OLTL Update Monday 6/2/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/2/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

Dorian refuses to leave after being evicted. She assumes Mitch has something of value around the house she can take. Blair reminds her that she and Addie almost lost their lives from this and encourages her to quit now. Blair gives up and heads out. Dorian finds a book list in Mitch’s Bible and goes to those books, finding something valuable inside it. Walker startles Blair but quickly asks about Addie. She assures him that her mother’s doing better but asks why he’s really there. He replies that he’s come to say goodbye.

Troy tells Jen that Lindsay’s been readmitted to St. Ann’s, where she’ll be safe and get the proper care. She thanks him for his help despite his negative feelings toward her mother. He replies with agreement and asks if there’s anything else he can do for her. She returns to the gallery and calls Joe but hangs up on the answering machine.

Flash has no idea what she should wear to the art gallery opening. Nora allows her to borrow a dress of Rachel’s. Flash thanks her profusely, for everything. The doorbell rings and she heads upstairs but it’s Bo, there for an evening with Matthew, who’s thrilled to see him. Matthew tells Bo all about what he has planned for the evening. Nora asks about things with Mitch and Bo replies that it isn’t going anywhere and all of the women are still in danger.

Viki informs her family that the judge has officially recognized her father’s original will, leaving everything to her. Viki’s children and her daughter’s boyfriends are happy to hear the news. Jessica comments that it’ll be good to go home but quickly catches herself in order to thank her twin for all that she’d done for them. Natalie understands that Llanfair is their real home. She then tells them that she and Cristian have agreed to stay in this home. Viki’s thrilled with the idea and tells everyone to enjoy themselves tonight. Everybody tells Cristian how proud they are of him. Viki informs her family that Dorian still refuses to move out.

Antonio walks in, all compliments on Jessica, the place, the art. She goes to calm Cristian’s nerves. He can’t relax and worries that no one will buy his paintings. Carlotta tells her son how proud she is and adds that she wants to buy everything. He convinces her not to buy anything so he can find out what the rest of the world, including the big critics, think of his work. Antonio pours the drinks and drinks to Jessica. Viki and Joey head to Llanfair and are surprised to see Dorian. Upon his request, Viki allows Joey to take care of it. After she goes, Joey alludes to what they once had and the heart he knows she has deep down. He asks her to be reasonable but Dorian tells him that if he wants her out he’ll have to carry her out. So he does.

Walker tells Blair he’s convinced Bo to allow him to smoke out Mitch. He says that he’ll be through here once Mitch’s caught. Troy comes knocking on her door and she introduces the doctor to Walker. He gets her alone to ask why Blair’s with him and insists on sticking around. He gets angry that she won’t accept his help on anything and she only opens up when she’s trying to hide something. She apologizes but suggests that she may not be as ready to move on as she thought she was. He still doesn’t think she should get involved with Mitch’s brother. She replies that it’s not a big deal since he’s Colin’s brother. He begins to believe that’s what it’s all about. He calls Colin “the guy responsible for his own wife’s death” and “the guy who slept with a woman just to keep her quiet”. He says he’s just taking a good look at himself and she may want to do the same. She replies that she never knew Colin but compliments Troy and says he’s nothing like what she heard about Colin. Troy disagrees and adds that there’s a lot more Colin in him than he used to think and adds that there’s probably more Mitch in Walker than she realizes too. He then storms out. She turns around and finds Mitch standing there watching.

Rex calls Natalie over to R.J.’s place to ask if he can stay with her for a while since non-students can’t stay in the dorms. She gets angry that he quit school but he assures her that it was the other way around, after turning in a term paper that wasn’t his and someone ratted him out. She suggests summer school but he tells her that school isn’t his thing and he wants to own his own club like R.J. R.J. gets a phone call and Rex tells Natalie that a woman calls him every day at the same time and R.J. tells the woman how much he loves and misses her. He adds that he figures R.J. has a woman he wants to keep a secret but Natalie thinks otherwise.

R.J. tells his daughter he’ll go see her very soon. She says she’s getting out some but she hasn’t met a lot of people, is lonely, and misses Antonio. After hearing that, he plans to see her even sooner. She’s thankful and says that she’s starting to think this was a mistake and she should try to talk to Antonio.

R.J. offers Rex some overtime because he’s leaving town. Natalie overhears this conversation. R.J. offers to take Evangeline to the new club now but she says she has other plans. She gives him something to look over. Natalie asks Rex, if there’s another woman out of state then why is R.J. hitting on Evangeline. Evangeline shows R.J. the floor plan she’s had created and he’s impressed. They appear to be getting closer in a romantic sense as well.

Matthew beats Bo at video games. Flash comes down in a dress and no one likes what they see, including Flash. She goes back to the drawing board, to the search for the perfect dress to wear on her date with Joey. Jen comes to the door to thank Nora for all of her help with Lindsay. Nora invites her in and she overhears Flash talking about not knowing what to wear when dating a minister. Matthew’s happy to see his sister. Nora gives Jen something from her father’s estate. She runs into Joey as she’s leaving and he asks about Lindsay. Jen leaves and when Joey sees what Flash finally decided on, he’s very impressed. Bo and Matthew gather the tools for their project then decide that no girls are allowed. She kisses him goodbye, gives Bo the rules, and they continue bonding. Bo teaches Matthew how to fish. Matthew asks Bo if they can see Finding Nemo together and also go fishing together and he agrees to both. Matthew tells his mother about all the fun he had with Bo and Bo seconds the sentiment. He apologizes to Nora for keeping Matthew up so late but she forgives him and they talk business. He interrupts to compliment Matthew, and the way Nora’s been raising him.

Walker apologizes to Blair but she wonders why he came to say goodbye when they rarely know one another. Once outside, Troy pushes him and orders him to stay away from Blair. Dorian comes ‘home’ and agrees with Blair’s call that nothing turned out as planned. Dorian says she has nothing left up her sleeve and she’ll let the police handle Mitch. Blair says she’s not going to the same. Dorian doesn’t understand and Blair tells her aunt that she was right and that the police can’t do anything. She won’t tell her aunt her specific plans so while Blair calls Walker, Dorian snoops.

Flash worries what Viki what will think of her. Flash states that she can’t see Viki thinking of her as the perfect date for her son but he says that all that matters is that she’s the perfect date to him. Viki’s very polite to Flash and formally introduces herself. Joey and Viki discuss Dorian and Viki rejoices at the thought that Llanfair is truly theirs. Joey takes Flash to the diner and Natalie and Jessica discuss how much opposites attract. He asks Flash what her real name is and she agrees to tell him on the second date. He invites her to the country club for that date and then kisses her.

Viki heads home to Llanfair and says goodnight to her girls. Carlotta congratulates her boy and she also bids farewell. The two couples discuss Cristian’s success, since the critics liked what they saw, but Cristian doesn’t feel it since he only sold two paintings. Natalie takes him out to celebrate anyway. Antonio offers to help Jessica clean up and take her home. He says he’s still worried about Mitch and she agrees to allow him be her protector. Natalie asks Cristian if he really thinks Antonio’s ready to move on. She says she doesn’t want to see either one of them get hurt and he promises that she has nothing to worry about. Jessica falls asleep, on the shoulder of her new boyfriend.

Jen asks Rex when he’s getting off but he tells her he has plans. She orders a ginger ale. She says that she’s inheriting at least a half a million dollars and adds that she’d rather have her father back. He changes his plans and admits he has fun with her even if she is just using him.

A woman notices Troy and when he doesn’t recognize her she says that he must be Colin’s twin if he’s not Colin. He replies that he is and informs her of Colin’s death. She becomes sad at the news and then he asks her how well she knew Colin. She replies that she knew him “as well as most women, I suppose”. He tells her that it was a pleasure to meet her and walks away, bumping into Blair along the way. Blair apologizes to Troy but he leaves anyway, and appears to have no use for her apologies. She meets Walker, who she has called, and she asks him if they can go after Mitch together since his plan hasn’t been working.

Viki replaces the pictures of her children above the mantle as someone watches from outside the home. Dorian hangs up her own self-portrait in her new home and locks the front door in fear. Viki hears a noise and turns around, but then turns back after seeing nothing, and goes upstairs. A pair of hands covered by gloves are takes the picture of Jessica out of the frame, leaving only a blank, dark emptiness in it’s place.

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