OLTL Update Thursday 5/22/03

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/22/03

By Kelly
Pictures by Juanita

Jen walks into Capricorn; RJ is frustrated with his plans. Jen proceeds over to the bar where Rex is. She bluntly ask what's wrong with RJ. Rex tells her to dismiss it out of her mind and proceeds to ask her what she wants to drink. She orders an alcoholic drink, but Rex ignores that and tells her that she's underage and she can't have it so pick something else. She insist that he gives her a drink because she needs to feel good. Rex wonders why and she tells him that she went too far this time.

Joey's sweeping the floor when Andrew walks in. Joey then tells him about 2 people that he knows that won't be sleeping in the streets anymore. Andrew has such a disappointed/ disgusted look on his face which causes Joey to ask what's wrong. Andrew tells him that Jen came to him upset saying that he (Joey) took advantage of her and slept with her. 

Dorian runs down the stairs as the doorbell is being rung franticly by Blair. Blair bust through with rage demanding that Dorian gives her the diamond.

The diamond is dropped into Mitch's hands by Walker. Mitch thought he would never see the diamond again as he examines it. He then asks if Jess is all right and safe. He tells her that he saw her but she didn't see him and she looked fine. Mitch then demands to know why Jess was not there. Walker tells him that he feels as though it's best that she's not there because she's not trustworthy. Mitch lows up at Walker and exclaims to him that he doesn't know Jess like he does and that he would never betray him. 

Jess goes to Mitch's place she runs in the house after she hears noises outside. Once inside she begins to think about the night of his "death".

Natalie and Cristian are at the airport waiting for Clint. She's nervous that this was all a mistake and that he won't talk top her as much as he will Jess. But Cristian reassures her that if he's want to see her. Clint comes off and she begs Cristian to go say something because she's scared. Before she could finish Clint walks over to her and compliments her on her beauty. She then suggest that they go see Jess. Clint would love to see her but he wants to meet his new found daughter.

Rex asks her what she needs to feel good about. He then spills put about how he spent the night in jail because of the Vega brothers. He goes back to the topic before. She then tells him that her and Joey were kissing but Joey didn't want to go all the way with her so she decided to tell Andrew that he took advantage of her by having sex with her! She then says that she should just go back and tell the truth. Rex then tells her that she shouldn't do that.

Joey appalled by the news of Jen's story he quickly denied that they he took advantage of her but that they did kiss. With that said Andrew took him off her case as a counselor but told Joey that if Jen sticks with her story he's going to have to investigate even though he believes him. 

Blair tells Dorian to just give her the diamond. But Dorian still denies that she has it and that if Blair had it why didn't she say anything.

Mitch tells Walker that he doesn't know anything about Jess so he can't talk bad about her. Walker tells Mitch that Jess still has not said anything about that night to the police. Mitch is shocked when he heard the news but quickly says that Dorian is up to this and that she's holding something over her head so she won't rat Dorian and Blair out. He then tells Walker that he want to see Jess and for him to go get her. With that Walker proceeds to go get Jess. 

RJ calls Blair and tells her that he'll be glad to take the diamond off her hands for money. But she tells him that Dorian has it. RJ tells them to get there acts together then consult with him.

Clint and Natalie talk about how grateful they are to finally meet one another. Natalie shows her gratitude of him talking to her by giving him a hug.

Walker shows up to Mitch 's place to talk to Jess. He asks her if he could give him any info on Mitch because he hasn't seen him since they were little. With that they walk into the living space and talk.

Joey shows up at Lindsay's studio to confront Jen on her lie. He admits that he led her on but why would she lie about what he didn't want to go through with. 

RJ and Hank get into a huff about RJ slipping back into his past and how Hank wasn't going to protect him anymore

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