OLTL Update Wednesday 4/30/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/30/03

By Michelle
Pictures by Juanita


Today’s scene opens with Joey waiting outside of Flash’s examination room. Troy walks by and enters the room. He has Flash open her mouth and he asks how long she has been coughing up blood.

Jennifer walks into Capricorn’s. She and Rex discuss why she did not turn him in, too. She explains that she was just trying to be a friend. He asks why she isn’t behind bars. She says lots of community service.

Mitch loses control with the breathing continuing. He yells, “Who is that?” Dorian puts the fake diamond in the safe and closes it. She tells him she doesn’t hear anything and then turns his attention to the safe. The doorbell rings and she says I did hear that. She answers the door and Blair runs into the entryway. She informs Dorian that she just came from St. Anne’s and Lindsay had killed herself. She asks Mitch if he heard that. She says but she told my momma everything before she died. How Mitch had gotten Lindsay to shoot Troy. She said that Lindsay had cursed Mitch before she died. Blair spouts, “You are cursed!”

Antonio brings Jessica dinner. She questions whether he treats all of his prisoners this well. He tells her she only made a stupid mistake. Jessica tells him she feels getting Mitch back for what he has done is not stupid.

Max pitches his and RJ’s new club idea “Ultraviolet” to Andrew and Renee. Andrew questions Max on RJ’s reform. Renee expresses concern and Andrew agrees to invest. Renee finally agrees. RJ arranges to meet Cole using the excuse that he will be working the shipments. He introduces Rex to Cole. RJ hands Cole a blueprint, saying it is the layout of the warehouse, but the plan says Lindsay Rappaport Art Center.

“Lindsay went crazy because of you”, Blair exclaims to Mitch. Dorian pretends that all of his accusations are very upsetting to her and tells him she is taking Blair home. He tries to stop her but she leaves. She is smiling as they get outside.

Andrew sees Joey at the hospital still waiting for Troy to finish with Flash. Andrew queries about her condition. Then Andrew asks how Jessica is doing. Joey tells Andrew that Jessica feels guilty but he can’t feel sorry for Mitch. “You’re human, nothing more”, Andrew says. In time you will have empathy for all.

Inside the examination room, Troy tells Flash that she has Walking Pneumonia and to make it worse she is anemic. She wants him to just give her an antibiotic, so she can go. He tells her that she needs to be admitted, she tells him she has to sing at Capricorn’s. Troy tells her that singing could do a lot worse damage and permanently damage her vocal cords if she does. She tries to refuse but then gives in. She asks if she can tell her band and Joey. Troy complies and leaves. Joey walks in and asks to her condition. She says, “Well I am going to live”. They leave heading to see her band.

Jessica and Antonio play a game. Jessica tells Antonio she has been lucky with the family she was raised in. They both reach for the die, Antonio’s hand landing on top of hers. They share a long heated look. She gets up, he urges her to finish the game. She uses the excuse that she won’t be able to pay him back for the money she lost to him playing the game. He says if you will stay away from Llanfair that will be payment enough. Jessica hesitates.

Mitch feels around the to the safe and wonders how he missed the diamond. He yells for Lois, who never comes. “Who is there?” he yells. Dorian and Blair come back in the living room without Mitch knowing. Blair starts rearranging furniture and puts clear liquid on the chair. Dorian uses her cell phone to call the home phone. Mitch answers, only breathing is heard. He throws the phone to the floor. He loses his cane as he tries to see if anyone is in the room. A moment hits him, *69, he finds the phone and as he begins to call, Blair unplugs the phone line, he throws the phone again. Blair plugs the phone back in and Dorian calls again. He answers and nothing. He trips over the chair and when he puts his hand on it, he thinks it is blood.

Jennifer goes to see Joey. Flash gets ready to sing. Jennifer notices the way Flash is looking at Joey. She begins to hang on him. She wants to go somewhere more private and get to know him. He turns her down; telling her friends is all they can be. She asks for a dance and he complies. Flash sings and watches them.

Evangeline goes up to the bar where RJ is and tells him she likes his choice in names for clubs. “Capricorn’s that’s a good name”, she says. RJ says that was my daughter’s sign. Oh she says. She hands him her home phone number. Max walks up as she is leaving and comments on her, RJ tells Max to go home, he can lock up.

Jessica is still being pushed by Antonio to tell what she knows. Antonio tells her that Mitch will kill anyone who gets in his way. “Except Dorian”, she says. Antonio says yes because she is on his plans. Jessica says she doesn’t know about that. He pushes her more to tell him what she knows. She finally tells him how Dorian lied to Mitch about Natalie being in the closet and even helped her escape. Antonio says she must have a plan of her own and that Blair is involved.

RJ and Cole recruit Rex help them in their plan to break into Lindsay’s. You can see Max turning the key to get back in.

Mitch mutters, “The curse, I have to get rid of the diamond”. Dorian comes back in announcing how she couldn’t leave him in his condition. She comments on the mess he is created. They sit and he bellows for her to get him a drink, she wants to take him to the doctor, he refuses. Just then the back doors open, he jumps asking if Dorian did it, then he hears Lindsay’s voice quote a verse. He says no, you are dead. Dorian, Lindsay and Blair all stand in front of the fireplace watching as Mitch loses control, they just smile.

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