OLTL Update Wednesday 6/4/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/4/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

Natalie encourages Cristian to allow his friends and family to buy his paintings but he insists he’ll never know he has real talent unless strangers buy them. He changes the subject to having the cottage all to themselves but she asks if Rex can stay with them for a few weeks. He agrees as long as Rex continues to look for his own place and she assures him that he will. Carlotta’s goddaughter thanks him for the special showing of the gallery and asks him to show her around. She asks why he isn’t selling the painting of Natalie and he tells her about his accident and about Natalie getting him to paint again. She comments to Cristian that he must love his girlfriend very much and he tells her about the wedding. She says that Natalie’s very lucky but he says that they both are lucky. He adds that she and Natalie are like soul mates and she comments that she hopes she finds hers someday. She tells him he’ll be a famous artist someday and daydreams about the soul mates comment.

Rex gets cleaned out at his gambling card game. Natalie comes to see him and tells him that Cristian okayed his staying with them. R.J. signs for a package. His brother Hank comes in with Rae, who’s boasting about beating him at football. He says she let her win but she insists that since she won, he buys the drinks and she picks the place. R.J. confronts his brother about being there and about what he said to R.J. the other day. They begin to argue and Rae suggests they take their act on the road. Evangeline says hello to her partner and Hank becomes curious. Evangeline asks why they’re always at each other’s throat and R.J. tells her that Hank disapproves of him because he’s too self-centered. R.J. tries to take her away but she wants a word with his brother.

Evangeline asks Hanks about his warning regarding R.J. and inquires about what he has against him. When he mentions R.J.’s prison time, she says she knows all about it and asks if Hank’s accusing him of doing something illegal since then. He assures her that he has no proof of everything and Hank makes a comment about choosing smart lawyers. When Rae puts her two cents in, R.J. reminds her of her recent illegalities. He then asks why the District Attorney’s girlfriend gets a free ride and Hank steps up to defend Rae. Evangeline comments that if no one was forgiven for past mistakes there wouldn’t be enough people to run the jails. She gives him her card, in case he ever messes up and needs an attorney, and then leaves the table with her new beau.

R.J. receives a phone call from Keri and asks to meet her at the bar after he takes the call. Natalie looks on as R.J. listens to Keri say that she never should have left when she owes Antonio another chance. She says she called because she and the baby are going to a friend’s house in the country. Natalie tells Rex she really wants to know who keeps calling him as well as what’s in the package. Rex mentions the overtime to R.J., who he doesn’t give a definite answer, as a ploy to steal the receipt from the package. Natalie reads that it’s baby clothes but won’t tell Rex why she’s so curious. She gives him some money because she’s proud that he saved some money and because he’s still her little brother. She then calls Cristian and asks him to come to Capricorn because she has some news.

Bo’s frustrated that he can’t predict Mitch’s next move and Nora says he can’t blame himself for not being a psychic. Walker comes in and tells them that Mitch has left town but they disagree and wonder why he’s asking them to think otherwise. He becomes angry that no one’s listening or believing him. Walker asks for evidence that he hasn’t left town and Bo shows him the doll. Walker asks if Jen’s all right and they inform him that she can’t be found.

Mitch tells Jen that he can now see and she asks why he’s following her. He says that he was there first and mentions her evening with Rex. He tells her this is the place he brings people to die. He plays a hide-and-seek game with her and she tries to escape but fails. He catches her and holds her, with a knife. He throws her down and she screams. Joe comes in and saves her by fighting Mitch off of her. They struggle, the knife flies, and Joey gets his hands around Mitch’s neck and begins choking him. Once he’s unconscious, Joey holds Jen. Mitch comes to and runs out.

Joey calls Bo and Nora to the theatre and Bo assures Joey that he did well and probably saved Jen’s life. Jen calls her mother but doesn’t tell her everything. Nora asks why she was there in the first place and when she admits to being stupid, Bo finds the bottle of alcohol. Jen goes to see her mother and Joey takes her.

Asa comes to see Viki at Llanfair and asks about the police. She fills him in and then he offers her a job. She reminds him that she has a full-time job but he asks her to quit and become president of Llanview University. He tells her that the current President is being asked to resign and he wants Viki to take the position. She says that she’s flattered but can’t leave The Banner in a lurch. He advises her to call Kevin back but she reminds him that Kevin is very happy where he is in Texas and has his own paper to run. Asa reminds her that Kevin’s running his paper and says he’ll fire him, or make him an offer he can’t refuse. Viki thinks there’s something else Asa has to say. He admits that he went to see Ben today and she says that she knows how hard it is to see him just lying there. She says she talks to him a lot and Asa asks if she thinks he can hear her. Then Asa says that Ben isn’t looking too good and he doesn’t think he’s coming back to them. Asa quickly retracts his statement, assuring her that Ben will pull through and he was surprised at the way his son looked and should have kept his mouth shut. She assures him that it’s okay because she too feels that way sometimes and it makes her too sad to stand but she can’t give up on him because she couldn’t bear to lose him. She then cries on Asa’s shoulder.

Blair visits Lindsay and she tells Blair about the doll Mitch left there with Jen’s name on it. Blair comforts her. Blair takes off when Jen arrives. She apologizes to her mother for not having her cell phone charged. Lindsay rests, Jen puts her to bed, and Lindsay tells Jen that she’s all she has. She asks Jen for them to take care of each other and she agrees. When Lindsay asks, Jen assures her mother that Mitch didn’t hurt her. She adds that she has Joe to protect her. When Joe takes Jen home, they find Rex inside and she gets angry. He shows her that he has her keys and asks if she remembers sending him to get food. She comments that he left her all alone in the theatre and he says that he didn’t want to wake her. Joey grabs him, threatens to kill him, and throws him out.

Jen tells Joe she owes him her life and asks him to admit he cares about her. She says that it’s not going away, his wanting her just as much as she wants him. Joey starts to become angry and she mentions that he’s no longer her mentor. He states that she’s still a member of his parish and she points out that her parents attend St. James, not her. He tells her that he’s seeing Flash and says it was a mistake to ever kiss Jen. She apologizes for having lied about him and he points out that after that he could never trust her again. She admits to her mistakes and acknowledges that neither of them is perfect. He tells her that her apology shows that she can be a good person when she wants to be. She says that’s not what she cares about; she cares about him. She says she wants a date with him, to worry about to wear, and stare at the clock, and have him ring the doorbell and ask for her and then spend the whole night with him. He tells her that it will never happen, because getting involved with him will not make her hurt go away. She insults Flash, “the homeless punk with one name”. She tells him she can sleep with Rex instead and tells him to go to bed with his Madonna wannabe. He storms out and she breaks things in anger. Then Rex comes back around and asks if she missed him.

Mitch confronts his brother. He asks if he looks tired because he’s worn out from betraying him to the police. Mitch takes a seat and listens to Walker tell him that he’s not well and promise to make sure nothing bad happens to him if he goes to the police. Walker swears that he won’t abandon his brother but he can’t allow him to keep hurting innocent people. Mitch says he had everything he ever wanted and then Jessica betrayed him and includes his brother in the list of those betrayed him. He adds that he now has nothing, except vengeance. Walker tells his brother that he sounds just like his father. He reminds Mitch of how he once protected his little brother. Mitch tells him that he isn’t the boy he protected because that boy wouldn’t have betrayed him and would have known he owed Mitch his life. Mitch takes a knife to his brother’s throat, tells him that betrayal is a sin, and says that the wages of sin is death. Walker puts up his hands, refusing to fight, and he assumes that Mitch won’t kill him because he loves him. Mitch replies, “I know you, Judas. You’re a traitor, just like my Jessica, and for that you have to die.” Walker responds that if he kills him then he will be their father.

R.J. thanks Evangeline for the efforts but swears that he doesn’t need her help because talking to Hank is a waste of time. She says she’s sick of Hank’s snide comments about who she chooses to be with. Natalie continues to watch the couple and when Cristian arrives she shows him the receipt and tells him everything, including the call from the woman out-of-town at the same time everyday.

Mitch visits Lindsay in her sleep and finally kills her, after a thank you and a kiss of death. She wakes up screaming. Meanwhile, Lindsay’s daughter asks Rex why he left her at the theatre. He swears he wouldn’t have left her if he had known it was dangerous. She claims it doesn’t matter and then tells him that Joe saved her and then ran off to be with Flash. Rex wants to take her clubbing, his treat, to make her feel better. He suddenly remembers that he has no money and asks for a loan. She gives him two hundred dollars but assures him that he owes her.

Bo and Nora leave the theatre and he asks her to go by Dorian’s to give she and Blair a heads up about ‘Mitch’s list’. Blair walks in on Walker, lying on the floor. She gets him to come to and he tells her that Mitch is going to kill him for betraying him. He remembers Mitch walking away, but after hitting him to the point of unconsciousness. He says he thinks he knows Mitch well enough to know he won’t kill him, but Mitch has lost control and it’s getting worse. He admits however that he has no clue what Mitch is going to do next. Blair informs him that she has an idea. Walker goes to Bo to tell him about the incident with Mitch. Blair adds that they can’t keep living like this and Bo promises that they’re on it. Nora asks Blair why she went to Walker and she says her mother was almost murdered and she could be next and she went to Walker to see if he knew anything. Walker asks Bo why they haven’t found Mitch and Bo responds that Mitch hasn’t gotten sloppy yet. Blair wants to go to where Mitch and Walker grew up. At the theatre, Mitch plots his revenge on all who have betrayed him. Down on his knees he cries and swears that he tried to be strong, apologizes to his ‘father’, then raises his head and continues his plotting for punishment. He reminds himself that he is a messenger of god, and that no sinner will be spared from destruction.

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