OLTL Update Wednesday 5/7/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/7/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

The Voice of the Night presents Midnight Logic and discusses mystery while Natalie wonders where Cristian is. Roxy comes in singing, not realizing that Natalie is there, and becomes startled. Roxy gives her a hard time for Cristian having something to do at midnight, without her. The Voice says that when things get rough, don’t ask others what to do, because they don’t know any more than your heart does. Roxy comes back, brushes Natalie’s hair, and apologizes for what she said earlier. Natalie asks who Roxy’s mystery man is but she’s not disclosing anything yet. Natalie realizes that Roxy never gave out the flyers for the grand opening tomorrow and she calls Cristian but gets the voice mail. Cristian returns to the salon and Roxy makes him sign his masterpiece painting.

Cristian asks Natalie if she’s upset and says that Nigel thought Asa went to bed but he was wrong. Natalie apologizes and asks if Asa said whether or not he’s coming today but Cristian assures her that Asa tells him nothing. Natalie decides to make Asa stop sending him out on errands in the middle of the night but Cristian doesn’t want to be fired. She asks if the errand had anything to do with the gallery, because of something she heard, and he replies that Asa wanted cigars. Roxy heads to the door to open it up and prepares to beautify. Roxy gets upset that no one’s coming to the opening and begins to get down on herself. Natalie tries to convince her ‘mother’ that she can’t expect a miracle on opening day. She starts to cry but Natalie dries her tears so she won’t have “raccoon eyes” when the first customer comes. Cristian gets the call and heads to the gallery to “hang up some stuff”. Natalie tries to grab the bottle of booze out of Roxy’s hands and tells her that they’re not going to give up.

Rex introduces Cristian to Cole Avery who asks Cristian why he should cut him in. He responds that he drives for Asa Buchanan and hates him. He assures Cole that he and Antonio aren’t close. He then mentions Natalie and his plan to give her everything. Cole threatens that if Cristian messes with him he dies. He gives Cristian the orders but is reluctant to give too many details. Cristian assures Cole that Jessica won’t be a problem so she doesn’t break a nail. Cole promises no one will get hurt. Renee directs Rex out of her hotel. Rex assures Cole that it’s no big deal. Cole warns Rex not to give any details to R.J.

Someone calls Mitch on his cell phone and warns him not to go back to the Lake house. Jessica informs Antonio that Mitch left earlier. Antonio wants to take her home but she won’t go just so Mitch will come back. Antonio has the place secured and then tells her she can stay. She’s frustrated that he had her followed and he swears he had good reason. She tells him she’s still mad, but thanks him anyway. He reminds her not to get too relaxed because her father’s a stone cold killer. She falls asleep on Antonio’s shoulder. He gets her something to eat and then accuses her of tipping Mitch off. She becomes indigent and he reminds her that she hasn’t exactly been cooperative and that she put a lot of people, including herself, in a lot of danger. He apologizes for coming down on her so hard. She admits that she put Dorian in danger and fills Antonio in on Dorian’s plan. She adds that she told Mitch to make him trust her and Mitch said that he already knew. Antonio says he’s sure that Dorian probably knows of the possibility that Mitch could suspect her plan and adds that if anyone can stand up to Lawrence, it’s Dorian. They head home.

Jen visits her mother who’s very happy to see her. Lindsay says she feels almost normal. She asks about Jen living at the Palace and she tells her mother that there’s no place else to go so she went to the Gallery. Jen begins to cry because her life is a mess. The phone rings and Mitch tells Lindsay he wants to warn her to keep to herself so no innocent bystanders get hurt, because Dorian is dead and she’s next. Lindsay tells Jen to leave because she doesn’t want her to see her this way. Jen says she needs her but Lindsay yells at her to get out and eventually she does. Lindsay immediately calls Dorian while Jen heads to a bar and orders a screwdriver with her fake I.D.

Dorian lies on the ground shouting for help. Viki goes to her side and Nora calls an ambulance. Before losing consciousness, Dorian repeatedly says Blair’s name. Viki gets frantic and her son comforts her and upon being asked, tells her about Flash. Troy comes out and tells Viki and Nora that the bullet only brazed her and she’s awake and asking for Viki. Dorian tells her that she was right about Mitch not liking to be betrayed. She tells Viki that when Viki rang the doorbell, Dorian turned, and it saved her life. She thanks her and Viki asks that in return Dorian help stop Mitch by giving Nora her statement against Mitch. Dorian says she’s tired but maybe she’ll do it later. Troy asks Dorian to stop dragging Blair into her schemes. She wants to go home but he won’t release her because Nora’s coming to ask a few questions. An orderly brings her a meal but she refuses to eat hospital food. Dorian asks him if he’d like to do some freelance work. He sneaks her in some food and she pays well for it. She keeps handing him hundred dollar bills and says there’s something else she needs from him.

Joey drinks (a soda) to Flash’s first gold record. He explains that he got the Voice to play the CD. They compliment and thank each other. She laments that she won’t be back any time soon. He encourages her to hang in. Flash gets released and heads to the garage but Joey won’t let her. He wants to take her to the pharmacy instead and loan her the money for her medicine. On their way out, Joey bumps into Dorian who’s dressed up as a surgeon. Troy assures Viki and Nora that Dorian’s awaiting their arrival. Joey tells them what he saw and they go in and find Dorian is gone. Dorian goes immediately to Lindsay. Lindsay’ ecstatic to see her and Dorian swears she won’t allow Mitch to hurt Lindsay. She asks her to trust her and says it’s finally time to turn the tables on Mitch. Joey takes Flash back to his place. She goes to kiss him and he changes the subject to finding C.J.

Hank makes a deal with Lindsay’s attorney resulting in Lindsay spending a long time in a psychiatric ward. Rae comes over, ready to meet her date, and Evangeline leaves. Hank tells Rae that Lindsay’s not going to jail. Rae stops Jen from drinking and brings her over to Hank who asks if there’s a problem. Rae asks Hank to tell her what will happen if she drinks and he says that she’ll go to jail to serve out her sentence. Jen gets defiant and Hank assures her she doesn’t want to do this in front of him. Rae sits her down and Hank goes back to the office, after a quick lecture in Jen’s direction. Rae says she’s worried about her and reminds her that a lot of people care about her. She says no one does, not even her own mother, and when Rae suggests that Joey does, Jen’s skeptical. Rae convinces her that Joey has to act professionally but truthfully really cares deeply about her. Rae lets her go but first makes Jen promise she’ll call her and they’ll get together and talk.

Viki and Nora go to the scene of the crime, Llanfair, and Viki fills Nora in on what Dorian and Blair’s plan was. Viki thinks Dorian has deviated from the original plan and now plans to take care of Mitch herself. Lindsay assures Dorian her new medication has her thinking very clearly. Dorian insists that she’s now okay and escaped from the hospital because they don’t have time for the police. Jessica heads to Llanfair and her mothers happy to see her. She informs her daughter that Dorian is alright. Nora checks the answering machine and finds Lindsay’s message. She and Antonio head over to St. Ann’s. Viki tries to comfort her daughter. Mitch’s follower informs him that Dorian survived and Mitch asks him to call Johnson and order him to have Dorian in the morgue before sundown, and then to make Lindsay lay right beside her. Dorian arranges to have Lindsay released into her care, as she’s posing as a psychiatrist. Lindsay’s more than happy to go with her and Dorian promises that Mitch will get everything he deserves.

Jen goes to Joey’s room and lectures Flash about ruining Joey’s career. Flash says that Joey brought her there and asks where exactly she’s supposed to go. Jen tries to convince her to leave immediately. Joey returns to find a note instead of Flash and it tells him she’s crashing with a friend for a few days. Joey sighs with frustration and then prepares for bed. After he’s slept for about a half an hour, Jen comes into the room

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