitch than walks in as Brian sticks the needle in Jessica's arm. Jessica falls into Mitch's arms.

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