OLTL Update Tuesday 4/29/03

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/29/03

By Michelle
Pictures by Juanita

Jessica and Natalie sneak into Llanfair with flashlights in hand, they walk into living room. They are searching for blood or a sign of the murder of Craig. Jessica says that the cane has to be around somewhere.

Mitch sitting on top of Dorian, pulls his knife from his cane to her throat but she still refuses to tell him that she in deed did not sleep with him.

Natalie and Jessica are in the den, debating whether or not to get out. Jessica tells Natalie that she had to swear on her life she would never betray Mitch. They begin to walk towards the door and they see the doorknob turning and the door beginning to open. They close the doors slightly and peep out. Blair walks in with a large tote bag.

Vicki and Cristian are in Judge Grafton’s chambers. Vicki warns Cristian to not touch anything. Vicki calls the police station and they transfer her to Antonio. Vicki explains to Antonio what happened and as Antonio is about to hang up with Vicki, Judge Grafton stumbles in, “Judge” Antonio says. He is bleeding and has been obviously shot. He falls to the floor, Antonio holds him up.

Jessica and Natalie watch Blair to find out what she is up to. Blair gets the feeling she is being watched and goes to the living room, opening up the doors but Natalie and Jessica stand behind the doors and Blair never sees them.

Mitch still holding the knife up to Dorian. He begins to ask her if she knows what happens to people who betray him. Craig betrayed me and see what happened to him Mitch spouts. Just then the phone begins to ring, Dorian acts as if she does not even hear it. Mitch forces her to pick it up; Dorian plays stupid and says, “I really don’t know what I am suppose to be doing here”. Mitch grabs the phone out of Dorian’s hand; Mitch can only hear a man breathing.

Nigel is sitting at the bar, obviously slightly drunk, Renee watches him. She walks over to Asa and tells him that Nigel was seen making out with Roxie. Asa tells Renee that she is mistaken.

Mitch yells, “Who is this, who’s there?” He makes Dorian listen, telling her it is his breathing. “It’s him”, he says frantically. She takes the phone and informs him that it is only a dial tone. Blair is seen holding a tape recorder up to the phone. She tells him to listen and only a dial tone is heard. Dorian tells Mitch she needs to call his doctor maybe it’s his medication. Mitch informs Dorian he stopped taking it. Then the doorbell rings, Mitch tells Dorian to go answer the door. She informs him she doesn’t hear the doorbell or the knocking that had started. He insists for her to go send whoever it is away. Blair walks back in the house from ringing and knocking and hides in the secret passage way. Dorian comes down the stairs. She opens the door and asks if anyone is here. She closes the door and walks over to the door that hides the passageway. Blair walks out. Dorian tells Blair that Marla didn’t fool him. Blair asks if Mitch killed her, Dorian said no, but he held a knife to my throat. Blair tries to get Dorian to leave. But Dorian says let’s finish this. Blair takes off her high heels and grabs a pair of large boots. They begin to walk upstairs together.

Jessica and Natalie come out of the living room after they see that the coast is clear, they head over to the secret passage way.

Judge Grafton tells Antonio that Mitch is the one that had him killed. That he had sent someone to do it. He goes on to tell Antonio that Mitch threatened him with the IRS; he threatened his daughter and his wife. He had to do it. Vicki walks in and Judge Grafton tells her the same thing. She tries to press him on. But he dies.

Blair and Dorian are in Mitch’s bedroom. Dorian tells him no one was there. He questions to why it took her so long then. She tells him she investigated the whole first floor to be sure no one was there. Blair starts taking the boots and walking them up the wall. Mitch says who is there, who is doing all that pacing? Dorian says what are you talking about? He stands and then he throws the knife in the direction of the noise. Dorian screams.

Jessica and Natalie are in passageway, they discuss leaving and then they see the secret door. Jessica feels along the wall and pushes on the lantern. The door opens and they both walk in. They see the picture of Victor and Vicki on the wall; they both just look at each other.

The knife is stuck in the door, Blair bent down below it. Dorian insists no one is there. He asks why did she scream then. She explained it scared her, now she has a knife sticking out of the door. Mitch starts to walk towards the knife and trips. Dorian tries to help him and he makes her leave. She insists she will be right outside the door. She and Blair walk down the stairs. Blair wants to leave; Dorian insists the plan is working. Blair tells Dorian she won’t let her finish the plan alone. Blair leaves. Dorian walks to the living room and takes the picture off the wall, revealing the safe. She says try to think like Mitch, she tries the code word “messenger”. The safe does not open.

Cristian asks if Antonio is going to arrest Mitch yet. Antonio says he can’t he has no proof and the judge couldn’t describe the man who shot him. Vicki and Cristian leave.

Natalie gets angry and says to the picture “What did you do down here, count your money, stare at yourself and grope your daughter?” She picks up a stone and throws it at the picture. The picture falls off the wall and another secret door is revealed. They both walk to it and open it up. It is a ladder that leads up. “Are you game?” Natalie asks Jessica.

Asa laughs at Renee’s remark that Nigel and Roxie were seen kissing. “She’d eat Nigel alive”, Asa says. Renee warns Asa that he will lose Nigel.

Dorian is still at the safe, she hears Mitch walking down the stairs, she replaces the picture and ducks down. Mitch is using his knife to feel around. He checks the safe and walks back up stairs.

Blair goes to see Lindsay.

Jessica and Natalie climb the ladder and it ends, nowhere. They begin to wonder why it is here. A trick door opens and they find themselves in Mitch’s closet. They finally reason that Mitch’s room was once Vicki’s room and Victor would sneak into her room through this passage. They hide under the clothes when they hear Mitch coming.

Vicki and Cristian arrive home, Vicki noticing that the girls didn’t do the dishes, she sends Cristian to see Natalie. Vicki walks into the kitchen and dials Antonio, telling him she has a plan to get Mitch to confess. Cristian runs downstairs yelling that Natalie is gone, Antonio hears and questions if Jessica is there. Cristian goes to check.

Mitch walks out of the closet and walks over to the phone. Natalie and Jessica decide to leave, but Natalie gets stuck in the closet when the door close behind Jessica. Jessica climbs back down the stairs and Natalie hides in the closet. Jessica gets back into the entryway and almost up the stairs and Dorian catches her. Dorian asks why she is here; Jessica said Mitch sounded upset so she came home. Jessica asks my father alright?”

Mitch walks into the closet and begins attacking his clothes, Natalie screams.

Both Jessica and Dorian run upstairs.

Blair goes to Lindsay and asks for her help to catch Mitch. Lindsay agrees.

Dorian and Jessica get upstairs and Dorian stops Mitch and Jessica sneaks Natalie out of the closet. Dorian denies hearing the scream. He says why did you come up here, she says because your daughter is here. Jessica tries to say it was her screaming because Dorian startled her, Mitch refuses to believe it for the scream came form the closet. He starts telling Jessica to swear on Vicki’s life that she didn’t hear a scream. Luckily, the doorbell interrupted them. Antonio, Vicki and Cristian are at the door. Antonio arrests Jessica. Mitch gets angry because they arrest her.

After they all left, it hit Dorian “Jessica” is the password. But it still did not work. “Think like Mitch”, she says to herself. So she tries it backwards, the safe opens and she pulls out the diamond.

Natalie sneaks back home to only be caught by Vicki and Cristian, Vicki tells her how they could have been killed for that. But lets Cristian deal with it. Cristian gets upset and Natalie, she laughs, he asks what is so funny/ She says you must love me to get this mad. He tells her not to push her luck.

Natalie questions Cristian on Jessica’s where abouts. “She is safe”, he says.

Antonio locks up Jessica, she gets irate and tells him he can’t do this, he tells her if it will keep her safe, then he can.

Mitch finds the open and empty safe; he takes Dorian to the safe. He tells her she has 10 seconds to tell him where she hid it or he will kill her. He starts counting and then he hears the breathing again.

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