OLTL Update Monday 6/9/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/9/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Jessica is in Llanfair alone when a wind pushes the garden doors open. She closes them but is spooked. The Voice of the Night talks about how there's a lot of wind out there in Llanview tonight. The phone rings and she hears heavy breathing. She can tell it's Mitch and yells his name. Viki comes in as she does and then Jess hangs up. She can tell it was Mitch and they talk about him. Viki wishes he'd died and Jessica sarcastically agrees. She is still feeling guilty for how she helped Dorian and Blair. She knows he's evil but he's still her father. Viki can relate and advises her to cut Mitch out of her life, just get rid of him. They hug. The cop guarding them rings the doorbell and there is a man there with a flower wreath delivery. It's a funeral wreath with a card that says "Sorry for your loss". Viki calls around and says everyone is fine, but then realizes that the card is addressed to "Mrs. Ben Davidson", so they run out frantically to check on him. They find out he's fine but Viki is distressed that Mitch has the power to make her worry like that. She cries and tears the wreath apart angrily. Jess comforts her and starts to pick up the mess when Antonio visits. She fills him in on what happened.

Antonio and Bo are outside of Mitch's house in Clear Lake, which is on fire from the explosion. Later they go in and it is in shambles and blackened. Bo finds a small jacket and says it might be Blair's. They discuss the possibilities of what happened. They find a blueprint for Llanview's sewer system. Antonio wonders why Mitch has it but Bo gets a theory.

Dorian is at the police station ranting and raving to Nora and Hank about the explosion and whether Blair is alive or not. They try to calm her down. She demands the address of Mitch's lake house but they won't give it to her. Nora gets a call from Bo but doesn't let on to them who it is. Bo tells her that there's no sign of Blair, Mitch, or Walker. He does tell her about the jacket. Dorian is upset when Nora gets off the phone, fearing the worst.

Blair stumbles into the hospital and faints in Troy's arms. He gets her into a bed. Her face is sooty and she is a bit confused. She moans about Walker. Dorian, Nora, and Hank visit Blair in her room. Troy tells them that she is fine, she just has smoke inhalation. Dorian goes to fill out some forms so Nora and Hank ask Blair what happened. She tells them that Walker got shot protecting her from Mitch's gunshot (which we see in flashbacks). She says Mitch left and she went out to get help for Walker, but the cop was stabbed. She returned but both Mitch and Walker were gone. Then she smelled gas and there was an explosion, but she got out in time. She tells them that Mitch was all wet and had said he swam there, so they wonder what that means. Bo arrives, saying he has an explanation.

Back at the police station, Bo explains to Hank and Nora that there are storm drain tunnels connecting Llanfair, Dorian's House, and the old Pyramid Theater, and that there is a chamber underneath the theater.

Troy watches Dorian as she touches Blair's hair. He suggests she get some rest, but Dorian won't leave. He points out that since she cares about Dorian a lot, she ought to leave her alone. He says Blair could have died and that the whole mess was Dorian's fault for coming to Llanview with Mitch. Dorian tells him snottily that he doesn't know Blair and can't possibly understand her, so he shouldn't even try, or else he'll end up with a broken heart. Later, Blair moans Walker's name and Troy looks concerned. Then she wakes up. Dorian suggests Troy leave, but Blair wants him to stay. She asks about Walker, saying that he saved her life.

Walker awakens in the old theater (presumably in that chamber, although it looks more like a dungeon). He is injured and his legs are chained together and attached to the wall. He calls out. Mitch tells him that Blair died and quotes the bible. He brings in a big ornate chair. Walker cries when he hears that Blair has been murdered; he calls Mitch insane. Mitch talks about "our father" and tells Walker to pray for forgiveness. He refuses, so Mitch forces him down on his knees. Mitch keeps talking to his father and we see an older man in black with a cross around his neck. He's not really there but Mitch sees him. Walker tells him that their father is dead, but Mitch doesn't want to hear that. He talks about the boat that was on fire when his father died. We learn that Mitch started the fire that killed his father. Mitch slaps Walker as he keeps talking to his father. He doesn't want to give him the details but his father keeps pressuring him to tell Walker the truth or he'll burn in hell for his sins. Mitch yells at his father but he replies, "Show him how you killed me" and finally Mitch understands that he's supposed to recreate the fire.

Mitch makes Walker lie down, threatening him with a gun. He talks to their father some more and chains Walker up so he can't move. He says when he was locked in the closet all those years, he thought about Walker and envied him for dying and going to heaven. He says that here on earth you have to learn to hate your enemies and how to be smart enough to control them. He talks about how their father loved the boat and was sleeping on it that night. He hit his father on the head with a hammer and then tells Walker how he poured gasoline all over, as he does so now. Walker begs him not to do this; not to become their father. Mitch laughs, saying he has surpassed him. Walker pleads with him, saying there is still good in him, but "father"'s voice intervenes, reminding Mitch that Walker betrayed him. Walker says he's his brother and he loves him. Mitch asks if he can really forgive him for everything he did, including killing Blair. Walker hesitates so Mitch pours more gasoline. He tells Mitch that the Flynns weren't much better than their father, but Mitch says at least they weren't him. Their father says Walker has to pay for his sins. Mitch continues the story of his father's death as he recreates the crime. He soaks a cape in gasoline and talks about how they used to burn things when they built forts. He puts candles on the cape; saying they will burn down slowly until it ignites. He tells Walker he is to die slowly and suffer like Mitch did. He lights the candles as Walker yells futilely for help. Their father tells Mitch that he's proud of him. Mitch rejoices and sits in the chair. He screams madly and prays as Walker struggles.

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