OLTL Update Friday 5/2/03

One Life to Live Update Friday 5/2/03

By Michelle
Pictures by Juanita

Al tells Gabrielle and Max that he indeed was addicted to drugs. Max and Gabrielle take equal blame for his addiction. He tells them that they are not to blame. He explains he felt pressure to keep his grades up and after the ordeal with Jennifer and losing the baby. He just used them to stay awake, so that he could keep up and it just escalated from there. He then told them that Marcie was the one who helped bring him out of it.

Rex tells AJ that the drivers are tied up. RJ explains that the plan cannot work without the drivers.

Antonio and Cristian discuss Jessica’s return to Llanfair.

Blair goes to the hospital inquiring if her “uncle” Mitch has been admitted there. While waiting for the nurse to return, Troy bumps into Blair. Blair explains to him that Mitch is missing. Troy asks her if she asked Dorian about Mitch’s disappearance. Troy convinces Blair to go to the police.

Dorian goes to Vicki’s trying to find out if Jessica is there. Dorian then informs Vicki that she believes Jessica has taken Mitch somewhere. Vicki tells Dorian that she doesn’t believe that is the case because Jessica spent the whole night in jail. As Vicki is pushing Dorian out of the door, Dorian says, “Hope you don’t miss Llanfair too much”. Vicki then calls Jessica’s cell phone, trying to locate her.

Antonio fishes for information about Rex. Cristian only tells him the things he knows about Rex. He states that Natalie and Rex are close because they grew up as siblings. As Cristian is leaving, Antonio receives a call about Rex’s possible involvement in RJ and Cole’s plan. Cristian over hears Antonio telling the caller that they are looking for drivers.

Dorian comes home to an empty house, she calls for Lois but no one answers. The phone rings and Dorian answers, to only hear heavy breathing. Dorian asks, “Who is this?” She hangs up and Jessica comes into the living room and asks Dorian how it feels. She holds the tape recorder in plain site. Dorian tries to act naïve but Jessica asks if that is her plan for her and Blair to make Mitch think he is crazy.

Joey tries to explain his point of why he can’t see her anymore. He tells her he thinks it would be a good idea to only be seen in public. She then tells him he isn’t backing off because of her feelings for him but because of his feelings towards her. She walks into The Garage where Flash is. She walks in and tells Flash that she is making things hard for Joey. She tells her that people are saying that he and Flash are more than friends. Flash explains that she likes Joey, everyone does and they are only friends. Jennifer tries to make Flash feel like she is hanging all over Joey. Jennifer warns her and leaves. Flash tries to sing but she begins to cough.

Antonio goes to see Vicki, wanting to know if she has heard from Jessica. Vicki tells Antonio about Dorian’s visit and that Mitch is missing. She also tells him that Dorian said Mitch was acting weird, hearing phones ring and thinking blood was all over him. Vicki expresses her concerns that Dorian knows more and is involved in trying to bring Mitch down. Antonio leaves and Jessica is coming home. “Your mom will be glad to see you”, he says. Vicki greets Jessica. They begin to discuss Mitch’s disappearance. They figure out that Dorian’s plan is to make Mitch go insane to keep all the money he received from the Lord’s. They think that is how she will get revenge on Mitch for what he has done. Vicki makes Jessica give her key to Llanfair. She explains how dangerous it would be for her to get mixed up in it. Jessica tells Vicki about the two hidden rooms her and Natalie found. Antonio calls Jessica and asks her to meet him at Capricorn’s. At first she refuses but then he says he has information concerning Mitch, she finally agrees.

Troy goes to Llanfair to see Blair and ask why she didn’t go to the police about Mitch. She tells him she hasn’t yet. She then tells him she is going away for a few days. Dorian asks where, Blair says she wants to go to Savannah to see the kids. But she tells Troy that after she returns she can’t see him for a while. He gets upset. Dorian asks if she is sure to return. Dorian agrees to go back to her house; not knowing what Mitch knew was frightening. Blair assures her she will return in a few days. They say good-bye and leave out of the back door. Vicki is knocking at the front door wanting to see if she and Dorian can play on the same side against Mitch. No one answers; she decides to use her key to get in. She goes to the hidden passageway, to find the secret room where her and her father’s picture hang. She wonders what he had down there.

Christina goes to see Rex. He begins to try to lure him into telling him about the heist. He keeps dropping hints how he needs money to take care of Natalie and help him with his art. Rex finally gets the hint and tells him he needs drivers. Cristian says drivers don’t make that much but Rex says this one may pay off.

The band sets up, Joey stands and waits for Flash. Meanwhile, Flash is coughing uncontrollable. Troy goes to find her, wanting to find out why she never showed up at the hospital. She has a blood stained cloth in front of her mouth, she sees Troy and passes out in his arms. He takes her to the hospital where they begin the IV. Joey still stands and waits for her at the club.

Jessica meets Antonio at the club and he tells her that they have issued a warrant out for Mitch’s arrest.

Al thanks Marcie for all of her help and tells her he is done with drugs.

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