OLTL Update Wednesday 5/14/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/14/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

Bo tells Nora where Johnson and Lawrence were found. Nora wonders how a blind man can climb up if his henchman is out cold. Bo replies that either he knocked himself out, or other people were there. He then tells her about the button that was found. She suggests it could have been there for a while but he adds that the witnesses saw two other cars parked outside. Nora doesn’t believe that Mitch was full of remorse and believes instead that he may have faked his death. They agree that they believe Lawrence was homicidal but not suicidal. Bo mentions that half the town wanted Mitch dead. She suggests that the blindness drive him to suicide. Bo’s gut feeling tells him otherwise. They bring up Sam and the secret he kept from them for many years. Hank arrives to break up the conversation and bring it back to Mitch. He says that the make and the models of the cars match those of Blair’s and Dorian’s. Nora decides to stop by St. Ann’s.

Jessica has flashbacks of her father’s death and Natalie breaks her of her it. Natalie asks her if she had anything to do with Mitch’s death and Viki overhears and wants to know the same. She wonders why she’s being grilled and Viki observes how tense Jessica seems. Natalie suggests to her mother that they back off and Jessica says what’s going on is that her father is dead and no one cares because they wanted him dead. Viki and Natalie both admit that it’s true, and Jessica says she doesn’t blame them. They’re both slightly comforted that Mitch felt a little remorse at the end. Viki says that if Jessica’s hurting then so is she and she’d like to make the hurt disappear. Jessica blames her mood on being tired and goes to lie down.

Once upstairs, Jessica calls Dorian’s looking for Blair. She tells Dorian that she can’t lie to her family like this and Dorian reminds her of the pact. Jessica asks about Lindsay and Dorian says she’s taken care of it. Jessica asks what will happen if she can’t hold her end of the bargain and Dorian replies that Jessica heard the confession and if people think it’s coerced. She wonders why it matters since he’s dead and she tells them that it vindicates everything Mitch did to her mother and sister. Bo arrives at Llanfair to ask Dorian and Blair why the witnesses saw cars with the makes and models of their cars. Blair suggests that her car looks like every other car out on the road. Dorian thinks he’s making accusations and reminds him that she already told him exactly where they were that night, at a concert in the park. Blair gives details of the concert. Dorian tells Bo that he should broaden his horizons and not stick to Rock n’ Roll. He mentions Dorian’s visit to St. Ann’s and she states she was simply making arrangements for Addie to be released for mother’s day.

Dorian meets with Lindsay as Addie and Blair say their private goodbyes. Dorian pretends she has no idea what Lindsay’s talking about. She assures Lindsay that no one can know about the previous evening and suggests Lindsay just claim to be too confused to remember. Dorian tells Lindsay that Mitch will never bother anyone else ever again after last night. Lindsay wonders why anyone would ask her and Dorian just warns her that she’ll go back to jail if the confession appears to be coerced. Lindsay asks if Dorian is threatening her and she replies that she would never do that because they’re friends. Lindsay starts to get upset but promises not to tell anyone anything about that night.

Roxy wants to celebrate the opening of her salon with Asa but he called her there to break up Nigel and Renee. She realizes that he’s just jealous and wants Renee back. Asa says he doesn’t understand how she can be over Nigel so easily and she says she’s not like him, carrying a torch. Asa accuses Nigel and Renee of pulling a scam on him and he fires Nigel. Renee defends him and offers to financially support him. Roxy laughs hysterically and she informs him that they’re not in love, simply hypnotized. She gives him the details and explains how good Mysterio is. She calls Nigel a weasel that she can’t stand. He has a hard time believing it and then she tells him how Mysterio demonstrated it and assures him she’s now over it. He vows to make sure that nobody else makes the same mistake of almost marrying Nigel.

Addie tells Nora that Dorian came over earlier to see Lindsay. Addie tells Nora that Dorian came to St. Ann’s the other day to get Addie her pass out. Nora asks Lindsay if she left there with Dorian and Lindsay claims that she doesn’t remember. Lindsay’s also surprised when Nora informs her that Mitch is dead. Nora’s equally surprised that she didn’t know. Lindsay begins to get upset because Nora’s accusing her when she doesn’t know anything. Addie sees Dr. Troy and introduces herself. She asks him for his help but they’re interrupted by an ecstatic Lindsay screaming about not killing Mitch.

Lindsay asks Troy if he believes her and Nora says she was just asking Lindsay some questions but she hasn’t gotten her medication. Lindsay reminds Troy that Nora hates her and wants to see her punished. Nora and Troy suggest to each other that neither of them should be there. Troy asks Nora if she really believes that Lindsay could have killed Mitch and she replies that she doesn’t know bit does know that Lindsay has some questions to answer. Troy goes to contact the resident psychiatrist and Lindsay stops him and begs him to not let Nora hurt her. Troy promises her that no one’s trying to hurt her, they’re just trying to figure out what happened to Mitch because nobody knows. She responds that she does know.

Viki asks Natalie what happened and why Natalie would think Jessica ha something to do with Mitch’s death if Jessica was with Natalie at Roxy’s salon. Natalie says she just wondered if Jessica were blaming herself. Saved by the bell, Bo comes over and tells Viki that they think can place Blair and Dorian at the scene. He says that first he has to find out if Mitch is really dead and if so if it was really murder. Viki asks Bo to hurry the investigation and he tells them that the medical examiner had a request, from Dorian, to have Mitch declared dead. Jessica asks Natalie where Viki is and asks if their mother is still going on about whatever’s wrong with Jessica. Natalie says she doesn’t exactly know anything and asks Jessica to tell her as long as she’s expected to cover for her. She asks Jessica if she were with Dorian and Blair and informs her sister of what Bo said about their cars. Natalie says she doesn’t care, it’s not awful, and she’s on her side.

Asa tells Nigel and Renee that they were hypnotized and they don’t care. Nigel also doesn’t care that he’s been fired, as long as he has Renee. He snaps his fingers but they continue to kiss. He yells at Roxy for lying to him and she laughs at him making a fool of himself. Asa insults Roxy’s hairdo and she tells him that Renee and Nigel have a different trigger. She agrees to tell him the trigger for a million bucks. He refuses and walks away but she’s convinced that he’ll be back.

Lindsay gets medicated and tells Troy that she’s not supposed to remember about Dorian and Jessica’s being kidnapped. She tells him that they chloroformed Jessica and took her to the theatre. He thinks that she’s getting confused and doesn’t understand what she’s saying. She puts her head on Troy’s lap and says that she just wanted to make him pay. She then asks Troy to believe her when she says she’s glad he isn’t dead. He begins to tussle her hair.

Dorian asks Blair what she should wear to the funeral and tells Blair that she bought the funeral outfits months ago when she bought her trousseaux. Dorian tells her niece that she’s in a celebratory mood but Blair reminds her that Bo doesn’t believe a word they say and they’re not out of the woods yet. Dorian replies that Bo can’t prove anything but Blair’s not so sure. Dorian’s convinced that this will be easy compared to being married to Mitch. Viki comes to Llanfair and tells Dorian she just met with her attorneys. Dorian assures Viki that she should have her husband’s belongings. Dorian suggests that this is in poor taste, acrimonious bickering while she’s in mourning. Dorian asks her to let her go and leave her to her grief. Viki laughs aloud but assures her friend that Viki will win this one.

Bo tells Nora that Dorian and Blair are lying. Nora says Lindsay didn’t even know that Mitch was dead. He apologizes for her going through the Troy and Lindsay thing again and she tells him it was good for her. He assures her she doesn’t need to put on a game face with her and she in return assures him that although it was weird she didn’t feel hurt or angry. He asks if she’s over Troy and she says she’s getting there. Nora says she feels nothing for Lindsay except pity. Hank brings Bo a file and Bo says Mitch is declared dead as of this moment. Elsewhere, Mitch’s servant pulls him to safety. The servant begins to nurse Mitch back to health. Mitch opens his eyes.

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