OLTL Update Tuesday 5/13/03

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/13/03

By Kelly
Pictures by Juanita

(It opens up showing different hands making Mother's Day Gifts. Then it zooms in to Matthew.)

Nora comes down the stairs to receive a gift from Matthew displaying MOM on it. He tells her that he wants this to be the best Mother's Day's ever. Then she kisses him on the head like any other mother and says that it already is. 

Carlotta comes in to open up the dinner. Antonio and Cristian pop up from behind the counter and yell Happy Mother's Day. Antonio then tells his mother that they have cooked her breakfast for her because it's Mother's Day. She feels like a Queen! From what she exclaimed. She's overwhelmed over the events that just took place and blurts out that one day he'll have wonderful children like the ones she had. She then realizes that he has had a child and immediately asks for his apologizes. But he reassures her that it's okay and that sometimes he wonders what it would be like if Kari and the baby were still alive.

While he's saying that Kari and RJ are just yapping away talking about how RJ over did himself with the Mother's Day Gifts. So she ask him if he'll be done again soon and he said that he will as soon as his "project" is done while overlooking a layout from Lindsay's Studio. 

It then cuts to Lindsay reading a Mother's Day card Will just gave her. Then she goes on her whining escapade of how she couldn't believe that Jen or Bill would ever want to see her after what she has done. With that said Jen gets up and walks to the window. Will then lectures Lindsay about how she needs to stay if she wants to get better. He ask her just who took out of St. Ann's. 

Dorian is looking out the window with a puzzled look. Blair and Adie are exchanging hugs after Blair just gave her a teddy bear. Her mother then asks Blair why Starr and Jack aren't with her. But Blair lets her know that they're with Casey. Casey then walks in with the kids and Blair and Starr run at each other. It then shows Casey and Dorian looking at each other. 

Al gave his mother a rose and hug before him, Gabrielle, Max and Marcy head into the restaurant.

As they walked by Natalie and Jessica were conversing. Natalie asked Jessica why she needed to lie for her and why exactly was she lying for her. Jessica then tells her with a guilty face that she couldn't tell her. Natalie then asked if it had something to do with Mitch. With that Vicki and Joey walks in and Jessica jumps up to hug her mom and to avoid the question. Vicki then says that she's glad that they're all there due to all the events that have just taken place. With Natalie not knowing she asked why and Joey said that Mitch committed suicide. With that said Jessica seemed guiltier then ever.

Al hands his mother a mixed mother's day CD. Gabriel speaks of her gratitude by saying that she's receiving all this attention from 2 handsome men and Al blurts out well where is Bo he's suppose to make 3. Gabriel replied with such a disappointed look that Bo had to work. Marcy thanks Gabriel for letting her join. With Gabriel not knowing she asks where her mom was. Al jumps in and tells her that her mom passed away when she was little. She then expresses her deepest sympathy but you could tell that she was deeply hurt by that.

Vicki is laying out the details of what the police found at the crime scène. Everybody was into the story except Jessica. Then Natalie expresses her happiness of him being gone. Vicki exclaims how she's shocked that he could do that because he could have saved himself. Then Jessica jumps on the gun and explains that he couldn't have according to the police. To break the conversation Joey gives Vicki a charm bracelet. Jessica then gives her a heart charm and Natalie gives her a piece from her childhood. 

Flash then goes into the cargo container and complains about not being able to stay there anymore because anybody caught will be prosecuted. Riley then hands her a contract but she cant do it because she can't sing for months. But he explains to her that it was okay the guy understood. 

On the phone Nora and Bo discuss the matter of Mitch's death. Before they hang up Bo wishes her a happy mother's day. Matthew then comes in with breakfast for Nora.

Hank comes in with evidence from the murder scene. They then overlooked it and Bo plays a tape of Mitch just saying he needs to confess. So they sit there and ponder as to why a man who just got everything he wanted killed himself. 

Antonio leaves the dinner while Ralph walks in. He then takes flowers off the counter and gave them to Roxie for Mother's Day.

Joey then goes to the cargo container and Flash tells him about the news. Then Flash brings up the fact that Joey might want to be with Jen then he tells her that he doesn't want to be with anyone right now. She shrugs it off and they proceed to talk about the contract.

Blair, Adie, and the kids show up as Vicki and the girls are still having lunch. Blair pulls Vicki over to the side where Vicki tells her of Mitch's death. With that she goes to the table to join her mother and Starr. Vicki and the girls head back to the table to talk about Roxie's Hair Salon. Natalie then jumps in and says that Jessica was a big help last night. Then Natalie gets up and leaves. Vicki exclaims that she knows why Jessica has been so down when ever they mention Mitch's name.

Casey comes down the stars upset with her mom for marrying Mitch because he tried to rape her. But Dorian explains that she hates him as much as she does. They get into a huff about how Mitch made a fool out of Dorian. Dorian then explains that the only way of getting him down was to attack him from the inside and by marrying him was the only way. The doorbell rings and it's Bo and Antonio.

Flash and Joey show up at Nora's house to discuss the contract. Matthew and Flash then engaged in a conversation and went upstairs. Joey then tells Nora about Flash situation and how she just got out of the hospital. Matthew and Flash then come downstairs and Matthew begs Nora to let Flash be his babysitter. But Nora goes one step above that and invites Flash to stay there. Flash was shocked and surprised but she accepted gratefully.

Kari and RJ are talking about the baby when Hank walks into the restaurant. RJ then hangs up the phone.

The hostess of the restaurant walks over to Blair and gives her a flower without a note. Then Starr suggests that it was from Todd.

Bo is questioning Dorian as to where she was last night. She then begins to cry and Casey just gave her a look of disbelief. They questioned her as to why she didn't stay in the hospital after being shot. Then Antonio and Bo proceed to leave when Antonio saw a sports jacket but Dorian claimed it as hers. When they left Casey realized that Dorian killed Mitch.

Natalie comes into the dinner happy to tell that Mitch is dead. She then tells Carlotta Happy mother's day but she dismisses it. 

Dorian calls Blair and Jessica to the house.

Antonio and Bo are @ the crime scene and find more evidence along with 2 witnesses. 

Jen shows up at Nora's house to find Matthew and Flash dancing around the living room.

RJ calls Ralph to tell Cristian that the job is all set to go.

Dorian makes sure that the girls have their stories straight. 

Bo and Antonio talk to the witnesses to find out that there were 2 other cars at the crime scene that night. 

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