OLTL Update Friday 6/13/03

One Life to Live Update Friday 6/13/03

By Bella
Pictures by Juanita

Mitch lets go of Jessica's arms in order to prevent her from falling into the river. Mitch falls in. unfortunately the Bridge is rotted and old so it breaks and Jessica falls in after Mitch. Viki is very upset and panicked. She yells "Jessica!, Jessica" over and over again. Bo and Antonio run over to Viki. Bo leaves for one second and tells Antonio not to do anything stupid. Antonio dives into the river after Jessica. They get Antonio out and he tells them its dark and the river is freezing, and there is no sign of either of them. Cristian arrives and tries to comfort Antonio. Bo calls Walker and tells him what had happened. Walker tells Blair and Dorian. Bo than offer's to take Viki home. Viki refuses, but Bo tells her that she cannot do anything here. Bo Takes Viki home and as they walk in,
Dorian is seated on the sofa. Joey was informed and was on his way. Dorian comforts Viki. Viki asks Dorian to leave she wants to be alone. Viki than walks around the room and takes a picture of Jessica and looks at it, trying not to cry. The phone rings and it is Jessica telling Viki she is alive, okay and safe but she can't say where she is.

Max walks into Capricorn smiling and happy. R.J is confused by his behavior. Max tells him he is rich, he won the lottery. Max asks to buy Capricorn and is shocked when R.J agrees. Evangeline walks in and asks him why he is selling the club to Max? R.J tells her, he is leaving town. Evangeline looked upset and hurt.

In the meanwhile Natalie talks to Keri and tells her how she hurt everyone back in Llanview, Especially Antonio. Natalie brings Liz's name into the conversation and Keri tells her she died in the plane crash. Keri and Liz had a fight so Liz went on the plane and Keri drove to Toronto with the baby. Keri than tells Natalie that Jamie is Keri and Antonio's Baby, not Liz and Antonio's. Natalie convinced Keri to return to Llanview. R.J is shocked when Keri walks into Capricorn with Jamie and Natalie behind her.

Renee and Nigel continue their little scheme. Asa tells Roxy that if she doesn't tell him the triggers to snap Renee and Nigel out of the spell in seventy-two hours he will bulldoze Foxy Roxy's himself. Renee feels bad for Roxy because she never did anything to her.

Carlotta drops Adrianna over to Foxy Roxy's for a trim. Carlotta leaves to go close the diner. Carlotta is upset by the make-over that Roxy gives Adrianna.

Max buys Roxy two beers at Capricorn. She than takes him to see the Salon. Max promises Roxy she won't lose Foxy Roxy's

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