OLTL Update Wednesday 6/11/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/11/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

Viki and Dorian come face to face with Mitch and when Dorian asks what he wants, he replies, “retribution”. She refuses to play along but he won’t allow her to refuse. He says he’s chosen to play “Russian Roulette with a Llanview twist”. Mitch has them watch as he loads the gun and chooses Dorian to shoot first. Viki attempts to speak up but Mitch pulls the trigger at Dorian on a different gun, one that isn’t loaded. He tries it again and Viki begs him to stop. He’s a little surprised she’s so upset when it’s not even her turn. Dorian shouts that she refuses to grovel but swears this is about humiliation instead of retribution. He mentions their marriage vows, and “‘til death do us part.” Viki again tries to stop Mitch but he yells at her to shut up and then orders Dorian to her knees. Viki asks Mitch not to let this be his legacy to their daughter. He orders Viki not to speak to him about Jessica because he has his own plans for Jessica but this is Dorian’s turn.

Mitch turns to Dorian and asks her if it was all worth the thirty pieces of gold. She asks what he wants and he says that he wants her to get on her knees and beg forgiveness from Viki for all she’s done to her, for marrying him, for stealing Viki’s home, and her money. He points a gun at each of them and tells Dorian to beg as though her life depends on it because it does. She swears she will never beg for him or for anybody. Viki insists that it’s not necessary, that they’ve made their peace. He screams that he and the lord have not forgiven her yet. As he quotes Bible scriptures, Dorian reaches for the gun but doesn’t get it. He places it in her hand and points it at Viki. He mentions that Dorian has always hated Viki and calls this her chance to finally get rid of her. He tells Dorian that she can kill Viki, or he’ll kill Dorian.

Dorian refuses to shoot anyone and Mitch asks her to think of all the years of resentment. He continues to bait her on, regarding how close she came to everything she’s always wanted that Viki took away. He kisses her neck and names the Banner, Llanfair, the fortune, the power, the respect, and above all else, the love. He says she can break the cycle of Viki always getting everything and Dorian always getting nothing, all she has to do is squeeze the trigger. Dorian Says she can’t and she says she refuses to die a murderer. He asks him to stop torturing her and just kill her already. He tells he wants her to live, in fear, wondering when he’ll be back, because he will always be back. She asks what he’ll be doing in the meantime and

Gabrielle has Flash take a picture of Al, Natalie, Jessica, Max, and Gabrielle, along with Al’s diploma. Antonio interrupts, asking Jessica what she’s doing. Jen and Rex admire the beauty of an expensive car and Jen intends to purchase it. Then they return to the Palace and she walks over to speak to Al. She mentions how nice it is to show off his hat to his crush and he in turn responds that it is, puts an arm around Marcie, and asks where Jen’s crush is and if he’s off admiring her hat. He asks if she even graduated and then he and Marcie walk away. Gabrielle asks Max about he and R.J. and he responds that they’re great and when she asks he says R.J. has no idea that he was the one who tipped off the police. Unfortunately, Rex overhears him say this.

Antonio asks Jessica why she left the house and she returns to her defense that she runs her own life. She says she wants one night away from Mitch and the police. He responds that maybe it’s not his place, but he doesn’t want to lose someone else that he cares about. She thanks him but says that Mitch wins as soon as she stops living her life. He walks her home and she asks him to stop worrying so much. He receives a phone call from Antonio who wants him to go immediately to meet him at St. Jude’s church. Antonio goes, guns pointed, and Jessica follows. They hear Dorian screaming for help from inside a large wooden box. Antonio lets a hysterical Dorian out of the box who tells Jessica that Mitch has Viki with him. Mitch goes to Llanfair and leaves a note behind for Jessica.

Joey calls Andrew for help with his feelings for Jen but when Andrew’s not there, he continues to daydream about her. His reverie is interrupted by a call from his newest sweetheart. Flash. Asks him if he’s sick of the Palace and then invites him to ice cream with Nora and Matthew. He agrees. On his way in to see Flash, Joe congratulates Al. Then he sits with his girlfriend and asks about her appointment with Troy. She tells him all is well and that Troy had agreed with the specialist. He kisses her and Jen looks on. She comes over to bait the couple on and Jen questions Flash’s true identity, and then walks away leaving the question hanging.

Nora asks Troy why he’s outside Blair’s door and suggests that he’s lurking. Troy laughs and calls her dramatic but Nora isn’t buying it. He says he doesn’t owe her any explanations after she cut him out of her life. He tells her no one’s home and she suggests the lurkers leave in that case. Troy says he’s going to stay in order to leave Blair a note. He then rings the doorbell. Inside the house Blair assures Walker that they are home alone and she tries to put him at rest. They discuss Mitch and his mission and whether or not he’ll be at the memorial for Walker. She asks him if there’s anything he wants and he says yes in a seductive manner. He tells her that she’s beautiful but also unpredictable and dangerous. She calls it a ‘moth to the flame routine’ and says she’s heard it before. Blair answers the door for Troy and he sees that Walker is there. Troy asks her what’s going on between Blair and himself.

Blair tells Troy that she wants to be honest but she’s not ready to start a new relationship. He asks about Walker and she swears he’s not involved, that it’s her. He begs her not to give her the ‘it’s not you, it’s me” speech. She apologizes but says she just doesn’t think they should be involved romantically. He says that he’s sorry too and then leaves. She returns to Walker and says that nothing is ‘okay’ but it’s not his problem. He asks if there’s anything he can do and she nods no then goes up to sleep. She makes a quick stop in angel square to brood where Max finds her and asks if she’s okay. He apologizes about Addie and asks about her. Blair fills him in on her progress and he offers her a handkerchief. She in turn asks about Max and he tells her about Al and how proud he is. Max says his kid is better than him but he wants Al to be proud of him too. Blair asks about R.J. and he tells her that it’s over. Blair assures him that Al looks up to him but he alludes to his one scheme after another, adding that Blair should know since she’s been a part of some of them. He adds that it’s been fun, but he’s come up empty. She says she identifies because she just wants to love and care for her children but hasn’t done a very good job of it. Max tells her that she’s been an amazing mother.

Rex tells R.J. he’s interested in being his business partner but he replies that he has all the investors he needs. Rex asks R.J. if he’s sure he can trust Max. He then asks if R.J. ever figured out who tipped the police off about the art gallery job. He suggests Rex or Cristian and when Rex names Max R.J. thinks that’s ridiculous. Rex begins to explain the details and R.J.’s listening. Rex returns to Jen and they find a room upstairs. R.J. comes over to speak to Max and asks about him ratting him out, stating that he knows all about it. Max says he can explain and R.J. gets angry and fires Max from Ultraviolet. Max keeps asking to let him explain but eventually Joe has to hold him back. R.J. tells Max to go to hell and Evangeline goes after her new beau while Gabrielle tries to comfort her best friend who feels as though he has just watched his entire future go up in flames. Evangeline wants assurance, as she too is a backer and the problem with Max was business, and he tells her that he has a backup plan, a guy with a big mouth and hopefully a big wallet to match. Nora and Matthew catch up to Joey and Flash. Joe fills her in on what went down between Max and R.J.

While Jen sleeps with Rex she imagines that he’s Joe. Afterwards, she lies in bed and thinks about Flash and Joey. R.J. calls Rex and asks if he’s still interested in investing in Ultraviolet and when he answers in the affirmative, he tells Rex to come over, now.

Al and Marcie roller blade in Angel Square, where they find Max. Al asks his father if he thinks it’s a good idea for him to apply to law school in the fall. Max is incredibly impressed at the mere thought and tells his son how proud he is. The couple takes off to continue their skating leaving Max to tell the angel square statue, which symbolizes Luna, that his son’s going to law school. He continues to doubt himself as a father though because he can’t afford to fund his son’s education. He picks up a scratch off lottery ticket he finds on the ground and screams for joy at his winnings.

Troy meets Ingrid, who recognized him earlier as Colin, and he asks her some more questions about Colin. She says Colin never let anyone get close to him and he replies that it’s a good thing then that he’s not Colin. Nora looks on skeptical however. Jen comes over to say hello to Nora and she asks her what Flash’s real name is and if she knows much about her at all. Jen says she’s just curious and Nora suggests she ask Flash. Troy asks Ingrid to leave with him and she’s hesitant at first but goes.

Dorian goes home and looks for Blair but finds Walker instead. He tells Dorian that Blair has gone up to bed. She then tells him that his brother’s going to come after her for the duration of her life until he kills her or drives her crazy. Mitch chains Viki up in the undergrounds tunnels below the stairs of Llanfair. He adds that he killed his brother in a room very much like it. She asks if he’s going to do the same and she says that it depends on Jessica. Jessica comes home searching for her mother and Antonio orders her to wait in the squad car while he looks upstairs. But instead she goes inside and finds the note from Mitch telling her to obey his instructions if she ever wants to see her mother again, and warns that her mother will die if she tells anyone, especially the police. Antonio sees her looking at something and asks what it is.

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