OLTL Update Wednesday 5/28/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/28/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

Viki, Natalie, and Jessica discuss Cristian’s big event, the art show, and then getting Llanfair back. She goes to get ready to meet the attorney. Natalie asks Jessica where she’s going so dressed up and she says that she’s going to a police carnival with Antonio. He comes to pick her up and wonders what he’s walking in on. Natalie says they were discussing how glad they are that Mitch is nothing but a memory. Viki returns and asks Antonio if there’s a problem but he assures her that he’s not there on business and explains the real reason. After they leave Viki asks Natalie if that’s what she and her sister have been whispering about. Natalie states that it is and asks Viki if she’s okay with Antonio. Viki says she likes both Vega boys. Viki wants to take Natalie to the lawyer and then to dinner and she agrees.

Rae tells Cristian she’ll be at his opening but she no longer has a lot of money to spend. They discuss Asa and how difficult he is. Asa then comes in, arguing with Nigel. Nigel tells Asa he’s no longer in his service. Asa sings a song about love to Nigel, thinking it’s the trigger (Phil Carey has a great voice too). Nigel tells Asa that he’s embarrassed, not hypnotized. He sings another song, about sunshine, and Roxy comes around with a round of applause. He demands that Roxy help him break the spell or else he’ll break her bones. She laughs and walks away. R.J. comes in and Rae suggests that Cristian give him a card advertising the art opening. Cristian recognizes that R.J. would want nothing to do with anything he’s selling. R.J. and his date, Evangeline, order a drink. They discuss the financing regarding the new club. She takes a look at his plans and comments that Ultraviolet could be hot. She asks about talent and he says he’s got Midnight Logic lined up. She wants to hear them and he agrees to arrange it.

Roxy makes fun of Asa, the ‘singing cowboy’. He swears he’ll find out the secret song on his own. She swears he’ll never come up with the right song and insists that a million dollars isn’t so much. He walks over to Nigel and continues his singing. He grabs the phone and tells Renee to stop the madness. She hangs up. Asa asks Nigel when he’s going to come to his senses and repeats that it was hypnosis. Asa tells Nigel that he can’t just walk out on him and he responds by turning and walking away. Rae looks on and points out the obvious, that he’s really having a bad month. She laughs at the thought that so many people have left him that if his cook left him too he’d starve to death. He walks over to speak to Cristian.

Troy calls Blair, worried about her, and asks her to return the call. Starr asks her mother about the police cars outside and insists on knowing what’s going on. Blair sends her to the kitchen with Heddy and Dorian takes the opportunity to tell Blair to stop acting so nervous. Blair wants to call Troy but Dorian tells her to call from the plane instead because Mitch is coming after them very soon. Blair suggests they call the police but Dorian rehashes the details of what they’ve done. Blair feels the regret and her aunt tries to comfort her by explaining why they did all of this in the first place. Then Dorian suggests that perhaps Walker was lying about Mitch being alive out of an attempt to avenge his brother’s death.

Walker arrives at the home. Dorian pulls out a gun but Blair convinces her to put it away. Walker asks Blair if she’s heard from Mitch and she assures him that if she had then she wouldn’t be standing there. Walker warns them to watch their backs and Dorian wonders aloud if she can even trust Walker. He mentions the Badra diamond and apologizes for stealing it, using the excuse that he thought they had stolen it from Mitch and had done horrible things to him. He says he changed his mind after what happened to Addie. Dorian still doesn’t believe him but he asks her to trust him. When Blair asks him to, Walker describes the diamond. He adds that Mitch is superstitious about its powers. Blair informs him that the diamond’s cursed and he replies that it certainly put Mitch over the edge. Starr comes downstairs to ask a question about Savannah and Dorian takes her back upstairs. Walker assures Blair that he never heard anything about Savannah and adds that he’s on their side. She asks him, in private, about Todd and if Mitch ever said anything about him. She tells him that Starr asks about Todd everyday. He replies that he’s never heard Mitch speak Todd’s name.

Walker suggests that perhaps Mitch never mentioned Todd because he doesn’t know anything about it. He apologizes if his brother did cause it. He tells Blair that his brother isn’t the way he remembers him. She assures him that the real Mitch only thinks of himself. He tells her about a time that a man yelled at him, his father, and Mitch was there, taking the hits for him. Blair says she doesn’t want to hear anything good about Mitch. He says that he just wants her to understand that Mitch was like a superhero to him. Blair reminds him that Mitch isn’t a superhero anymore and he agrees. He adds that Mitch has become what he tried to protect Walker from, their father, and wonders aloud how one becomes what they hate.

Walker regrets that he didn’t see how far gone Mitch is before Addie’s attack. She blames herself for not calling the police. He promises he won’t allow Mitch to hurt her or anyone else again. He adds that he’ll do whatever he has to do. Heddy takes Starr to the limo for the airplane and Blair agrees to meet Dorian at the airport after she takes care of a few things. Dorian insists that Blair come with her now and Blair says that she’s not taking any more orders from her aunt. Dorian worries about her but goes with Starr, leaving Blair behind unknowingly with Walker.

Jen goes to the gallery and finds her mother there. Lindsay swears to her daughter that she didn’t try to kill Addie. She apologizes to her daughter for being there but says she had no place else to go. Jen wants to know where she’s been. She tells Jen that she doesn’t know. Jen calls for help but Lindsay screams and cries that Jen’s calling the police. Jen comforts her mother and Lindsay begs her for help, but not to call the police. Jen goes knocking on Troy’s door. She says she didn’t know where else to turn, and then reveals that she has brought her mother with her. Troy immediately replies that there’s no way, no chance. Jen explains to Troy that her mother’s sick. He suggests she take her to the hospital then. They discuss whether or not Lindsay tried to kill Addie. Lindsay begins to fall to the ground and he brings her to the bed, after assuring Jen that he of all people should not be involved with Lindsay. Troy takes her temperature and wants to take her back to St. Ann’s but Jen won’t allow it.

Troy assures Jen that if Lindsay’s innocent then the police will figure it out. Jen tells Troy that he owes Lindsay and he says that after what Lindsay did to he and Nora, he owes her nothing. Jen reminds him that he did a lot to her as well when he could have been helpful instead. He swears that he had tried and disagrees with her assessment that she ended up in the psych ward and many people ended up hurt, because of him. He apologizes for everything’s that happened and she asks for his help, if not for Lindsay then for Jen. He agrees to allow her to sleep there one night only but swears he’s going to call the police in the morning. After he sends Jen to pick up a prescription he looks at the now sleeping Lindsay and wonders aloud why he can’t seem to get her out of his life. He picks up the phone but Lindsay wakes up and asks him to please not call the police. He gives her the medication and tells her she should be at St. Ann’s right now. Lindsay says he knows he would never do anything to hurt Addie and begs him for his help in keeping her whereabouts a secret. Blair interrupts her pleading with a knock at Troy’s door.

After her meeting with her attorney, Viki joins Natalie and Cristian. Viki asks them if they’ve set a date yet. She says that they’ve decided to wait until they’re a little more financially stable. Viki says she’ll buy the paintings because she likes paintings of both of her daughters. She informs her fiancé of his brother’s date. He comments that he’s glad his brother’s getting over Keri and he can’t think of anyone better than Jessica. Asa comes over and tells Cristian that if he wants his job back then he should start thinking of ways to apologize. Natalie tells her grandfather that he’s the one who should be doing that. He then asks Viki if she’s going to allow her daughter marry him. Viki asks Asa to show Cristian some consideration since he’ll be a part of the family soon. After Asa goes, Viki expresses that she feels sorry for Asa because he has no idea what to do without Renee or Nigel. He goes back to Roxy and she tells him it’ll cost a million dollars to bring his baby back home. Roxy sings another song for Asa, about someone stealing a pal, but it’s not the trigger either.

Jessica comes home with Antonio and a new teddy bear that she won for herself at ring toss. She refuses to give him ‘Bruno’ and jokingly assumes that he’s jealous. Antonio compliments his little brother’s paintings and she says that Cristian has a really good eye. He agrees once he sees a painting of Jessica. She says that she didn’t want it in the show and he says that he’ll buy it. He adds that he may not know art but he knows what he likes. They go to Antonio’s loft and Jessica offers to keep Bruno on his kitchen table, as a reminder of her win. He says the guys on the force will give him heck for having a teddy bear. She asks about the painting and he says it beats the teddy bear. Then he hangs the painting up on the wall and they find each other in one another’s kissing embrace once again. He’s interrupted by a telephone call from her uncle the police commissioner and rushes off but asks her to stay put. Jessica waits at Antonio’s apartment for her new man to return. She finds a picture of Keri and the baby.

R.J. asks Evangeline if she’s really interested in hooking up with him. She asks how much it’ll cost her. He shows her the figures and she says she can handle it. He assumes she gets paid well for defending nut jobs like Lawrence and she confirms the assumption. She then asks him what she’ll get for her money. He says that they’re now partners. His phone rings and he takes off in order to take it, as it’s his favorite daughter. She tells him the baby is getting cuter every day. He tells her that those two ladies are the lights of his life. Natalie overhears the conversation. He returns to the table and Evangeline hands him a partnership contract. She suggests he get a lawyer to look it over. Natalie returns to her table and tells Cristian what she just heard. She informs him that Keri’s still alive because it was in the tone in which a father speaks to his daughter. He insists that Keri’s dead, but she believes there’s a possibility that it isn’t true and asks how Antonio would react.

Roxy sings the bridal song and Asa offers her full ownership of her salon if she helps stop Renee and Nigel.

Antonio visits Walker at Blair’s house and Antonio asks why he’s there and what this is about. Walker replies that he’s hoping this is where his brother will show up. He adds that Mitch is alive, he can see, and god help anyone who gets in his way.

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