OLTL Update Friday 5/9/03

One Life to Live Update Friday 5/9/03

By Boo
Pictures by Juanita

Joey finds Flash in his room holding the bra that Jen left under his pillow. He tries to explain to her that it isn't what it looks like, but Flash tells him that what he and Jen do is his business. Joey again tries to explain to her how Jen's bra got in his bed. She insists that she doesn't want to hear it. Joey finally gives up and asks how she is feeling. She is taking her meds, she just needs to get better so she can sing. Joey assures her that she will sing again. Why did she come back. Flash tells him that she thought she forgot something there, but she was wrong.

Jen finds the Gallery doors wide open and the rag on the floor. She tries to find Jessica inside. Antonio comes in, also looking for Jessica. Jen shows him the rag and tells him the doors were wide open. Antonio smells the rag, realizing it has chloroform on it. 

Lindsay is talking to Mitch on the phone. She tells him that she has Jessica and she will kill her if he doesn't come to the abandon theater by the docks. Jessica screams for help. Dorian tapes Jessica's mouth shut. Mitch warns Lindsay that she better not hurt Jessica. Lindsay tells him to come quickly. After she gets off the phone, she asks if she did a good job. Dorian is very pleased with her. She did a great job. Dorian tries to tell Jessica that she doesn't want to hurt her. Dorian tells Lindsay that they need to get ready, as Mitch will be here soon now. She tells Lindsay that she wants Lindsay to hold the gun on Jessica. Lindsay remembers shooting Sam and totally freaks out. Dorian tries to calm her, but Lindsay runs out of the theater. Dorian tells Jessica that is just the two of them now.

Johnson has found the diamond that Dorian stashed at Blair's house. He asks Mitch if they should wait on Dorian to get home and teach her a lesson. Blair sneaks in the back door and listens to their conversation. Mitch explains that Lindsay is still alive, and he must get to the theater right now. Johnson asks if Mitch wants him to take care of Dorian, Blair and Lindsay. Mitch wants that pleasure for himself, but first, he has to get to his daughter. Mitch and Johnson leave. Blair goes into the room and tries to call Dorian on her cell phone. Dorian doesn't answer, and Blair leaves too.

Roxy realizes that Nigel and Renee have just been up to something. She yells at him for two-timing her. Nigel says he couldn't help it. He loves Ms. Renee. Renee proclaims her love for Nigel. Asa can't believe what he is hearing. Roxy asks Nigel what about her? Asa tries to make sense of all of it. Love doesn't have to make since Nigel tells him. Renee explains that the heart wants what it wants.

Lindsay comes into the gallery, obviously upset. Jen wants to know how she got out of St. Anne's. Antonio asks Lindsay if it was Dorian that took her out of St. Anne's. Jen is confused, and doesn't understand. Lindsay has obviously lost her mind again, and keeps apologizing to Jen for shooting her father. Antonio tries to get Lindsay to tell him if she knows anything about what happened to Jessica. Lindsay smells the chloroform rag, and freaks out remembering when Mitch used it on her in the car. Jen explains to Antonio about what Lindsay is remembering. Antonio asks if the police were informed. Jen doesn't think so, because Lindsay just wasn't making any sense back then. Antonio thinks maybe he should take Lindsay back to St. Anne's since they can't get her to make any sense now. He tries one more time to get Lindsay to tell him who took Jessica. Dorian or Mitch?

Dorian tears the tape off of Jessica's mouth. She apologizes for hurting Jessica. Jessica wants to know what Dorian is going to do to her. This isn't about Jessica, this is about Jessica's father Dorian tells her. Jessica asks if Dorian is going to kill Mitch. Dorian tells her that she isn't going to kill him, she is just going to take away something that is very precious to him. Jessica is scared.

Asa is still trying to figure out what is going on. He can't believe both these women are going ga-ga over Nigel. This is Nigel for pete's sake. Roxy and Renee spit insults back and forth. Asa tells Mysterio he thinks they may need help. Mysterio goes to get the guard. By the time they get back, Roxy and Renee are screaming and pulling each other's hair out. Mysterio, Asa and the guard finally get them pulled apart. Asa again reminds the two women that this NIGEL they are fighting over. Nigel informs Asa that he used to be quite the chick magnet when he was young, and although he has tried to tone it down, he guesses it has grown over the years. Asa tells him to stop, he can't take this craziness anymore. Roxy and Renee continue to spit insults back and forth. Mysterio quietly watches all of that is happening. Finally, Roxy asks Nigel who he really wants to be with. Does he want to be with his hot mamalicious, or that ex-madam over there?

Jessica wants to know if Dorian is going to hurt her? What did Dorian mean when she said she was going to take something precious away from Mitch? Dorian explains that what she meant was she was going to take away his freedom. Jessica wants an explanation. Dorian explains that they had planned on Lindsay holding the gun on Jessica and threatening to kill her if Mitch didn't confess all of his sins. Dorian would tape it. Then they could get rid of Mitch for good. Jessica tells Dorian that her mother and Antonio have both told her that they have enough evidence on Mitch to put him away for good. Dorian doesn't need to do this, they both might get hurt. Dorian reminds Jessica of all the evil that Mitch has done. He raped her daughter Cassie, he raped Jessica's mother and stole her child away from her. When Jessica and her family finally found Natalie again, he tried to cut Natalie's heart out. All of that for money. All of that, and the police had never been able to stop him. Jessica is his only weakness. Dorian says that Jessica is the only one that can stop him. Does Jessica have it in her?

Antonio continues to try to get Lindsay to focus. Has Lindsay seen Jessica? Lindsay just wants Antonio to go away. Antonio tries again, is Jessica in some kind of trouble? Lindsay tells him that he must stop Mitch.

Mitch and Johnson arrive at the theater. Dorian and Jessica watch from the catwalks. Johnson tries to tell Mitch that there is no one there. Mitch yells out for Jessica.

Nigel has chosen Renee. Roxy wants to know why. Nigel can't explain, he just feels this mysterious pull to her here, (he touches his head) here, (he puts his hand over his heart) and here (he starts to put his hand over his.....) Asa demands for him to stop, he got Nigel off cigarettes, is he on loco weed now? Nigel and Renee then discuss getting the honeymoon suite, Renee hopes it has a heart shaped tub. Asa asks Renee if she has lost her mind, she can't get a room with Nigel. Renee wants to know why not?

Antonio is getting no where with Lindsay. He decides to take her back to St. Anne's. Lindsay doesn't want to go, she likes it here. Jen tries to convince Lindsay that she needs to go back to St. Anne's. Jen will come and visit her there. Lindsay tells her no, she wants Jen not to come visit her. Jen should stay away from her. Antonio asks if Jen wants to ride along, but Jen decides to wait there for Jessica to come back. She will call Antonio's cell if Jessica does show up. Antonio and Lindsay leave. Jen collapses against the door and cries. She goes to sit at the desk and Flash comes in demanding to know what Jen is up to where Joey is concerned.

Renee asks Asa to give her one good reason why she can't be with Nigel. Asa says there are twenty, starting with it is just crazy. Renee is crazy. Roxy tells Renee she understands now. Renee is one of those kind of women that just always want what they can't have. Renee saw Roxy and Nigel together and just decided she wanted him for herself. Asa asks Renee if that is true. Renee says she has always loved Nigel. He knows how to treat a woman. Renee asks Nigel if he is ready to go upstairs and let her show him how much she loves him. They rush off together to get the honeymoon suite. Asa is totally confused, he doesn't understand it. Roxy doesn't understand it all either. Asa says he needs a 'bourbon'. Roxy tries to take off after Nigel, Mysterio grabs her around the waist to stop her and informs Asa that there is a real bar in the lobby. Asa leaves to get a much needed drink. Mysterio informs Roxy that he can help her set things straight.

Mitch demands to know where Jessica and Lindsay are. Johnson tells him the place is empty. Mitch yells at him that it can't be, search the place now. Blair comes up behind Johnson and knocks him out. Mitch pulls the knife our of his cane and demands to know who is there. Blair tells him it is her. Dorian tells Jessica to scream, and she does. Mitch demands to be taken to Jessica. Blair looks up to Dorian who nods that she should bring Mitch upstairs. Blair tells him that she will take him to Jessica if he just will put the knife away. Mitch agrees and allows Blair to lead him to the spiral staircase.

Mysterio explains to Roxy that she isn't really in love with Nigel. She is hypnotized. Roxy doesn't believe him at first, but he proves it to her. He says he hypnotized Nigel and Renee too. Roxy thinks that serves Renee right, Renee wouldn't even hire her to be a hostess at the Palace. Mysterio assures her that he can 'fix' her, and then they will go and fix Nigel and Renee. Roxy thinks they shouldn't act too hastily.

Flash demands to know why Jen ran her out of Joey's room and then turned around and climbed in bed with him. Jen tells her it is none of her business. Flash thinks it is her business, she really cares about Joey, but she doesn't think Jen does. What game is Jen playing? Joey knocks on the door and comes in. What is Flash doing here? Flash tells him that she had to get something off her chest, but now she has things she needs to take care of. Joey tries to stop her from leaving, but is unable to. He asks Jen how her bra got in his bed. She tells him to come back to the bedroom and she will show him. He tells her to stop, and she starts to cry. Not everything is about Joey. Jen explains that her mother was just there, and she is so much worse than she was the last time Jen saw her. She knows that Lindsay does horrible things, but she is still Jen's mother.

Mitch has pulled the knife out of his cane again and is swinging it around wildly. He wants to know where Jessica is. Dorian motions for Jessica to say something. Jessica tells him 'I'm over here.' Mitch realizes that Dorian is there. Dorian admits that she is there, and she is holding a gun to Jessica's heart. Mitch doesn't think Dorian has it in her to kill. Dorian reminds him that he has underestimated her in the past. Jessica yells 'No, please don't'. Mitch is really scared, is Jessica okay?

Mysterio has un-hypnotized Roxy. When he mentions going to the honeymoon suite to help Nigel and Renee, Roxy talks him into leaving them hypnotized for the time being. She asks him what the triggers are, and he whispers them in her ear. Asa rejoins the two of them, asking why Roxy is grinning so big. She tells him that she feels like she is holding all the cards here in Atlantic City.

Jen apologizes for crying in front of Joey. He tells her not to worry about it. She doesn't have to pretend with him. She tells him about Antonio being there earlier and that Jessica might be in trouble.

Antonio arrives at Blair's house to find no one there. When he sees how the place is trashed out, he calls for a forensic team. He then calls Viki and tells her that he is looking for Jessica. Blair's house is trashed and he thinks it all has something to do with Mitch.

Dorian and Blair have tied Mitch up and have him suspended out of a window. Jessica stands by quietly. Mitch wants to know where Jessica is. Dorian informs him that Jessica can't help him now. He is hanging about 100 feet above the Llantano river, and unless he confesses all his crimes, he will die.

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