OLTL Update Monday 5/19/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 5/19/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

The voice of the night warns people about the roads, making a wrong turn, and going some place you didn’t want to go. Cole waits at the diner for Antonio and demands she brings him coffee and adds that he’ll sit there as long as he wants to. Flash and Nora come in and take a seat. Cole smiles at Marcie and she politely smiles back, but warily. Nora tells Flash how excited Matthew is to have a rock star for a babysitter. Flash wants to pay Nora back but Nora insists she doesn’t have to. Nora also offers to use her pull with R.J. to ensure that Flash becomes a hit at his club. Cole orders Natalie not to leave. He takes out a gun and starts barking orders, like to give him all their money and jewelry. Nora advises everyone to listen to him and Carlotta sneaks a phone call.

Antonio and Carlotta discuss the plan with Rex and how to keep him out of trouble with the heist. Carlotta calls Antonio but Cole grabs the phone, orders Natalie and Flash away from the door they’ve snuck to, and orders Carlotta to give him the keys. She does so and he checks for wallets and jewelry. Natalie hides her engagement ring and the Voice of the Night tells the listeners to keep fighting their way through the mist. Cole yells at a very scared Carlotta who assures him that Antonio had no idea it was her calling. Antonio dials call return and gets Carlotta’s voice mail. Cristian suggests Carlotta simply lost the signal on her cell phone. Antonio then calls the diner and Cole tells her to answer it.

Carlotta answers the phone and tells her son that she called and hung up earlier because she lost the signal. She tells him everything’s okay and she just wanted to see how he’s doing since she hasn’t seen him in so long. He wonders what she’s talking about since he was just at the diner. He asks her to answer in Spanish if everything is not alright and she does so. She tells him she has to go because of her customers. She assures Cole that what she told him in Spanish was that everything is fine. She gives him a garbage bag upon his order. Marcie’s scared and leans on Natalie. Flash wonders how she can stay so calm and she mentions that she’s been through worse. She tells them about the incident with Victor and Flash agrees that she’s got her beat. She assures Flash and Marcie that everything will be alright.

Antonio tells Cristian there’s a problem at the diner and he gets a unit over there to check it out. He thinks he may be overreacting, but wants to be on the safe side. Cole orders Carlotta to empty the register. The voice talks about life making you desperate and having your back against the wall so long you think you’ll never get free. He encourages the listeners to stay strong and have faith. Carlotta orders all of them to the kitchen. Marcie starts to freak out and Nora tells them Cole isn’t stupid enough to kill anyone. Cole states there may be more to this then he thinks, like maybe he’s taking Carlotta with him. Nora tries to convince him of otherwise but he’s after revenge on Vega. The lights flash outside and he orders everyone on to the ground. An officer checks inside, using his flashlight, and sees nothing.

Cole becomes angry with Carlotta for causing this. The officer tells Antonio that no one’s in there and he says it’s impossible because his mother just told him that she had customers. He calls the diner again and Cole tells her not to answer this time. Natalie tries to comfort Carlotta who says it’s hard to breathe and her arm feels soar. Natalie tells Cole to take the money and slip out the back. Nora offers her advice, as Assistant DA, that he’s looking at even worse trouble if he turns this into a hostage situation. He asks if she’ll get the DA to let him off easy if he lets them all go. He tells her to shut up, and adds that Carlotta’s the one who let Antonio into this. Cole answers the phone and gives his identity to Antonio. Antonio asks him to let everyone go so they can discuss this between the two of them. He tells Antonio that he has a room full of women, including his mother. He asks to speak to Carlotta and once on the phone she tells her son that she’s okay but that Cole has a gun. Cole continues barking the orders, and the threats to kill them all if Antonio doesn’t listen to him.

Bo and Hank sit around the Palace bar drinking scotch and chatting. Hank tells his best friend that he’s sick of the same old story. Bo gets a call from Matthew telling him that he got an ‘A’ on his project. He says he wrote a whole page about the airplane Bo told him to see while he was in Washington D.C. Matthew asks if his dad would have been proud and if he can see the ‘A’ all the way from Heaven Bo answers ‘yes’ to both questions and asks what his mother said about it. Matthew tells him she’s not home yet even though she was supposed to be. Bo thanks Matthew for calling him and telling him about the ‘A’. The phone rings again and he’s informed about the situation at the diner.

Antonio asks Cole to deal with him instead of the innocent women. He offers to come in unarmed but Cole’s not interested in the lecture. He begins to tell Antonio about his wish list. Natalie sneaks a phone call and sends a text message with the names of the people who are held hostage to her fiancé. He tells Antonio that if he gets what he wants then he’ll let the hostages go, all except for one. Cristian gets the message and tells Antonio about it. Cristian writes down the message and Antonio tells Hank and Bo about the situation and about the message. Hank asks what a flash is and Antonio tells him. Antonio tells them the wish list and Bo tells Antonio to give Cole whatever he wants to hear and adds that he’ll call a negotiator. He asks Antonio what he knows about Cole’s family and he doesn’t respond, he asks his little brother for a favor instead.

Nora tries to convince Cole that he hasn’t gone too far, yet. She asks him to rethink doing something he’s going to regret. Marcie insists that she has to go to the bathroom. Antonio calls Cole and tells him he’ll give him the car and the fifty grand he’s asked for. Antonio asks him to let one go and Cole threatens to kill them unless he starts acting. Cole asks Marcie for her name and she agrees to tell him, if he lets her go to the bathroom. He asks Carlotta if there are any windows in the bathroom and she replies with a negative. He checks her for a phone and then allows her to go. Then he starts looking for Natalie, who sneaks up behind him and hits him in the head. They start searching him for the gun and the keys, but no one leaves. They get the keys and start to turn him over. He suddenly comes to, takes Natalie hostage, and tells her how dumb of a move that was. He blames Carlotta for the whole thing. Natalie breaks free and starts giving Cole attitude. He says he should just shoot them all and she eggs him on. Cole starts to realize that he’s in big trouble. She yells at Carlotta for her sons giving him such grief and she yells back. Carlotta stops yelling at him when she falls to the floor in agony.

The cops convene outside and Nora asks Cole to call Antonio and tell him a doctor’s needed. Flash grabs the phone but Cole doesn’t allow it. Natalie orders Cole to either let her go outside and get some help or call himself, or shoot her in the back because she won’t stand there while Carlotta’s lying on the floor. He allows Nora to make the call. Antonio calls, Nora answers the phone, and she tells him that she needs help because his mother may be having a heart attack. She asks for a doctor and then Cole hangs up the phone. Natalie tells her in Spanish that everything will be okay and she calls her meja.

Antonio calls the diner again to let him know he’s sending in the doctor, unarmed. Troy puts up his hands. Cole asks for the keys and when he gets them he lets Troy in. Troy looks at Nora and asks if anyone else is hurt. Nora replies that only Carlotta needs him. He asks Carlotta to try to take a deep breath. He says he needs to get her to a hospital. He asks her to stay calm. Cole won’t allow him to go anywhere. Troy says he can’t fix it without a hospital but Cole won’t allow them to go anywhere until he gets his car and money. Troy treats Carlotta the best he can, and gives her aspirin. Natalie asks Cole why he’s bleeding so badly. Nora asks Troy if he has something in his bag to ease Cole’s pain. Cole’s surprised that she cares and she says that the worse he feels the worse he treats them.

The phone rings and Cole asks Antonio where his car and money are. He says it’s on its way and then puts his mother on the phone. Cole hangs up the phone and demands the aspirin from Troy, which he gives him. He takes the pills and calls Antonio to order him to send away Cole’s mother. Troy attends to Carlotta once again and she admits that she’s scared.


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