OLTL Update Tuesday 6/3/03

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/3/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Marcie nabs Nora as she's going into Bo's office to tell her that Al is innocent; he's being framed. Nora tries to get rid of her. Bo comes out and tells Marcie sternly that she is working for the police dept. so she must remain impartial. Nora has brought Bo the papers that say he's Matthew's legal guardian, should anything happen to her. They call Marcie in to witness the signing but don't tell her what it's about. Later, Hank comes by and Marcie tells him the same thing about Al. Rae arrives to look for him and he pulls her into Bo's now-empty office. He is happy to hear that she got her license back. He says he wants to talk to her, so they sit down very close together on Bo's couch. She thinks that he is getting romantic, but instead he offers a job as the therapist for the police department. She is surprised and mentions that he might need therapy, too. He is shocked. She tells him that she saw a student looking Hank up on the net and both she and the student were surprised to hear that he was a big football star in college. She wonders where that fun party animal went that she read about. He doesn't say anything, he just leaves. Later he returns with a football and takes off his jacket. While loosening his tie and shirt, he tells her that they're going out to the park to throw the football so she can see what he used to be like. She is delighted and they leave together.

R.J. is on the phone with Keri, telling her about some more gifts he bought for her and the baby. She doesn't want him to keep spending money on them but he says he got a gift, himself. There is a painting next to him on the booth. Antonio comes in and gives R.J. a bag that has some stuff that Keri left at his place. R.J., as usual, makes Antonio feel guilty about Keri's death. Antonio tells him how much he misses her. Antonio asks about the painting, so R.J. snidely says that Antonio doesn't know anything about art, because he thinks his brother is a genius. Antonio informs R.J. that his brother painted that particular painting, and then he walks off. Evangeline shows up and asks R.J. how he likes the painting she got for him. He is in a bad mood since Cristian painted it and gives her a short explanation of why. Still, he says, he likes it, so she is pleased. They sign the partnership agreement papers and she gives him a big money order for her investment.

Joey and Jessica go to the gallery and find Jen lying unconscious on the flor. They can't wake her up at first, but then she awakens. Rex comes in with no shirt (Jen is wearing his). He explains that they were partying and she must have fallen asleep from exhaustion. Joey is concerned but Jess reminds him that they're adults and can do what they want, so Jess and Joey leave. Jen is not happy to have seen Joey and rants on about him, and about Flash. Jen and Rex go to R.J.'s club. He tries to sneak them drinks from the bar but R.J. catches him, yells at them for underage drinking, and throws them out.

Lindsay comes out of the shower and sees a doll left on her pillow with a hangman's noose and the word "Jen" on it. She freaks out. A nun phones Bo for her. Bo and Nora go to St. Ann's but Lindsay is absolutely hysterical that Jen might be in danger. Bo gets a doctor to give Lindsay a shot so that she can be calm. Nora comforts Lindsay, holding her close and telling her everything is going to be okay. They question Lindsay and Nora phones all over to look for Jen. She can't find her so she thinks to call Joey.

Viki is cleaning at Llanfair, even though she has hired a cleaning service and Lois is there. Viki is happy to help out, to get rid of all of the traces of Mitch and Dorian. Jessica and Joey arrive. They talk about Jen. He confesses that he feels sorry for her, and Jess agrees. Viki comes in and ask for their help in cleaning. Antonio arrives to check on everyone. Jessica invites him in to hang out, so he does. Viki finds Mitch's bible, which has all of the parts about vengeances highlighted in yellow. She doesn't want Jessica to have to find it, but Jess comes in right then and she doesn't want to be protected. They all talk about what happened with Lindsay and Joey worries more about Jen. He decides to go find her to make sure she knows about Mitch's games. Antonio leaves, too. Jess and Viki talk about how sick Mitch is. Viki notices that Jessica's picture is missing from its photo-it was there two days ago. They figure Mitch must have snuck in, so Viki phones Bo about it.

Jen and Rex go to the old theater. She's drunk and he's creeped out by the place. The creepiness turns her on so, after they drink some more, they have sex. Some footsteps come down the stairs and watch them go at it. Then Jen passes out. Rex gets dressed, steals some money from her purse, kisses her on the cheek, and leaves. Someone is still watching as Jen awakens and gets dressed. She is about to leave when she runs smack into Mitch. She thinks at first that he's still blind, but he informs her that he's not. He grabs her and says that the sins of the mother shall be visited on the daughter.

Brad the drug dealer and one of his pals are hanging out at R.J.'s club. Now that Al has been arrested, Brad intends to go back to business as usual. They drink and play cards. They laugh at Rex when he gets busted and later, Rex tries to join their card game but is told he's a "deadbeat" by Brad. Rex flashes a wad of cash. Joey comes in and grabs Rex, yelling at him to tell him where Jen is. He tells Joey where he left her so Joey rushes off after yelling at Rex for leaving her there alone.

Antonio goes back to the police station. Marcie tells him that Al is innocent, and she intends to prove it. She asks him for some tips on how to do that. Instead he promises to let her know if he finds out anything that will help her.

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