OLTL Update Friday 5/16/03

One Life to Live Update Friday 5/16/03

By Boo
Pictures by Juanita

Blair is still trying to talk Officer Chase into letting her take Mitch's coat with her. Troy wants to know what is going on. Finally, Blair is able to slip the Badhra Diamond out of the pocket of Mitch's jacket and into her purse. She tells the officer to go ahead and take the coat. Blair tries to explain to Troy that she just wanted the coat to give to Dorian. Troy doesn't believe her, he wants to know what is really going on.

At the station, Antonio gets a report from an officer going off duty. No good news. They still don't know where R.J. and his men are going to hit. The officer turns over R.J.'s phone records to Antonio, who admits that with Rex and Avery both working at Capricorn, the phone records are of little use. They need to know who the driver is.

Cristian bursts into The Diner looking for Rex. Carlotta hasn't seen him. Natalie comes in right behind, determined to make Cristian listen. Rex is in this too deep, he is going to go to jail. Cristian assures her that he is going to take care of Rex. Natalie senses that this is just too dangerous, she starts to leave to go to Antonio. Cristian stops her and admits to her that Antonio knows nothing about this. This upsets Natalie even more. What if R.J. finds out?

Cole and R.J. are discussing the job at Capricorn. R.J. is getting a little nervous because there has been a blue van watching the place for the last couple of days. Cole thinks R.J. is just getting paranoid. Paranoid keeps him free, R.J. informs him. R.J. knows he didn't want to know details before, but he does now, who is the driver. Cole informs him that it is Cristian.

At Llanview, everyone is shocked at the reading of Mitch's will. Jessica can't believe it. Bo can't wait to rub Dorian's face in it.

Natalie is still trying to talk sense into Cristian, she wants him to go to Antonio now! Cristian again tries to reassure her that it will be okay. Why would he even do something like this? He tells her he is doing it to protect Rex.

R.J. can't believe his ears. He calls the whole deal off. He is out. Cole is angry, thinking they can still make it work, he vows to kill Vega. R.J. tells him that he should be on the first bus out of town, or he will have more to deal with than the Vega's. Rex tries to tell R.J. that he tried to tell Cole not to bring Cristian in on it. R.J. doesn't want to hear it. Outside the club, Cole vows revenge on the Vegas.

Blair tries again to convince Troy that nothing funny is going on. He still doesn't believe her and tells her that he is giving up on her. She is hot and then cold, and he is tired of it. No hard feelings. Blair convinces him that she has just been going through some bad times, and begs him not to give up on her. Troy relents and agrees to go back to Dorian's with her.

Dorian is livid that Mitch double crossed her and left everything to Jessica. A daughter that hated him until she felt guilty for blinding him. Viki tells Dorian that is enough. Dorian accuses Jessica of knowing about this all along. Jess tries to deny it, but Dorian isn't listening. Jess gets upset and leaves. Dorian tells them all to leave, it is still her house. Bo, Viki, and Joey go out to the foyer and close the doors. They can hear Dorian throwing things and screaming NO. Bo thinks she took it pretty well.

Natalie still doesn't want to hear Cristian's reassurances. She storms out of The Diner. Cristian starts to go after her, but Carlotta stops him. He shouldn't chase after her like that, she will never respect him if he does. Cristian decides that maybe Carlotta is right.

Rex tries to make sure that R.J. believes him about trying to warn Avery about hiring Cristian. He tells R.J. that he needs this job. R.J. tells him he should be worrying about where he was going to spend the next 20 years of his life. Evangiline comes in to get a drink. Her and R.J. exchange stories about their bad days. R.J. informs her not to be too interested, he couldn't afford her before his business deal fell through, he sure won't be able to afford her now.

Gabrielle and Marcie are at the police station looking for Bo. Marcie lost her job at The Diner while she was holed up trying to save Al's life. Gabrielle knows they are looking for a receptionist at the station, she hopes Bo can help get Marcie the job. Antonio tells them that Bo is at the reading of Mitch's will. Gabrielle says they will wait. Natalie comes in and is upset and rambling about Rex and Cristian. Antonio finally gets her to calm down a little bit, and she tells him that Cristian is working undercover trying to save Rex, and that he is 'the driver'. Antonio wants to know where Cristian is right now.

Viki and Joey enter the abandon theater looking for Jessica. They find her upstairs by the place that Mitch fell. She is confused and doesn't understand some of her feelings. She feels so guilty. Viki assures her that she shouldn't feel guilty. Even if she is responsible for Mitch's death, Jess asks Viki.

Blair thanks Troy for bringing her home to Dorian's house. Troy asks her to beware of Dorian. All Dorian has done is bring trouble into her life since she got back to town. Blair assures him that she thinks things will get back to normal for both of them. They start to snuggle up and talk about taking a shower together. Dorian comes storming down the stairs. She can't believe Blair is playing doctor with the doctor when her life is falling apart. Mitch double crossed her and left everything to Jessica. She tells Blair that she is going to Llanfair and getting everything out of there that is hers, and then she is going to burn the place down.

R.J. explains to Evangiline that he had the perfect venue set up for Ultraviolet's success. Until the deal fell through today. She gives him her card and tells him to call her when it comes down to make or break time. He doesn't need an attorney, he needs a backer. She reiterates for him to call her, and leaves.

Antonio really wants to know where Cristian is. At first Natalie is worried about Cristian knowing that she came to Antonio, but then decides it is better that she not lie to Cristian. Antonio hopes that Cristian realizes what he has in Natalie. She just wants to make sure that Cristian AND Rex are safe. Antonio reminds her that Rex got himself into this mess. Natalie pleads Rex's case and convinces Antonio to give him a break. 

Viki and Joey try to convince Jess that Mitch committing suicide was not her fault. Jess is torn, she knows what really happens, but can't talk to anyone about it. She explains that he thought she really cared about him, and she didn't. Joey reminds her that the police were closing in on him. He thought he was going to spend the rest of his life in jail. Viki tells her to come on home. Jess thinks it is ironic that Llanfair now belongs to Viki again. No, Viki tells her, it belongs to you, and Dorian is livid about it.

Blair tries to calm Dorian down. She asks Troy to leave them alone so that she can attempt getting Dorian under control. Troy agrees to leave, with a warning not to let Dorian get her involved in anything bad, like 'arson'. Dorian explains that she is not going to burn down Llanfair, but none of this is fair. She married two monsters, Victor Lord and Mitch Lawrence. She deserves all the Lord holdings. She vows to Blair that Viki will not win this one.

Carlotta is upset that Cristian didn't eat his meal well and take another chance to diss Natalie. Cristian tries to tell her that it was his fault this time. Carlotta obviously doesn't buy it. Antonio and Natalie come in. Cristian is upset with Natalie for going to his brother when he asked her not to. Natalie tries to explain that she only did it because she loves him, and doesn't want him to get hurt. Cristian tries to explain, but Antonio quickly tells him that he is going to talk, and Cristian is going to listen.

Back at the station, Bo has finally showed up. Gabrielle explains to Bo that Marcie needs a job, and she thought of the receptionist job. Bo agrees to give his recommendation if Marcie qualifies. 

Cristian is upset with Natalie, she should have trusted him. Antonio tells him to stop coming down on Natalie, she loves him and she did the right thing. Cristian tries to convince Antonio to let him finish this job, he is already in. Antonio tells him it isn't going to happen, their first priority right now is to get Rex out of harms way. Cristian understands what he has to do. Natalie tells them that Rex is there. When Rex walks in, Antonio asks Cristian if this is the guy that stole his wallet, Cristian confirms it by pulling his wallet out of Rex's jacket pocket. Antonio places Rex under arrest and takes him off to the station. Natalie hopes this will work. Cristian assures her that once Antonio is done with Rex, he will be the poster child for 'scared straight'. He leaves to make his statement at the station.

Dorian is ransacking Llanfair. She is grabbing silver platters and candle stick holders, all that she thinks is worth something. Viki, Joey, and Jess meet her at the door as she tries to leave. 

Blair shows up at Capricorn looking for R.J. She tells R.J. that she knows Dorian had talked to him before about a very 'large' gem. R.J. doesn't commit, but asks why that is of interest to Blair. Well, if that 'gem' ended up in Blair's hands, would R.J. still be interested in finding a buyer?

Joey starts to go threw the bags that Dorian was trying to leave with, and finds many thing that do not belong to her. Viki informs Dorian that she is free to leave once her and Joey have gone through her bags. Jessica wonders off to the sitting room, where Dorian reminds her that they can never speak of the events of the night Mitch died. Jess concedes that they don't really have a choice. Viki tells Dorian that she is free to leave anytime now. Dorian announces that she will be staying at Llanfair to fight for what is hers. Viki admits that it is not the first time it has been her and Dorian butting heads.

At the station, Antonio tells the officer to book Rex on petty larceny. Bo wants to know what is going on. Antonio admits to setting Rex up, he wants to teach him a lesson. Cristian wants to know if he is still going to be the driver. No way, no how Antonio answers him.

Carlotta tells Natalie that she is sorry about her brother, but she really isn't surprised. Natalie tells her that she doesn't understand everything. Marcie comes in to make peace with Carlotta. Marcie tells Carlotta that she got a job as receptionist at the police station. They both swear to each other that there are no hard feelings between the two of them. Cole comes in and demands to know where Carlotta's boy is. She informs him that she has two sons, neither of which are boys. Cole says he wants the one that is a cop.

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