OLTL Update Monday 5/5/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 5/5/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

Gabrielle asks her son and Marcie about the band and they have nothing but compliments. Joey chimes in with a copy of some new songs. Flash tries to get out of the hospital, crying hysterically. R.J. tells Max he’s holding him responsible if he has to give refunds because Flash isn’t there. Al worries about his father and Marcie asks him not to put the pressure on himself.

Rex asks Cristian if he meant what he said about making Natalie happy. When he confirms it, Rex offers him a different driving job. Jen kisses Rex hello but he realizes it’s for Joey’s benefit. Cristian asks about the job and Rex second-guesses his decision to cut him in because he’s a stand-up guy. Jen asks Joey if it’s okay that they’re in the same club together. He assures her he can’t allow wrong impressions to ruin his career. Then he goes down to the garage to see if Flash just needed a ride to the club. Cole asks Rex if they’ve found a driver yet and he mentions he has someone in mind but isn’t sure.

Antonio tells a skeptical Jessica that they have Mitch this time. She tries to leave but he won’t allow it and tells her about hi promise to Viki to keep her safe. She gets upset and he refuses to let her go. Jessica is angry that he’s acting like her shadow but he asks her to have a drink with him. Cristian comes over to say hello and Cristian asks him if he’s moving on already. Cristian comments on his brother never bringing home the wrong girl to mom and asks if Antonio hates Natalie. He stages an argument with him, for Rex’s sake. He insults Antonio for hitting on Jessica but planning to leave her once she’s bedded. Jessica wonders what’s going on and Antonio has no idea. Cole encourages Rex to ask him to be the driver so Antonio’s little brother can help bring him down.

Jen asks Cristian what happened with Antonio and then discuss that they’re both there alone. Rex offers the driving job to Cristian but won’t tell him much about it. Rex advises Cristian to just “keep his schedule clear”. Antonio tells Jessica to forget about his fight with Cristian and they change the subject back to Mich. She asks if he has proof this time and he shows her a picture of one of Mitch’s followers, who’s currently assisting Mitch get “here’. Antonio tells Jessica that the idea to spread the word that she’s sick to get Mitch to come back is a horrible idea.

Viki asks the picture of her father what he’s hiding down in the hidden room. She opens the passage door and begins climbing the ladder. When she arrives at her old childhood bedroom, and feels her way through Mitch’s wardrobe, she’s shocked and exasperated. She begins to have memories of her childhood, in her bed wondering if someone is nearby. She realizes that her father was there watching her. She continues to remember her younger self, asking who’s there. She comforts her memories but then Victor walks into the youngster’s room. Victor tells Young Viki that he only wants to kiss her goodnight and then he gets into bed with her. He promises to make sure that she’ll have everything that’s his so that even when he’s gone they’ll still be together. Grown Viki tries to convince herself that her father can no longer hurt her. She hears a noise and hides until she sees that it’s Lois.

Lois tells Viki that she gave notice but came back to get her belongings. Viki thanks her for all she’s done so far. Lois apologizes that she couldn’t do more. Lois tells her before she leaves that Mitch spent a lot of time looking at one particular book, then hands it to Viki. She reads that it’s about gemstones and reads about the Badra diamond. Viki heads back to the secret room and becomes angry with her father when she finds nothing in the box. She screams at him for trying so hard to destroy everything about her. She calls him a lawyer and a coward and swears that she hates him. She begins to slash his picture out of hatred and then finds an envelope hidden in the box of sand. She pulls it out and looks through it and becomes elated, swearing that she now has Mitch Lawrence exactly where she wants him.

Max and Gabrielle discuss the increasingly angry crowds. Flash awakens in the hospital, afraid, and immediately tries to escape. Joey catches her on her way to sing. R.J. tells the band to play, even if they go without Flash, and threatens that if they don’t, he’ll see to it that they never play anywhere ever again. They refuse to play without Flash, admitting that she is the band. Al excuses himself from Marcie, and makes a call on a cell phone asking for a favor. He comes back to the table and then suddenly leaves again, to do a favor for his father.

R.J. informs Max of the situation. Max isn’t willing to refund the money. R.J. makes the announcement that Midnight Logic stood them up. Al gets back on the radio and as The Voice of the Night, advises his audience not to leave Capricorn. He plays some music, and the crowd dances and prepares to have some fun. He tells them all that he’s now back from a strange, dark place and everything’s getting brighter again. Al tells the audience that we’re not afraid of the dark, but of the light, because that’s reality. He says the trick is to face your fears and says that he found some one to help him find his way home. He boasts about this person and what they’ve done for him. Marcie enters the room and finds Al behind the controls of the radio.

Al apologizes to Marcie for being a major disappointment when she once considered the Voice of the Night to be her hero because he said all the right things and was cool. She tells him he was her hero at the dorm when he took back his life. He reminds her that she showed him how to do it but he puts it back on him. She assures him that she’s the opposite of disappointed. He kisses her gently on the lips and she smiles, blushes, and kisses him back, leaving him smiling too. He gets back on the radio and she watches him as he takes and holds her hand and discusses the things that change a person’s life. Again he gives props to Midnight Logic. He apologizes for the band and plays Joey’s CDs of their music. The band is suddenly motivated and gets on stage and begins to play along with her voice.

Joey guarantees that Flash will get through this and advises her to relax. He puts on the radio for her. Troy tells Joey what’s going on with Flash, and that she won’t be able to sing for a long time. Flash hears herself on the radio and Joey holds her hand as she cries with happiness. Marcie asks how Al did that and he explains it was all Joey Buchanan.

Antonio tells Jessica she can’t leave and she says she’s just going to the ladies room. He then asks his brother about what happened between them earlier. He assures his big brother that he doesn’t answer to him. Antonio realizes that Jessica’s snuck out of Capricorn and he calls in to ask his coworkers to keep an eye on her. Meanwhile, Mitch hears a noise but his follower assures him it’s just the wind. Mitch asks Johnson, his follower, to find Jessica for him.

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