OLTL Update Tuesday 6/10/03

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/10/03

By Bella
Pictures by Juanita

Asa and Antonio are at Llanfair with Viki and Jessica. Asa went to check up on Ben because of the deadly warning Viki received. Antonio went to check on Jess. Bo calls Antonio and tells him they may have a lead on Mitch's whereabouts. Antonio rushes out the door as Jessica says "be careful". Jessica than tells Viki that she has to go buy Al his graduation gift. Viki and Asa offer to accompany her but she says she will be fine. As she opens the door the guard tells her that she cannot leave Llanfair, Officer Vega's orders. Jessica is upset and tells Viki that she can live her life how she wants and she will not be a prisoner in her own home. Jessica exits from the back doors. Viki than tells Asa that she talked over the offer that he gave her, to be president of Llanview University and that she accepts.

Cristian and Natalie share a romantic kiss. She than leaves to go talk to Roxy. Roxy is waiting at the palace hotel. When Natalie arrives Roxy tells her that Asa may close "Foxy Roxy's" and that she has to do something. Natalie than says she will do it only because she doesn't want to loose her job. Roxy hides as Natalie talks to Asa. Natalie tells him that he cannot shut "Foxy Roxy's" down she needs to keep her job. He tells her he doesn't care about what she says. Asa brings Cristian's name into the conversation and question's Natalie about him. Natalie gets upset and angry and tells him that Cris wouldn't have left if he wouldn't treat everyone like your slave. Roxy comes out hiding and tells Asa she doesn't mean it. Natalie than says she does mean it. Asa than comments that if he ran her life he would make her have manners.

Dorian tells Troy that Blair keeps calling Walker's name and she wants too see him. Dorian gets Troy upset and jealous. Dorian tells Troy she is taking Blair home because Blair wants to go home and that she has already requested her clothes. Troy asks Dorian why? to look for Walker.

Mitch continues to torture Walker. Walker tells Mitch that he can't kill him. Mitch than walks out on him. The candles are almost burnt down as Bo and Antonio arrive. Bo smells gas coming from behind the door. They than open the door and run in and find a tortured and scared Walker chained up on the floor. They blow the candles and help walker. At the hospital Troy tries to help him and get him into a room before Blair sees. Blair walks out of her hospital room and sees Walker. She is so relieved to find him. She than thanks him for saving her life. Dorian has a smirk on her face. Troy is in the corner upset and filled with jealously. Troy gets Walkers wound bandaged up and asks him why he took Blair to Clear Lake. Blair is in the hall talking to Bo. Blair than says no he's not going to be up to it. Bo walks into Walker's hospital room. He asks Troy to leave. He tells Walker that Mitch will think he is dead he than asked him if they could arrange with the banner and sun to put an article about his "death" and than his niece Jessica would arrange a funeral for him. and hopefully Mitch would appear after everyone left. Walker agrees. Blair walks in and tells him he doesn't have to do it. Troy is outside and eavesdrops on Walker telling Blair what Mitch did to their Father. Blair than invites Walker to stay with her while he goes into hiding. Troy follows Blair and Walker home. Nora than arrives at Blair's and sees Troy lurking around.

Jen and Rex arrive at the Palace hotel. Jen is upset when she sees Flash and Joey having dinner. Joey asks Flash what her real name is and she panics so she looks around and tells him the name on the bulletin board "Charmaine". Flash starts coughing and uses the spray Joe worries about her so he calls Troy and Troy tells them to come down to the hospital and to tell Flash to bring the spray. Troy tells flash the stuff isn't good for you. she than calls the doctor and asks for more. Jen and Rex leave the Palace Hotel they than arrive at the cottage. They start kissing as Cristian walks in. He tells them to leave and Rex not to come back.

Renee and Nigel talk about their plan. Nigel thinks they should stop but Renee doesn't. Later Renee gives Asa a wedding invitation.

Mitch have visions of his Father once more. He's fathers ghost tells him to finish what he started, to kill them all. Mitch calls an actress to phone Viki and uses Dorian's voice to tell her to meet her at St Jude's she followed Mitch to St Jude's and he has something of Jessica's. She than calls Dorian and uses Viki's voice and tells her the same thing but uses Blair's name instead of Jessica. Mitch vows to kill the actress if she breathes a word to anyone. Viki arrives and than Dorian does. Dorian asks why she called. Viki responds you called me! They than realize that it was Mitch, Dorian grabs Viki and tells her they got to get out. Mitch than shows up in front of them with a gun.

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