OLTL Update Monday 6/16/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/16/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

Midnight Logic plays at the garage and Jen arrives during a break. She asks the band about Flash’s last name but they swear they don’t know because she’s so private. She flirts and says she’s just curious but they insist all Flash talks about is music. Then one of them remembers she had been looking for her boyfriend C.J. Roberts. Jen assumes he’s Flash’s husband. They continue to play and Jen runs into Cristian on her way out. He asks if she’s seen Natalie and when he says it’s really important that he find her she responds, “Yeah, it always was.” Jen walks out, Natalie walks in. The band’s manager tells Flash and Riley that he plans to record them in the garage. Flash tells him what Dr. MacIver said about the throat spray and he tells her that the specialist is way advanced beyond the local doctors. He adds that they need to concentrate on the money they’ll make.

Cristian tells Natalie about Jessica and Mitch but assures him that Antonio’s on top of it. She wants to head to Llanfair but first he wants to know where she’s been. She tells him she found Keri and the baby in Toronto, alive. She says she tried to call but his cell phone was off. She informs him that Kerri’s back in Llanview but then heads off to see her mother. Joey and Viki tell Bo the news that Jessica called and she’s alive but not yet coming home. They assume Mitch has her but they’re hopeful. Bo calls his force and Asa offers to help since he has the governor on speed dial but Bo assures his father that he has it under control.

Cristian attempts to comfort his brother and Viki calls Antonio to tell him that Jessica’s okay but that she called and said that and then hung up. Viki asks Antonio to have his brother call when he finds Natalie because she’s worried about her too. Antonio promises her that he will find Jessica. Antonio starts giving orders in order to find Jessica. He orders them to use dogs, choppers, everything they’ve got. Bo fills in Viki but then Jen comes over to see Joey. He tells her it’s not a good time but she proceeds with her news on Flash. Jen says that Flash is married, and that she’s Sarah Roberts, C.J.’s wife. Jen assures Joey that she’s telling the truth but he doesn’t believe her. He asks her to leave. Viki comes over, thinking it’s Natalie and Jen asks what’s wrong. When she tells her what’s happening, Jen tells Viki that Natalie’s at the garage. Joe goes to find her. Antonio calls Viki and asks for Bo. He tells his boss where Jessica’s phone call came from. He says there was a stolen car from the same parking lot.

Kerri apologizes to her father and explains that Natalie came to Toronto. Natalie says she didn’t want anyone to be hurt anymore. Evangeline looks on, confused, until R.J. introduces her to his daughter and granddaughter. He begins to lash out at Natalie but Kerri assures him it would have come out eventually anyway. Evangeline gives him some time and he immediately tells Kerri to go back to Canada and he’ll clean up. She refuses to go because she wants her child to get to know her father. She promises that no one has forced her into this. She says the lying got to her. She says she loved Antonio and remembers how much he wanted her forgiveness. She says she’s staying because it’s the right thing to do. He reminds her that Antonio will hate her and then sue for custody. He asks her what good could possibly come from this decision and she says she won’t have to live with the lies anymore.

Keri goes to find Antonio and asks her father to let her go. He obliges, reluctantly. Then he calls his people to find out where Antonio is. As he waits by the phone Evangeline pays him another visit. She comes behind the bar and pours him a drink. She asks him to talk about it, confide. She asks why a lot of things aren’t what they seem and why he’s upset. He asks why she cares and she kisses him. She asks him not to leave town. She says it’s his call if he doesn’t want to discuss it. He tells her the less she knows the better, as an attorney she should know that. He admits that he’s not ready to trust her yet. The phone rings and he takes off. He asks her if they can meet later. She tells him she’ll wait there, for a while.

Jessica and her father enter a cottage and he tells her to shower then they’ll spend time together and he’ll say his good-byes. Mitch closes the blinds and locks the doors. Mitch yells at his images of his father and Jessica observes. She tells him he can’t return to Llanview unless he wants to turn himself in and he says he can’t be locked up in a cell. Jessica asks him what happened to Walker and he says his brother was killed by his father years ago. Jessica disagrees when he says they have time and explains that there’s been a change of plans. She says that isn’t true, and that he only has this one night. He says that Llanview is an evil sewer.

Mitch wants to take her away from the filth and corruption and he wants them to say good-bye to their old lives. She tries to leave and he grabs her, apologizes, and informs her that she has no choice. She asks how he could do this to her after she trusted him. He says he had no choice and understands how hard it’ll be for her to see that he’s doing the right thing for the both of them. He tells her they need to make a fresh start and he yells at his father that he will escape him. He screams at his father to get out of his life. Mitch takes out a needle and she begs him not to do it. He tells her that they’re going to disappear together to a perfect world, father and daughter for eternity.

Antonio checks in once he’s at the phone booth. He checks the phonebook for hotels. He calls around the motels and finds one that describes a recent check in by a middle-aged guy and his pretty blonde young daughter. He barges into the motel room and finds no one. He opens the door to the bathroom, still no one. Bo gets word regarding the motel and asks them to call Antonio and tell him he’s on the way. Asa offers, again, to help in any way possible. Bo asks Viki not to worry and the both of them tell Asa it’s okay for him to go home. After Viki lets them out she prays to God that she will do anything if he just brings Jessica home. Natalie comes home instead and Viki’s thrilled to see her. Viki fills her in on everything she doesn’t already know. They discuss that Antonio will stop at nothing to find Jessica and Natalie makes a comment about Jessica being the only thing on Antonio’s mind tonight.

Joey asks around for Natalie at the garage while Midnight Logic plays. Someone tells him she left with Cristian. Flash goes off stage and directly to Joe. He says he can’t stay because his family’s in the middle of a crisis. He then asks for the truth as to whether or not she’s Sarah Roberts and she’s shocked at the question. He asks again, if he’s Tina and Cord’s daughter. He asks her to look him in the eye and tell him the truth. At first she tries to deny it and then she admits it. He asks her why she lied to him and she says she was afraid Tina would come back to town. She shouts that she never wants to see her again.

Joey wants to know what happened between Sarah and Tina and she says she doesn’t want to talk about it. She asks how he found out anyway because she thought he trusted her and that things were going well between them. He says it’s not the point. She asks him to forget about it and he says he can’t do that because they’re cousins. She reminds him that they’re just half-sisters because they’re parents are half-sisters. She says she lied to him because she had to, not because she wanted to. She takes his hand and begs him not to b mad and to tell her that it’s not going to change anything. He tells her that it changes everything, but he can’t do this right now because he needs to get back to his family. He leaves her behind in tears.

Evangeline introduces herself to Keri. Keri asks if they’re friends and she responds that they’re friends, business associates, and that she’s a defense attorney in case she ever needs one. Keri asks why she would need one and Evangeline asks Keri to give R.J. the message that she waited as long as she could and she’ll call later. Keri suggests to her daughter that Jamie’s father must be out working on a case and decides to go back to R.J.’s place and they’ll find Antonio tomorrow.

Antonio continues his search for Jessica and R.J. watches him from the shadows. Then R.J. knocks him out from behind. Meanwhile, Mitch takes an unconscious Jessica to a new location, an old house, and carries her up the stairs.

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