OLTL Update Thursday 5/15/03

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/15/03

By Boo
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Evangiline stops by to tell Viki that Mitch's will is being read at 3:00 this afternoon. Mitch had specifically asked for Jessica and Vicki to be there. Viki tells her that she thinks it is a silly formality, as her father's will is going to be overturned, but promises that she will let Jessica know and they will both be there. Evangiline leaves as Viki goes to look for Jessica. Natalie informs her that Jessica left earlier.

Troy tries to get Blair to get out of the house with him, just for an hour or so. Blair would love to, but she promised Dorian that she would be there with her today because of the reading of Mitch's will. This reminds Troy that he saw Lindsay yesterday, and her bizarre behavior. Troy tells Blair of all the crazy stuff that Lindsay was saying, including that she claimed she was there during a confession from Mitch, and so was Dorian.

Bo goes to St. Anne's and runs into Addie. Addie wants to show him a collage that she is working on, but Bo is in a hurry and tells Addie that it is really important that he talk to Lindsay. Addie tells Bo that Lindsay is having a bad day. Lindsay is saying over and over that she didn't kill Mitch.

Cristian and Natalie are at the new house. Natalie is really worried about Jessica. Since Mitch's death, Jessica has kind of cut off everyone else. Cristian assures Natalie that Jess is a strong girl and she will be okay. She has Natalie, their mother and Joey to help her through this. Natalie is still really worried about her.

Mitch wakes up and realizes he is not blind anymore.

Viki is surprised to see Jessica. Jess can't explain why she wanted to be there, she just did. Mitch was her father, and she was the only one that tried to reach out to him. Viki tries to convince Jessica what a horrible person Mitch was, and Jess needs to stop feeling guilty about his blindness and his death. Jess tries her best to make excuses for Mitch. His father was awful to him, even killing Mitch's brother. Viki knows about all that, but it doesn't excuse all the terrible things Mitch did to other people. Jessica knows, but she thinks she came here because she just wanted to understand.

Natalie gets ready to go to work at Foxy Roxy's when the doorbell rings. Cristian answers it while Nat goes to get something from upstairs. It is Rex at the door. He tells Cristian that he is there to hack into Jessica's computer to find out delivery dates for the Gallery. Cristian tells him it is not a good time, as Natalie comes back downstairs. She asks what Rex is doing there, he tells her he came by to see his sister.

Blair convinces Troy that Lindsay is just a loony case, and she is just trying to set Blair up because her and Troy are getting close. Troy tells Blair that he didn't believe anything Lindsay said, and again tries to talk her into getting out of the house. Blair promises she will tomorrow, and Troy leaves. Dorian heard the whole conversation, but she isn't going to let Lindsay ruin her day. Today she gets everything she has waited a lifetime for.

Bo tries to talk to Lindsay but she is still upset. She didn't like that witch Nora coming there and asking all those questions. Bo tells her that he isn't going to ask her questions, that she can just catch him up on all that she has been doing. She tells Bo how humiliating it is to have people not believe you and laugh in your face. Bo promises to believe everything she says, if she tells him the truth.

Blair isn't as calm about Lindsay blabbing her mouth as Dorian is. She tells Dorian that she is going to see Lindsay. Dorian doesn't care, if that will make Blair feel better, but she wants to make sure Blair will be back in time to celebrate her being the head of Llanfair. 

Natalie asks Rex what he wanted to see her about. He wants to make sure that she is going to the reading of Mitch's will. Natalie tells him that she isn't going. She hated Mitch, he hated her, why would he leave her anything. The phone rings and Cristian answers to a heated Asa. Cristian has to go. He hates having to ask how high every time Asa says jump, but Asa does pay him good. Cristian leaves. Natalie starts to lecture Rex on thinking that money is everything. She doesn't want him to get into trouble just to make a quick easy buck. Rex tells her he has to go, he doesn't want to hear all this. Natalie asks him to wait.

Blair finds Addie and asks her to try to get Bo away from Lindsay. Addie asks Bo if she can borrow his badge for her project, she needs something shiny. Bo is distracted for a little bit, but soon returns his attention to Lindsay. Lindsay knows that she has to come to grips with what she did if she is going to get better. She confesses to killing Sam, and how much she regrets it. She asks Bo if he is going to put her in jail. He assures her that the courts have decided she is better off at St. Anne's than in jail. She tells Bo that she had to leave to be by herself. Bo asks where she went. She doesn't remember she just knows that she was thinking about Sam. Bo gets a call from Evangeline reminding him of the reading of Mitch's will. Bo apologizes to Lindsay, but he has to go for now. They will talk again real soon. Lindsay says she would like that.

Dorian tells Jess that she is glad to see her alone. Jess informs Dorian that Viki is in the kitchen. Jessica tells her that she isn't sure if she can keep their secret. Dorian reminds Jessica that Mitch wouldn't have fallen if Jessica hadn't made him blind. Viki overhears and yells at Dorian for making Jessica feel guilty. Jessica is the only person in the whole town that cared anything at all for Mitch. Dorian reminds Viki that she was Victor's widow and now is Mitch's widow and she is going to get all the Lord money. Finally it will all be hers.

Blair tells Lindsay that she did the right thing, but she can not tell anyone what she told Troy. Blair convinces Lindsay to keep her mouth shut about Jessica from now on. If Lindsay tells anyone else, they will put her back in Statesville forever. This really freaks Lindsay out, she now thinks that she lost her ring at the theater, and if Blair doesn't go back there and find her ring, she will have to confess everything to Bo.

Natalie tries to give Rex back the pin that he bought her. Rex refuses to take it back. Natalie wants him to pawn it or whatever, so he will have money and won't get in trouble. Rex insists that he is not in trouble, but he wasn't lucky like Natalie and woke up one day to find out that his family really was rich. He is going to make sure big things happen for him. Natalie wants to know how. Rex assures her that he can take care of himself.

After Blair leaves to find Lindsay's ring at the theater, Lindsay realizes that Addie has the ring. Addie was using it with her art project. 

Blair arrives at the theater to find an officer standing guard. She asks if she can look around, just to give her 'Aunt Dorian' some answers maybe. Officer Chase knows who she is, but he can't let her. It is a crime scene. Blair flirts with him trying to convince him to let her look around. The officer shows her something they found in the river, but it probably isn't related to the case. Blair realizes that it is Mitch's coat.

Mitch is awake, but can only see light and shadows. He can't tell who the person is that pulled him out of the river. He begs them to tell him if his daughter Jessica got away or if they killed her. The person will not answer him.

Evangeline begins the reading of Mitch's will. The will starts off telling Viki that Mitch left for her the knowledge that Jessica is his daughter too, and forever there will be that bond between them.

Blair tries to take the coat with her, but Officer Chase informs her that it is evidence and it is property of the Llanview PD.

Cristian comes home to a very upset Natalie. She tells him that she wants Antonio to get another undercover to do this job. Cristian tells her that it is too late for that, this was not Antonio's idea, it was his. Natalie thought he was getting involved to help get Rex out, but she just talked to Rex and he is determined to do this. Cristian asks if she told Rex about him. No she didn't, but she knows that Rex isn't getting out. Cristian leaves to find Rex and make sure he doesn't suspect anything. Natalie follows him, determined to make him listen to her.

Blair argues with Officer Chase about the coat. She is determined to take it with her. Officer Chase is just as determined that she not take it. Troy shows up and wants to know what is going on.

Mitch is still trying to find out who it is that is with him. The person still will not talk.

Back at the reading of the will, Joey asks Viki if she is okay. She is fine. Jess wonders why this is taking so long. Evangeline continues to read the will: "There was one person and only one who cared for me, the only person in my life who was brave enough and strong enough to risk the wrath of everyone in Llanview, family and friends alike, to stand by me. Since the death of my little brother Walker so many years ago, this was the only person I ever trusted, cared for, loved. So to thank her, I hereby give and bequeath all assets held at my death, everything I own, to her -- my entire estate, my home, my fortune, my newspapers, all my holdings -- everything. I leave it all from now until perpetuity to my daughter, Jessica Buchanan." 

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