OLTL Update Monday 5/26/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 5/26/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

Antonio gets frustrated with Cristian regarding the diner. Cristian assures him that all will be fine and then hangs up. Jen comes in to the station with a newspaper headlining "Lindsay kills again" and asks what's going on. He tells Jen that there was an attempt on Addie Cramer's life and she may not make it. He adds that a witness saw Lindsay with a pillow standing over Addie. He says that the evidence is just circumstantial but they can't question her because she's escaped. Marcie comes to work, late, and apologetic toward Antonio. He tells her to calm down and just not to make a habit of it. Marcie apologizes to Jen regarding her mother but Jen's too angry to take the offer. Antonio tells Jen to call if she hears from her mother. Cristian tries to hold down the fort and Rae says hello. She tells him that she's a therapist again. Carlotta comes to work and Cristian tells her to go home. She refuses because of a fifteen year old girl's birthday party she's in charge of. He continues to argue but she belittles the heart attack.

Gabrielle asks Viki about some photos and then comments that she hopes the article in the Sun isn't true. Viki responds that for the most part it is true. Viki says it's unclear if Lindsay was even involved and adds that the paper has gone to trash and Todd wouldn't have even printed it. Viki says she's glad Clint's on his way back to London because the headlines make him angry. Gabrielle asks if she's still fond of Clint and she replies that she is but then Gabrielle furthers the question, to ask if they'd ever get back together. Viki asks Gabrielle if she's forgotten that she's married to Ben. Gabrielle apologizes and rephrases the question in a slightly more hypothetical nature. Viki quickly figures out who they're really talking about.

Gabrielle tells Viki that Bo and Nora are always together and they know each other well enough to finish one another's sentences. Viki assures her that if Bo had not resolved his feelings for Nora then he never would have started a life with Gabrielle. She adds that Bo loves this life very much. Gabrielle
tells her that she is kind to say it. Viki says she's not saying it to be kind, because she'll never forget the past. Gabrielle asks her to believe that she's not the same person she used to be and Viki does. Viki adds that more importantly she knows how much Bo loves her. Gabrielle says that even Max has been telling her how much Bo loves her and perhaps she should listen. Viki seconds the advice and also warns that if the insecurities continue then it won't be Nora who ruins their relationship, it'll be her.

Jessica, Natalie, and Joey take their father to the airport and he promises that they'll spend more time together because family is more important than anything else. Joey takes Clint to the phones so he can call the paper. Natalie tells Jessica how amazing she finds their father to be. Jessica thanks her for calling him. Natalie asks if it helped and Jessica tells her that Antonio found her coat's button at the theatre and knows it's hers. She adds that Antonio told her to get rid of the jacket. Natalie says Antonio can get into a lot of trouble. The boys come back and Clint asks permission to interrupt their girl talk. Clint tells Joey that he always has the truth on his side. He tells Jessica to call him if she ever forgets who she is again. He tells Natalie how happy he is that she's finally where she belongs. She hugs him and cries. He tells them all to be good, warns them to take good care of their mother, and then boars the plane. Natalie takes off, to go help Cristian she says. Joey wants to take off as well but Jessica wants to know what's been going on with him. He tells her about Jen and the accusations. He doesn't name Jen but Jessica guesses it and the details of the events. Jessica believes that he had turned her down flat.

Blair goes to the hospital and asks about her mother. They won't answer her. She and Dorian find Bo and Nora and ask about Lindsay but they know nothing. Dorian says she should have been notified that Lindsay was dangerous. Bo assures her that the incident could not have been prevented Dorian blames herself. Troy comes out and tells Blair that Addie has had a stroke and has lost movement and speech but he expects a full recovery. He allows Blair to see her mother. Nora feels bad for Addie and insists that Lindsay's nuts. Bo wants to see a motive before he convicts Lindsay. A nun brings him the visitor's log from yesterday, which states that 'Walker Flynn' came to see Lindsay. He asks the nun about him and she describes him. He asks her to work with a sketch artist on it and she agrees.

Troy asks Bo how sure he is that it was Lindsay. Bo replies that the evidence points in her direction and she ran away. He tells Bo that Addie cried out for help from Lindsay in the middle of the night. Nora reminds Bo that she wouldn't have known who was smothering her because she had been asleep. Blair and Dorian see Addie who opens her eyes and says nothing. Dorian tells Blair that Addie may not recognize them. Addie speaks, to ask them not to be sad. Dorian replies that they've never been happier. Blair promises to take her mother back to her friends just as soon as possible and to have the nuns make her strawberries and whipped cream upon her return. She also promises to bring the children to see her. They discuss the wheelchair she'll need. Dorian worries about
security issues and wants Addie to recover in safety. Blair suggests Addie go to Savannah to be with Cassie. Dorian goes to check on something and Troy comforts Blair. She cries on his shoulder.

Starr comes inside and says hello to her mother as well as Dr. Troy. Starr wants to know what's wrong and when Blair says she's really sad, Starr assumes it's about Todd. She tells her daughter that Todd's fine but Addie had a stroke. He describes what that is. Starr feels better and goes to tell Heddy. Troy tells Blair that Addie seemed to consider Lindsay a good friend because of Addie's calling out for Lindsay's help. He doubts that Lindsay did this.

Jen goes to the diner and Rae sits with her. She tells Jen that she read the Sun and wants to help her. Jen tells her to go help someone who wants it and Rae leaves. Jen watches on as Cristian and Natalie embrace and Carlotta embraces Natalie as well. Carlotta asks Natalie to stay and help and she agrees. Rae inquires about the party and Carlotta tells her about her goddaughter. Rae agrees to pick up the cake and help as much as possible. Natalie asks Cristian not to worry so much.

Jessica comes to see Antonio and ensure that the Lawrence case is closed. First she wants to tell him something. He tells her to be sure, because he may have to follow up on whatever she says. Jessica says that if she had seen Mitch thrown into the river and she had known anything, she'd never withhold the information. He advises her to forget Mitch. He closes the case and then asks her to eat with him.

Nora asks Bo if Walker Flynn could be one of Mitch's followers and he reminds her about Mitch's brother Walker who would have been about the same age. He adds that Walker is supposedly dead but may not be. Marcie calls to ask Bo if he needs anything but he replies that he's fine and will let her know if he needs her. Bo asks an officer to cross-reference Walker Flynn with Mitch Lawrence. Nora believes it to be a bit of a stretch but Bo wonders if there's a family trait of Walkers being presumed dead without really being dead. Nora wonders if Mitch is there to tie up loose ends for Mitch and Bo thinks it's just one possibility. He reminds her that Lindsay knew something about Mitch's death and also that Addie was found in Lindsay's room. Gabrielle comes to see her beau and invites him out to eat. He tells her that he can't, and that he'll be back late. He asks her to meet him at Angel Square for the party. Nora comments that it's good to see Bo happy. He gets the information on Walker and tells Nora that Walker Flynn was adopted the same year Walker Lawrence died and the Flynn's were members of Mitch's father's flock. Bo sets out to find the guy. Walker rings the doorbell to Blair's home but finds her not at home. Then he heads to the police station. Bo says he needs to find Walker but Walker comes in and offers to save him the trouble.

Dorian goes to see Viki in order to give her some notes about who Addie really is as a person, but Viki tries to throw her out. Viki's surprised to hear that Addie was the victim. Viki apologizes and asks if Addie's alright. Dorian informs her that Addie had a stroke and they don't know how bad the damage will be. Viki promises to write a nice background piece on Addie. Dorian assumes that Viki doesn't care about her or her feelings. Viki assures her that isn't true but Dorian wants Viki to call off the hearing about the will as proof. She tells Dorian that she doesn't have the power to stop the hearing and adds that it's really low to use her sister like this. She tells her she'll still write the piece, she'll call Blair later, and then asks Dorian to leave. Viki is basically in awe at Dorian's audacity. Dorian arrives home to find her front door baring the words "Heed the messenger" painted in red.

Antonio goes to the diner with Jessica to check on the party and worries about his mother because she's not resting. Jessica finds Jen sitting alone and heads over to her. Jessica asks her what the hell she's trying to do to her brother. Meanwhile Joey heads home and gets ready for bed. He fantasizes about Jen in lingerie in his bedroom coming over to him and kissing him passionately. He wakes up and finds himself alone in his bedroom.

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