OLTL Update Monday 5/12/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 5/12/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

Natalie thanks Cristian for helping out at Roxy’s salon. He gets a call from Rex yelling at him for not being there for the dry run. Cole demands his presence immediately. Cole tells Rex that if Cristian screws up it’s on his head. Cristian refuses to give Natalie any of the details but assures her it isn’t that dangerous. She stops asking questions and agrees to meet him at home later. They discuss that it’s odd that Roxy took off and they discuss Rex’s ability to get all of those girls there. She tells Cristian how proud she is of her ‘little brother’.

Roxy arrives, singing happily, and Natalie asks where she disappeared to. She informs Natalie that she went to Atlantic City, but not to gamble. Natalie assures Roxy that she and Cristian and Rex took care of everything and Roxy thanks her. Asa comes to talk to Roxy, upset about Renee and Nigel, and determined to end it. He asks why Asa cares so much. She asks him to admit that he still has it for Renee. He tells her he divorced her twice and she comments that it means he married her twice. He tells her she’s as loco as Renee and she continues to bask in the joy of being the only one in on the little secret.

Cristian tells Cole that he didn’t want to leave what he was doing last night because it would have drawn attention to him. He promises to be there the next time. They go over the game plan and Cole tells Cristian to be at the place where they’re going to exit. Natalie comes in and sees her brother and her fiancé together with Cole. She heads home and to bed. He finally comes in and she wants to know the details. She asks why he didn’t tell her that one of the bad guys is her brother. Cristian asks her if she was following him and she says she went to Capricorn to thank Rex for helping out and didn’t want to walk in on them but did. She wants to know what illegal thing Rex is doing and also if Cristian and his brother are working to put her brother in jail. He assures her that he isn’t, that he’s doing this to help Rex because he loves her. Natalie tells Cristian to get out of it and allow her to handle Rex. He says that Rex won’t listen because he’s too set on making the big bucks. Natalie agrees to let her fiancé handle it and thank him for caring. Cole warns Rex once again that if he doesn’t get his cut he’s coming after Rex.

Gabrielle visits her ex-husband and he wonders why she’s so depressed. She says she misses Bo and worries about the family she saw together leaving for Washington. He agrees to keep her secret and asks if she can keep his. He remains vague but tells her that R.J.’s doing something illegal and he went to the police about it and now he hates himself for ratting out a friend. He wonders if he should tip off R.J. since they’ve been friends for so long. He wonders what Al would think if he helped R.J. get away with it. Gabrielle advises him to stay far away from the situation because innocent people tend to get hurt in situations like these. He recognizes that if he tips R.J. off that the cops know, R.J. will wonder how Max knew that. He adds that the police told him he won’t have to testify, he just has to be quiet and act surprised. Max continues to agonize over the decision.

Joey asks Antonio if three’s any sign of Jessica but Joey doesn’t have any good news for him. Viki arrives and Antonio tells him there’s nothing to go on except the open door and the possibly chloroformed rag. Antonio believes it was Dorian instead of Mitch because he doesn’t think Mitch would hurt Jessica. He proceeds to fill them in on Lindsay’s part in this and Viki wonders what Dorian would want with Lindsay. Joey wonders if Mitch kidnapped Blair for leverage because Dorian already had Jessica. Viki tells Joey she thinks it’s about Jessica’s finding out about Dorian’s plan for Mitch. Joey asks Antonio where they would meet to make a trade and Antonio suggests the old theatre. Viki suggests that Dorian would want to do something dramatic and symbolic. Antonio heads out to the old theatre and tells Joey not to get too worked up about this but to keep his phone on. Viki and Joey quickly agree to go to the theatre themselves.

Dorian suggests to her husband that he doesn’t struggle too much. Jessica says she’s tied up too and adds that they’re above the Lantana River. She warns him to shut up and tells him that he’s going to confess to all of his crimes. He refuses but she threatens Jessica and Jessica begs him to confess on tape, if he loves her at all. Dorian presses record and Mitch begins his confession. He stops but she describes Jessica’s death and he agrees to continue feeding the tape recorder the words that Dorian gives him. After she’s finished, Dorian begins to laugh hysterically and tells him that Jessica’s not tied up because she’s faking scared and she’s working with them. He doesn’t believe them and he asks Jessica if it’s true. He’s certain that Jessica loves him. He struggles to get free to help Jessica when he hears her silence. He gets free and falls over the wall in his struggle.

Jessica screams for her father and heads downstairs but Blair tries to stop her. Jessica starts to cry and scream about them killing him. Jessica wants to call the police. Dorian doesn’t want to end up in jail and Jessica assures them that it was an accident. Dorian reminds him that it wasn’t an accident and that they’re all to blame. Jessica begins to panic and sob. Dorian tells Jessica that they’re all responsible so they need to all stick together. She agrees to help. They all begin to cover the crime and then leave. Jessica runs to the water and cries for her father. Dorian wants her to face the fact that Mitch is dead. Jessica begins to get angry and accusatory. Dorian tells Jessica that she didn’t want her father’s death, just his confession so she could watch him suffer in jail for the rest of his life.

Just as the ladies escape, Antonio arrives and finds Johnson, then Joey and Viki. Antonio demands to know where Mitch is and he arrests Johnson. Viki and Joey look over the edge and Viki spots the cane and the tape recorder. She presses play, using a handkerchief, and hears Mitch’s confession. Joey wonders if it’s a confession, or a suicide note. Antonio tells Viki and Joey not to touch anything. He puts on the gloves and picks up a button, one that came from Jessica’s coat. Blair remembers that Mitch had the diamond in his pocket when he fell into the river. Blair finds the card that Antonio left behind and then expresses worry for Jessica. Dorian asks them to make a pact with her that they cannot tell a living soul what happened at the theatre tonight. They both agree. Meanwhile, Viki asks Joey if he thinks it’s really possible that Mitch would have committed suicide and then comments that there’s no evidence Jessica was there, or Dorian. A servant pulls Mitch’s body out of the water and carries it away.

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