OLTL Update Friday 6/6/03

One Life to Live Update Friday 6/6/03

By Bella
Pictures by Juanita

Jessica and Antonio arrive at the gallery after a day at the Country Club. Jessica is horrified to find the picture that Mitch stole from Llanfair blown up and hung on the wall with the her eyes crossed out. Natalie arrives at the gallery with Cristian, and is sickened to find the picture of Jessica. Antonio and Jessica leave for the police station and a while later Natalie starts talking to Cris about Keri and the baby and how she is positive they are alive.

Viki and Dorian go to the police station after receiving a spine chilling phone call from Mitch. Bo assures them that he will have more police officers standing guard of Llanfair. Jessica and Antonio arrive at the police station, Viki worries about Jessica and thinks that they should call Natalie and Cristian and invite them out for dinner and to plan their wedding. Natalie and Cristian wait for Jessica and Viki, Viki still sees Jessica is still spooked so she announces that there shall be no talk of Mitch. Dorian enters the room and gets seated at a table. Viki announces her new offer from Asa to be President of Llanview University, Dorian eavesdrops on Viki and approaches her telling her she cannot be The President of Llanview University because she has to many things on her mind. Dorian than starts talking about Mitch and Viki tells her to leave they are not going to talk about Mitch tonight.

Blair and Walker arrive at the cabin Walker and Mitch grew up in Clear Lake. They start searching for clues to Mitch's whereabouts. The police officer guarding the area was killed by Mitch and Mitch took his gun. Mitch later enters the house and has the gun pointing to Walker. Mitch says that he will kill him but than is distracted by a vision of his dead father. Mitch snaps out of it and once again points the gun at Walker. Blair tells Mitch that he cannot shoot Walker, he is his brother. Mitch than changes his mind and says he is going to start with Blair. He then shoots the gun but Walker dives in front of Blair. Walker is on the floor shot and Blair is kneeling beside him checking to see if he's alive. Mitch stares at him as he walks out. Blair runs out of the cabin to call the guard. She finds the guard dead on the floor, she calls Bo and tells him what happened and to come down to Clear Lake. She than ears Crackling sounds in the woods. Bo and Antonio arrive to find the dead officer laying on the ground.

Marcie and Al still try to prove that Brad was the one who planted the drugs in Al's dorm room. Joey has a talk with Rex before he goes to tell Brad he has a new costumer. Brad and Rex leave for the garage. Al and Marcie talk to Flash about the bait, Flash recommends Riley because Brad wouldn't be suspicious about him. Riley agrees. Rex brings Brad to the garage as Riley approaches him. Brad gives him the drugs and than the undercover cop's arrest him. At the station Brad refuses to answer any question's Nora has for him without his lawyer. Nora, Hank, Antonio and Bo tell him that if he comes clean and tells the truth that they can reduce the penalty. Brad tells them that Rex is responsible for placing the drugs in Al's Dorm room. Nora, Bo and Hank notice he his not telling the truth and tell him that not telling the truth will get him no where. He later tells the truth about framing Al. Al and Marcie are relieved and happy that everyone helped. Riley received a big thanks! Later Al and Marcie shared a kiss

Asa meets Roxy at the Country Club. He has a contract for Roxy to sign for everything she wants, but she still needs to give him the song. Roxy tells him the song. Renee and Nigel walk by kissing. Asa than starts singing and nothing happens. Roxy tells him that Mysterio gave her the triggers. Asa rips the contract and leaves. Nigel and Renee watch them and giggle.

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