OLTL Update Wednesday 4/16/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/16/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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Nora watches Lindsay, no longer believing that she’s faking. Troy mentions that it’s his fault Sam’s dead and she tells him she guesses it’s something he’ll just have to live with. He asks for forgiveness and she tells him he needs to find a way to forgive himself and adds that people learn from their mistakes.

Flash and her band play “Lightning Crashes” by the band ‘Live’. Marcie looks on and Al peeks in then throws away his pills and leaves. Joey then comes in and smiles at the sight, and sound, of Flash, who smiles back at him. Next to walk in is R.J. R.J. tells Flash that she’s a little rough around the edges, but better, and he’s willing to renegotiate. She offers a deal of short term signing and she keeps the rights to her songs. He agrees. Joey congratulates the band, and Flash, and she hugs him and gives him a kiss on the cheek. He asks about her health, and then about C.J. She begins to get defensive.

Carlotta tells Antonio that Cristian is rushing into marriage without truly thinking it through and Antonio tells her to let him be happy because life’s to short. Al orders a coffee and Marcie follows him into the diner, and then apologizes. She says she’s never seen anyone on drugs before. He admits he’s been acting weird all the time but assures her the only substance he’s abusing is caffeine. He tells her all the things he’s stressed out about and she encourages and supports him. He tells her he’s been thinking about getting into broadcasting like the voice of the night and asks her opinion.

Marcie tells Al that he can’t be a broadcaster because the Voice has passion whereas Al obsesses, and the voice loves life while Al’s looking for the shortcut. She adds that the voice is poetic and she’d give anything to meet him because the voice is perfect. He thanks her for caring and then takes off. Antonio assures his mother he’ll never stop missing Keri and the baby but he’s getting there. Cole comes in and tells Antonio he’s glad to hear it because it’s time they set things straight. Cole assures Antonio he’s changed and asks for a chance at making things better. Antonio shakes Cole’s offered hand and agrees to stay out of his way. Then Antonio returns to his mother and assures her he isn’t fooled; he’s just keeping his enemies close.

Blair and Dorian try to get out of the basement but Blair thinks their stuck because of the curse whereas Dorian grabs the map, thinking the door will reopen when the box reopens. Spikes poke out and cut Blair’s hand. Dorian tries to help Blair and figures out how Mitch hurt his hand. They argue over Dorian’s new place in Blair’s life and whether she’s helping or hurting. Dorian asks her to wait on the turning on her until they get out of there. Both women reach for their cell phones but there’s no signal. They return to trying to open the box but Blair asks her aunt what they’ll do if Mitch finds out.

Dorian assures her niece that Mitch will never lay a hand on one of her girls again or she’ll kill him, and better this time. Blair assumes it’s been the plan all along, for Dorian to kill Mitch and inherit the Lord fortune. Dorian tries to change the subject. They once again attempt to reopen the box and Dorian focuses on the diamond while Blair says it’s cursed, and then passes out from the infected cut. Dorian brings Blair back around but Blair can’t handle the burning pain. They both notice that the air’s starting to get thinner in there. Dorian’s confused and starts grabbing at the levers and screaming. Blair warns her aunt to save her breath since no can hear them anyway.

Mitch screams in agony, covering his eyes. Jessica sprays water into his eyes and shouts for help. Jessica runs into the main house looking for help. He begs Jessica for help and she tries to get him to the hospital. She helps him over to the back seat of her car and drives him to the hospital. They arrive at the hospital and Jessica tells Troy what happened to Mitch. Troy assures an angry Mitch that he’s paged the optomologist. Mitch asks Jessica to come closer and he begs her not to leave him in the dark. She opens the door and runs out into Antonio. She explains what happened to the good cop and he suggests she file assault charges. She hears Mitch scream for his daughter and she heads back to the hospital room. Jessica assures Antonio that Mitch wasn’t trying to attack her and explains what did happen, but not in a lot of detail.

Jen finds Al searching the garbage cans and he apologizes for her parents and asks how she’s doing but she quickly takes off. A voice on the radio tells all of those who are waiting for the Voice of the Night, that they aren’t the only ones waiting. Nora enters the diner and Marcie apologizes to her about Sam. Marcie asks if what happened to Lindsay is true and Nora confirms it. Nora then asks Carlotta about Antonio and she says he holds a lot inside. Carlotta in turn asks about Matthew and she assures her that both she and Matthew are alright. R.J. places a hand on her shoulder. She asks him if God gives us tests in life to see how we handle them and he says that you’re on your own in life and then you’re gone. She doesn’t feel comforted and he apologizes but swears that it works for him. He says life’s random and you do the best you can and let the rest go. She tells him he’s a good friend.

Cole and Rex enter Flash’s garage, separately, and Cole inquires about Rex to R.J. He decides to bring him on since he’s not the type to get any big ideas and R.J. tells Cole to control his crew, keeping them tight and reliable, and they won’t need to see each other until everything’s set. Jen watches Cole take Rex aside and tries to join them but is interrupted by Joey who asks her how she’s feeling. Flash looks on, appearing to be jealous. Joey apologizes to Jen for the Rae situation the other day and she hits on him again and tells him he’s just making up excuses to be around her but he had his shot and blew it and has to work for it if he wants another one. Cole tells Rex he’s putting together a crew, hands him a piece of paper, and then advises Rex to call him in a few days. After Cole leaves, Jen demands that Rex include her in on his plans. He tells her to back off and warns her that she’s starting to cross the line.

The Voice of the Night finally arrives at the station and tells the listeners he’s sorry he’s late but he’ll be there until the sun makes another appearance. He accidentally repeats himself and suggests he should just shut up. He adds that they don’t pay to hear him talk anyway. Marcie rushes to the station, knowing something’s wrong. Jen tries to stop her, asking for help, but Marcie puts Jen in her place. She tells Jen that she’s only her friend whenever Jen needs her and someone else needs her right now who she’s not going to let down just to make Jen feel better. Marcie comes looking for The Voice of the Night and finds Al.

Joey invites Flash out to a bite to eat and she accepts. She tells him she doesn’t have the money to call C.J. and he hands her his cell phone. She asks if she can call him alone and she heads outside. She calls and asks for C.J. The person belonging to the voice on the other end goes to get him. C.J. comes to the phone and announces himself. She hangs up the phone on him.

The optomologist tells Mitch he’ll watch his progress closely. Mitch hears Jessica and orders everyone except her out of the room. Troy tells him he’s getting off the clock now, assures him the Morphine will help with the pain and a nurse will be there all night and the optomologist offers to check on him later. Now off of work, Troy worries about Blair. Jessica convinces Antonio to go and she comes closer, at her father’s request. He reaches for her and she takes his hand. She apologizes to her father for doing this to him and adds that she’s still really angry and she’ll never forgive him for what she did to his family, but she won’t let him face this alone.

Nora asks Jen if Will’s left town then tells Jen her mother is at the hospital and offers her a ride. Nora apologizes for all she’s had to go through and tells her that Matthew misses her daddy. Jen knows the feeling and begins to cry but swears she’s okay and then leaves. She visits her mother who’s glad she came. Lindsay asks her not to leave her alone.

Troy heads to Llanfair, searching for Blair. Lois arrives home from her chores and greets the doctor, a little surprised to see him.

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