OLTL Update Thursday 6/5/03

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/5/03

By Suzanne
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Al thanks his parents for bailing him out of jail. Marcie is there also and she asks him how it was. They both know that Brad White is the drug dealer who set him up. Al is annoyed that the university expelled him. When Gabrielle says that Marcie is a good friend, Al informs her that they're more than just friends: they're dating. Gabrielle is shocked but not unsupportive. Marcie and Al plan to follow Brad so they can catch him dealing drugs. Gabi thinks they should get Bo involved but they don't think that's a good idea. She is worried about the danger, so they promise only to follow him and to let the cops know if they see anything. They plan to head to the country club. Gabi wonders why Brad is selling drugs if he's rich. Al says he gets a kick out of selling to other rich kids. Later, Max tells Gabi that he plans to call Evangeline Williamson about Al's case. Gabi worries about Al and they discuss it. She doesn't think Bo will be able to help Al out since already gave him a second chance on an earlier problem (Al's arson). Max suggests that Gabi stay positive, like Marcie. She confides that while she likes Marcie, she always picture Al with a beautiful, sophisticated woman from the upper class. Max reminds her that Jen was like that, and it only hurt Al. Gabi says he's right and she'll just have to get used to the idea of Marcie. Max agrees and says that it's only natural since Gabi is "beautiful and sophisticated" that she'd want someone similar for her son. They both agree that Marcie makes him happy and that's what counts.

Brad sells drugs to a guy surreptitiously at Rene's hotel restaurant. Later, at the country club, Rex is there with Jen. He gets his cut from Brad. Al arrives, looking for Brad, so Rex wonders if he's looking for drugs. Jen quizzes Marcie about Al. She is surprised but supportive. They share a touching moment. Marcie doesn't think Rex is right for Jen. Jen has her eye on Joey.

Riley and Flash are performing at the garage; Joey shows up and listens to them. He praises their music but is concerned about Flash singing so soon. She assures him that she went to a specialist set up by the record label manager. Riley was there, too, and backs her up somewhat. Joey and Flash head for the country club for their date. Riley looks upset (jealous maybe?). They go to the club and Flash talks about how she used to climb over fences of country clubs and how much she liked the grass and the poll. Joey says he wants to learn more about her. She promised to tell him her real name. She changes into her bathing suit. Jen sees Joey and gives him a hard time. He says he's there because a raffle benefits the new day care center. She rubs ice on her chest, teasing him, and it causes a reaction in him.

Viki talks with Antonio about Mitch. Jessica comes in and can tell they are talking about Mitch; she doesn't want them to leave her out. They have a party to go to for some charity thing related to the Banner, at the country club. Antonio is going with Jessica as her date, so they leave for that. At the club, Antonio questions Jess and says he wants to get to know her. They talk about her life, having money, and whether she would have been a different person with out it; what she's interested in, future plans, etc. She asks Antonio not to be judgemental about the people there just because they have money. He says he just likes to hang out with her. She wins a big stuffed lion and cub at the raffle and says she feels lucky when she's with him. Later, she says she has to leave for work at the gallery.

Brad walks by Flash and calls her a hooker (because way back when he tried to buy her for the night but she didn't end up sleeping with him; instead she passed out drunk); she gives him the business back, saying what kind of guy is he that he couldn't even get sex when he pays for it? Joey asks what's up and she downplays it. They remember what they were both like back then. She says he was too preachy and she only saw his collar. Meanwhile, Al accuses Brad of setting up him up. Al goes to punch Brad when he calls Marcie "Chubs" but Marcie stops him, reminding him that he's still on probation. Marcie laughs it off. Jen tries to make Joey jealous when she is sitting on a beach chair next to Rex, near Joey and Flash. She undoes her bikini bra and has Rex put suntan lotion on her back. It starts to get Joey's attention but when Flash asks him about Jen, he says he just feels sorry for her. She is glad that he is no longer Jen's supervisor. Jen gets annoyed that Joey doesn't pay attention so she tells Rex she's leaving. She gets up, with her bikini still undone, and then pretends to fall so that Joey sees her breasts (hey I thought the OTHER girl was called "Flash"! LOL!). Joey turns red but is disgusted at her antics; Flash is not amused.

Marcie and Al ask Joey for help with Brad. Flash also offers to help. Antonio and Jess walk by. Al and Marcie lament that Brad, the real drug dealer, is getting off scott free while Al is being framed. Antonio takes Joey aside for a moment, and then Joey tells them that they should have proof soon. Joey goes to Rex and tells him that he knows Rex has been getting a cut from Brad's drug deals. He says he won't turn Rex in if he helps him bust Brad.

Antonio and Jessica go to the art gallery; there are pictures everywhere of Jessica with her eyes crossed out. She gasps and Antonio holds her tight.

Mitch is at the old theater, crying and looking at a picture of Jess.

Dorian is at the country club but they won't let her in because it's been years since she's been there, and she owes them back dues. She hears the maitre'D talk on the phone about Viki's party, so she storms off.

Viki is at home, on the phone with someone from the Banner. Dorian barges in past the cops and yells at Viki for taking money from Blair and her children. Viki points out that the children have their trust funds again, thanks to Viki. Dorian says that Viki ripped her off a second time. She says that since Todd is missing, his assets are frozen. She wants Viki to declare Todd legally dead. Viki refuses and says there is no proof. Dorians says that Blair thinks Mitch buried Todd. Viki is hurt by the idea and says she won't give up on Todd being dead. Dorian says that Blair agrees, but Viki knows she's lying. She just wants money. They argue about Mitch and Todd. Viki reminds Dorian of how Mitch and others have come back from the dead so Todd might still be alive. Viki goes to toss Dorian out but she plants herself on the couch and refuses to leave. Viki warns her not to hurt her family and asks her to think about someone else besides herself. Mitch is out to get all of them. Dorian blames that on Viki. Viki reminds Dorian that she is the one who married Mitch and brought him back to town, just to get the money and house. Viki yells that Dorian made a pact with the devil, so Dorian retorts that Viki had his baby! Viki says indignantly that Mitch raped her, so Dorian replies, "you've had so many personalities, who knows who he raped?" LOL!!!

Just then, Mitch phones and tells them to stop arguing about him. He tells them that they'll both soon be dead. Dorian turns white. Viki informs the police. Dorian is distraught and wonders how he knew they were talking about him. Viki says he probably planted a bug when he stole Jessica's picture. Dorian didn't know about the picture. She is really scared and lists the things Mitch has done, saying he's not human. Viki says he is evil, but he sure is human. Dorian wonders why Viki isn't afraid. Viki says that's what Mitch wants and she's not going to give into him. She says that they are in this together, like it or not.

Asa and Roxy are at the Palace negotiating about Roxy giving him the key to stop Rene and Nigel's hypnosis. Rene and Nigel appear so Asa sings "You Are My Sunshine". Rene is flummoxed so Nigel explains that Asa thinks they're hypnotized and only a certain song can cure them. They laugh at Asa. Asa phones to find Mysterio but he is not there. Roxy threatens that she could go away, too, and Asa won't have his cure. Asa yells at Rene and Asa, so Nigel tells Asa to get out. Rene bans Asa from the Palace. Dejected, Asa agrees to give Roxy the salon, plus the building it's in, plus the apartment above. She has him sign an IOU and he agrees to get a lawyer to draw up the papers.

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