OLTL Update Monday 4/21/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 4/21/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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Renee suggests to Bo that Rex is the culprit who’s been committing the robberies but adds that it’s only a hunch. Bo and Gabrielle toast Marci and Al and Al’s latest grades. Jen asks Marcie to call her and then goes to see Rex. She doesn’t appreciate his attitude. Renee’s angry that he’s there cleaning out his locker. She then warns Jessica to stay away from Rex and he confirms the sentiment. Bo asks her if she’s okay and then informs her that her mother’s being taken back to St. Ann’s. Gabrielle and Bo tell Al how proud they are and he worried about finals but Marcie promises she’ll be by his side. Gabrielle gives Marcie a hundred dollar bonus and then gives Al a present. He opens it and finds a very expensive watch. Brad comes in and Marcie tells them he’s a drug dealer. Renee looks over Rex as he cleans out his locker and then throws him out and threatens him to never return. Jen sees him go back for the key to the guest rooms and begs to be let in. He insults her by calling her to screwed up to pull the scam off on her own, but hands her the key anyway.

Mitch’s servant informs him that Jessica hasn’t called and Mitch responds badly. The doctor advises Mitch not to go home yet but Mitch has his own ideas. Mitch tells his servant that he’s going to trust him with some very delicate information but if he is betrayed, the servant will pay with his life.

Jessica dreams about Antonio taking her away to keep her safe and then admitting he can’t stop thinking about her. They kiss passionately but the dream quickly changes to Mitch beckoning her. She answers a doorbell and finds Antonio standing there before her. He says he stopped by to make sure she was okay after the ordeal with Cole. He then tries to convince her that she doesn’t owe Mitch anything but he agrees to drop it. They meet up again at the hospital and rehash what’s already been said.

Jessica assures her father that she’s not going to desert him, and that she makes her own decision. Jessica agrees to provide Mitch with assistance so Mitch can go home. The doctor provides some last minute advice and then Mitch thanks Jessica and asks her not to blame herself. She helps him out and he comments that with her by his side he’s ready for anything.

Dorian hides the diamond in order to answer the door for R.J. She asks about his connections and his ability to dispose of a gem discreetly. He wants more details and all she’ll say is that it’s a priceless gem. He agrees to make a few calls and she offers to make it profitable. He finds some legal papers indicating that she’s going to “rob Mitch blind” and he inquires about it. He starts making a few calls and when he brings it up again, Dorian says she’s just helping Mitch while he’s incapacitated.

Viki does her job at the Banner and is interrupted by a visit from Carlotta. She tells Viki that they have to stop the wedding. Viki tells Carlotta that it’s their decision. Carlotta insults Natalie and Viki advises them to work out their problems. She informs Carlotta of how much Natalie has changed since she first came to Llanview. She adds that Natalie deserves a chance and that their children are no longer children. Carlotta sees Cristian wearing a tuxedo, at the banner, and becomes inquisitive. He fills his mother in and Viki tries to help. He assures her that he’s going to do whatever he wants to. Viki advises Carlotta not to worry and she leaves for the diner. Cristian delivers an envelope to Viki for Asa, one that’s supposed to help her with Mitch. Cristian apologizes for his mother and she replies that Carlotta’s just upset and worried. Viki adds that she’s happy for the two of them.

Viki asks the doctor about Mitch and he informs her that Mitch has left the hospital and that Jessica helped him. The two return home and Dorian feigns surprise about his discharge while sneaking R.J. out the back door. Mitch swears he just had to get home to his new wife. She offers to take over from here but Mitch wants his daughter instead. Jessica agrees to stay and Dorian asks her to go get his things from the car. He asks Dorian what all of this is about and she swears he’s important to her and she just wants to help. She helps him to the sofa and opens the door for some fresh air. He asks if she’s changed his perfume since he notices a masculine smell in the room. He asks her if she’s cheating already and she informs him that she’s thinking of changing things around for his benefit and had an interior decorator over earlier. She promises Jessica that she’ll see Mitch is taken care of.

Bo asks if Marcie if she has proof that this guy Brad is a drug dealer and Al calls it a rumor. Al sneaks away to tell Brad that he needs to speak to him and they agree to meet on the terrace in five minutes. Renee tells Bo about her new alarm system as Jen sneaks into a room in order to burglarize it. Bo and Gabrielle take off and Al thanks them before they go. Marcie heads to the ladies room and Al heads to the balcony. Antonio stops Bo in order to inform him that Lindsay lost it when she realized where she was. Al begs Brad for some more drugs but he won’t spot him any more money. Al offers him the watch. Marcie sees Brad wearing a familiar watch and she becomes very suspicious. She heads to the balcony and sees Al with the drugs. Bo and Renee walk into the room with the flashing alarm and find Jen.

Carlotta comes to Cristian’s home to apologize after her talk with Viki. She promises to give Natalie more of a chance. He asks what the catch is and she says there isn’t any because she loves him and just wants him to be happy. He thanks her and they embrace.

Jessica hands Mitch a cane and he again tells her how important it is to him to have her there with him. He swears he’ll regain his eyesight just to see his daughter’s face again. Viki goes to see Mitch and explains she has a file with her full of some information on the Judge and the way Mitch used his troubles to blackmail him. Viki’s ready to go and wants Jessica to come with her but Jessica tells her mother that Mitch needs her and she’s decided to stay at Llanfair with him.

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