OLTL Update Thursday 6/12/03

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/12/03

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Jessica and Antonio are at Llanfair. Jessica reads the letter that Mitch slipped into Llanfair when Jessica and Antonio were at St. Jude's rescuing Dorian. Antonio notices that the door leading to the basement was not sealed, so he goes to check it out. Jessica tries to rush out the door, but when she opens it, Cris is in front of her. He asks for the check from all the paintings he sold. She gives him the wrong check. Jessica than calls Mitch on her cell and tells him that she is on her way with no one going along. Jessica arrives to find a horrified Viki tied up to the Llantano bridge. Jessica begs him to let Viki go. Mitch than proposes a deal. He tells Jessica that he will let Viki go if Jessica goes away with him for a few days to make up for all the lost time they had while he was blind. Viki screams and says no to the idea. Jessica stuns Viki by agreeing to do what Mitch wants. Antonio and Bo arrive and threaten to shoot Mitch. Jessica steps in front of Mitch and tells them not too shoot. Mitch starts climbing down the bridge but Jessica tries to grab his arm to keep him from falling into the river. Viki yells "let him go, he will take you with him!" The railing of the bridge cracks and Mitch and Jessica fall in.

Dorian finds herself attracted to Walker. She asks him if he has anyone special in his life. He answers "No, not at this moment". She asks Walker a whole bunch of questions like if he is going to stay in Llanview. He says, so far, yes. She than offers to change the bandage on his gunshot wound, so Walker lets her.

R.J talks to Keri for a long time on the phone. Natalie gets very suspicious. Keri tells R.J she wants to go home. R.J becomes very upset. Rex tells Natalie that he snuck into R.J's office and looked for who he was sending the package to. He tells Natalie and Natalie calls the operator and asks for the number. Natalie calls and is stunned to find out the lady on the phone sounds just like Keri. Natalie tells Rex she is going to Toronto to find out if Keri is really alive after all. Natalie arrives in Toronto at Keri's apartment and is shocked to find out Keri is alive.

Rex tells R.J that he has the money for the new club "Ultraviolet". He than tells him that he needs a few days. Rex goes to the park and finds Jen on the motorcycle they saw earlier. Rex gets upset and tells her that he needed the money for the club. Jen sees Flash and Joey together eating ice cream. Jen becomes upset and jealous. Flash says bye to Joey as she leaves the park. Jen looks into the purse that Flash accidentally left behind. She looks at her ID with a smirk on her face. Flash asks her what she is doing with her bag. Jen looks innocent and tells her she was going to return it. Flash grabs her purse and walks away. Jen than whispers to herself "Bye...Sarah Roberts"

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