OLTL Update Thursday 5/1/03

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/1/03

By Michelle
Pictures by Juanita

Blair is at Rodi’s drinking and talking to the bartender. He asks if she has had a tough day, she replies that it has been a tough year. She tells him she feels she is in way over head. She explains how she feels trapped. She wants something normal and controlled in her life.

Flash tells Riley how Joey was just supposed to help her find CJ. But somehow it all become so complicated. That she can’t stop thinking about it. “It’s all changing so fast, I don’t know if I can keep up”, Flash admits.

Jessica is awakening from a quite marvelous dream about Antonio. Her fellow inmate asks her about her dream. “Must have been some dream”, she says. She tells Jessica she said Antonio’s name ten times during her sleep. Just a dream she claims. She tells the inmate about how Antonio is trying to save her.

Marcie writes in her journal, while Al sleeps, that she feels the worst of the withdrawal is over. She feels that Al will move on with his life from here.

Troy tries to call Blair. Blair picks up her phone proclaiming, “It’s him”, she tells the bartender that she wants to start something with him. Nice and slow and get to know him. But she says she will not drag him into this. He would either try to stop her or help her, but basically it’s the same thing. “But I’m too far to stop now”, she says.

Mitch sits on the floor of the living room. He calls for Dorian. Dorian sits down at her vanity. She laughs and says it will all be over soon. Winner takes all. “The fall of Mitch Lawrence has begun”, she smiles.

Andrew comes to visit Joey. They briefly discuss the absence of the voice of the night. Andrew starts telling Joey about the first time they all met Marty Saebrook. How she came to Andrew and needed him. How Andrew never realized how lost she was. He explained that she had lied about Billy Douglas because she had a crush on him and he didn’t return the feelings. Andrew explained that Jennifer has the same look in her eyes and that Joey should be careful. Joey said there is nothing to worry about.

Jessica is urged to tell her newfound friend her wild dream. Jessica hesitates but goes on. She describes that she is at Antonio’s right out of the shower, things escalate but as she is trying to forget the outside world, she sees Mitch standing in the doorway with his knife. She explains how she feels guilty for her father’s accident. But the inmate feels Jessica is just going to get even with this rotten man, that Antonio locked her up to keep her from following through with her plan.

Mitch is startled by the ringing phone. He doesn’t answer, instead he goes to the safe and finds the diamond missing. He tries to walk up the stairs but he falls back and falls to the floor. “Jessica”, he says.

Jennifer stands and watches Flash and Riley packing up. Finally, she walks to them. “Reverend Joey isn’t here”, Flash says before Jennifer speaks a word. “So you really don’t know where he is”, Jennifer asks. Flash says no and Jennifer tells her to tell Joey she is looking for him and he will know why. Jennifer walks out of The Garage and takes out her cell phone.

Joey sits at his desk after Andrew leaves, the phone rings. The answering machine picks up, after the tone, Jennifer starts talking how she is trying to reach Joey, he doesn’t pick it up.

Al finally wakes up. He sees Marcie lying on the floor, asleep. Her journal is open and lying next to her on the floor. Al picks it up and begins to read. She is talking how there is a nice side to Al that she doesn’t think he even sees. She also says how she believes this is a turning point for him. He replaces the journal and leaves.

Blair tells the bartender how she snuck back into Llanfair and opened the safe, stealing the diamond. As she was leaving Mitch walks into the living room and calls to see if it is Dorian. Blair stands still. “Jessica?” he asks. No answer. “Blair”, he finally says. She tells him how she feared this man and she ran out of the back door and never looked back. He explains how she must have guts, and she plays it off, as it was a joke.

Dorian goes to visit Lindsay, who is back in the hospital. Dorian tells her how well she did. She also tells Lindsay that paying Mitch back will help her recover. Lindsay says she hates Mitch for what he has done. He has taken everything that meant anything to her away. Dorian makes sure Lindsay is up to the task and that she will be bale to complete it. Lindsay says I know what I have to do.

Gabrielle meets up with Max. She tells him how Marcie called and asked her to meet her there. They discuss what could be wrong. Marcie arrives and she begins to tell them about Al’s addiction. They deny it but she continues the story. Finally she tells them Al needs their support right now. They want to take him to a hospital but Marcie tells them he is over the hardest of it.

Jennifer goes to see Joey. Joey tells her he can’t see her anymore.

Antonio lets Jessica out. She tells him she has a clear head now. He tells her he wanted to help her. He warns her to stay away from Mitch, she agrees and leaves.

Dorian comes home and calls for Mitch, she doesn’t receive a reply. She walks to the safe and opens it, only to find it empty. Blair walks to the back of the house and Dorian meets her. “He’s gone”, she cries. Blair questions her meaning. He is gone, now what?

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