OLTL Update Wednesday 4/23/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/23/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

Antonio arrests Jen and she refuses to talk to the police but Nora wants to speak to her as a friend. Nora asks Jen what she’s doing. Jen urges her not to push and Nora agrees but advises her not to answer any questions without an attorney present. She says that the only lawyer she wants is her father. Bo tells her that she’s spending the night in jail.

Jessica asks her brother not to lecture her and he says he didn’t come there to fight or tell her what to do. He invites her to see Flash at Capricorn, however. Nora calls Joey to fill him in on what’s going on with Jen. Jessica’s hesitant but Joey urges her to let Dorian earn her money by caring for her husband. Jessica finds a business card that he’s dropped which has a phone number on the back with no name. Joey claims it’s not his. She agrees to try to get to Capricorn and he leaves to rescue Jen.

Joey lectures Jen and then plays the sympathy card when it doesn’t work. He then goes back to lecturing. She asks if she should be like him and try to save everyone else just to keep from dealing with the loneliness. The cop takes her away and Joey blames himself for not seeing this coming. Jen dreams that her mother is there in the cell with her, as her psychiatrist, about to evaluate her to see if she can stand trial. In the dream Lindsay question’s frequent statements that she is nothing like her mother.

R.J. prepares Max for the club’s act this evening and then sits down with Cole who tells him he’s picked his crew and is now just looking for an investor. R.J. asks about his returns and Cole informs him that he’s going after Asa Buchanan. R.J. agrees to do business with him under the condition that he’s done with it after he gets his cut, adding that if he screws up he’s on his own.

Al wakes up in Marcie’s dorm room, in pain. She refuses to let him leave until he’s detoxed. He starts throwing things around and screaming in an effort to get out. Al insists he can take care of himself and doesn’t need Marcie’s intervention, but she doesn’t believe it. He asks if he can answer his phone and it’s Max. He throws and breaks the phone. She tries to call Max but he threatens her if she does. He resumes his screaming and thrashing and when he asks why she’s doing this to him she responds that it’s so he can get his life back. He comments that he doesn’t have a life and then begins to insult her in the same manner. She throws it right back at him. Marcie promises a sleeping Al. She turns on the radio but there’s a stand-in for the Voice of the Night. Al wakes up in a cold sweat, screaming for Marcie. He begs her for a diet pill and she gives him water instead. He grabs her and scares her. Quickly becoming rabid, Al begs Marcie for the key. She won’t give it to him and he tears up the place trying to find it. She refuses to let him leave or to go herself and eventually he cries and she holds him.

Mitch senses Dorian’s presence through her perfume. She tells him she followed his bloodstains the other day and found herself here. She claims she did it to check out the problems with the foundation but turns the tables on him for keeping the room and the box a secret from her. He tells her he has reason to believe there is a rare and valuable diamond hidden there. He tells her about the diamond and it’s powers. She mentions the curse but he’s unafraid. He adds that victor believed it gave him all of his power and success. He then explains that he’s not able to open the box, especially now that he’s blind, and she offers to be his eyes and open it for him. She opens the box and then tells him there’s nothing in there except sand. He immediately starts feeling around for it and finds the diamond. She tells him it’s magnificent. Behind them, Mitch’s servant looks on. He feels the diamond and admires it. She helps him out of the basement and the servant continues to look on.

Jessica tells her father that she’s going to Capricorn to hear a new band play. Dorian says she plans to go to bed early so the two of them can go to an early dinner beforehand. Dorian and Jessica discuss Capricorn but Dorian doesn’t claim the card with the phone number that Jessica shows her and asks about. Mitch places the diamond in his safe. Dorian tries to open it and the servant walks in on her, angering her. He says he needs to speak to both of them, regarding a stolen diamond they dug up earlier. He says the rightful; owner will want to know it’s whereabouts, unless they can come to some kind of agreement.

The band starts searching for Flash who gets ready for the show and continues with her coughing attacks. R.J. asks Flash to get going, once she arrives. R.J. introduces them and the band begins to play. Joey looks on, impressed and smiling, and Flash appears to be singing directly to him. R.J. and the audience appear to be just as impressed as Joey is. Flash and Joey rejoice in the band’s success. He takes her home, she thanks him for everything he’s done, and they end up kissing. They try to quickly change the subject and then he takes off, leaving them both smiling. After he goes she has another coughing attack and realizes that she’s coughing up blood.

Hank, Bo, Nora, Viki, and Gabrielle discuss Mitch and the judge’s decision. They then watch him walk in, on the arm of Jessica, planning to dine. Viki asks what she’s doing there with him and she replies that she’s having dinner with her father. She threatens to kill Mitch if anything happens to Jessica and she defends her father. He gets Viki to leave and suggests they dine some place else but Jessica respond that they’ll stay because her family needs to start accepting her decision. Viki watches them, frustrated and worried. Mitch notices that Jessica is quiet and tells her again how much what she’s doing means to him. She shows him some sympathy. He praises the lord that something good came out of the blindness.

Jessica asks her father if he’s been rethinking any other decisions. He asks if he gives everything back to her mother will she leave Llanview for good and start a new life with him as father and daughter. She asks if he would really do that and when he says he would do it gladly, she says she couldn’t leave her mother. When he calls her honest and he smiles she calls him on the fact that he’s testing her to see if he’s just with her to get her family’s money back. He becomes hopeful that she’ll allow him to be a father to her someday. Dorian finds him and tells him there’s an emergency with the foundation problems. The servant tells Mitch he’ll keep quiet if he’s made an equal partner. Mitch responds by stabbing and killing him, leaving Dorian awestruck. She asks how he can do that and Mitch explains that the man had been warned and he won’t tolerate betrayal from anyone. He asks her to help him seal the body in the chamber. She says she won’t because she wants nothing to with this and he reminds her that she’s an accessory to murder.

Antonio gets a call that Cole is at Capricorn and he’s getting tight with R.J. R.J. takes a seat next to him and inquires about Antonio. R.J. “exercises his right” to refuse him service and show him the door. R.J. then tells Cole to make it soon. Max asks about the interaction and he informs his friend that the guy just got out of jail. He wants more information but R.J. doesn’t feel like sharing. Max asks if he’s going to be sorry for raising money to invest with him and Antonio interrupts to offer that ‘sorry’ is R.J.’s his middle name. R.J. informs Antonio that he met Cole. Jessica comes up to Antonio and they update each other on what’s new, including Jessica’s recent move. He warns her to be careful. Antonio takes Jessica home.

Jen tosses and turns and imagines her mother asking her what she was feeling when she burglarized the hotel. Jen compares it to a roller coaster ride, the hollowness and freedom of escaping everything. When she’s asked, Jen admits she was trying to escape her mother. Her mother calls her an emotional wreck and asks how the two of them are different. She cries, scared and confused.

Bo and Gabrielle dance and she admits that a few days ago she feared she’d never dance with him again. He reminds her that she did tell him. He assures her with a kiss that everything is okay between them.

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