OLTL Update Tuesday 4/15/03

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/15/03

By Brandon
Pictures by Juanita

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Big doings on "One Life to Live" this afternoon, kids, so let's get right to it:

Lindsay -- who continues to be six kinds of loony tunes -- ended up in Llanview hospital under Troy's supervision and care today, following an incident at St. Ann's. Evidently, Lindsay was trying to escape and fell head first down a staircase, giving herself a concussion, a twisted ankle, and lots of aches and pains. When she came to in the emergency room, Troy asked her if she knew who he was, and with a perfectly straight face, she told him that he was the doctor who helped her. "Do you know my name?" he asked. "Did you tell me it?" she replied. He told her his name was Troy, then asked if she knew the names of her children. She told him that her kids are named Will and Jen, and that she needs to get out of this hospital so that she can go and pick them up -- Jen from dance practice, and Will from soccer practice -- because Sam's busy in court.

Troy told her -- and rather bluntly, considering her mental state -- that Sam is dead, and asked her if she remembered that. Lindsay told him that of course Sam isn't dead, he can't be dead, because he's in court.

Nora showed up about this time to investigate, and she was convinced that Lindsay was trying to pull one over on them all over again, and livid that she was in the hospital without the police guarding her door. Troy told her to calm down, and told her that he honestly doesn't think she's faking this time. Nora told him to wake up and get over it -- Lindsay's ALWAYS faking it. Then, they both watched carefully as Lindsay burst into a hysterical outburst of tears and screams as Troy's words sunk in and she realized that Sam was dead.

Before all of this, Nora was with Bo and Matthew at Carlotta's diner, where they went after catching a movie together. Nora continued to be touched by Bo and Matthew's growing closeness, and she apologized to Bo again for Sam's duplicity. He reminded her that Sam kept the truth from both of them. Gabrielle arrived shortly after them, and was struck by the tightened bond that the three of them share. She approached their table and asked Nora if they could speak. Nora sent Matthew up to the counter to get a sundae, and Bo was going to go with him but Gabby asked him to stay as well -- she wanted him to hear her apologize to Nora.

Gabby then swallowed hard and told Nora how deeply she regretted her actions involving Sam's letter, and told her she'd take it back if she could. Nora informed Gabrielle that she hates that Gabby has private information that pertains to her, and that she hates how that information got obtained, and then she told her that what's done is done, and that they should forget it and move on. Gabrielle was grateful for the gesture, and when he got her alone, Bo told Gabrielle that he was proud of her, and that the apology meant a lot to Nora.

After Nora got called to the hospital to check up on Lindsay, Bo offered to drive Matthew home, which made Gabrielle none too happy.

But Gabrielle had her own parental problems as well: while at the diner, she walked up to Marcie to see how Al was doing, and she told her that Al is doing fantastic -- grades are up, stress is down, things are improving. Gabrielle then added how grateful she was to Marcie for making Al the auxiliary reading list that he needed $100 for. Marcie told her that she didn't know what Gabrielle was talking about -- there was no extra reading list. Al walked in about that time, having just come from scoring more speed from Brad, and Gabrielle immediately asked him what was going on. She told him what Marcie had said about there being no reading list, and asked him what he needed the money for and if he was in trouble. Al assured his mother that everything was fine, and then shot Marcie a dirty look and asked her in a leading way to back him up about the reading list. It took a second for Marcie to catch the hint, but then she confirmed that there was a "supplementary materials" list and that she was just confused. Al then hustled Marcie out of the diner for a tutoring session before Gabrielle could ask any further questions.

Later at the garage, Marcie asked Al what was wrong with him. He told her that SHE was wrong with him, and that he wished she would stop blabbing to his mother. Marcie finally came out and told him that she knows he's on drugs. He flatly denied it, but she told him about how she got hooked on prescription diet pills a while ago, and that it put her on edge and made her snappish, the same way he's been acting for months. He still denied it, told her -- in fact, screamed at her -- to back off, and took off, leaving her hurt and confused.

Meanwhile, over at Llanfair, Dorian realized that Blair was still down in the secret chamber beneath the house, and was struggling for a way to keep Mitch out of the room. He was anxious to get down there and supervise the "foundation work" that was going on, and she was so desperate to distract him that she suggested they... "go upstairs." Luckily for Dorian, though -- not to mention us -- Jessica showed up to see Mitch. He had told her previously that she could have her car, and she had come to claim it. He told her that absolutely she could have it, on one condition: that she agree to spend time with him while he fixed the car. (It needed a new air filter, FYI.) Jessica was reluctant, of course, and told him to keep it, but he wouldn't take no, and finally convinced her to let him fix the car.

After they headed out to the garage, Dorian slipped into the secret room to go check on Blair, who was down there investigating the mysterious unopenable box and thinking that it was a coffin. Todd's coffin. Dorian got down there and saw that Blair had managed to penetrate the second part of the room. Blair explained about turning the light fixture and how the metal door just slid open.

Dorian was appalled to see the portrait of Victor and Viki hanging in the room, and Blair asked her to focus on the box. Blair was still convinced that Todd was inside, but Dorian told her she didn't think so. They found the book that explained how to open the box, and Dorian realized that two of the pages were stuck together. She pulled them apart and realized that the pages described a sequence of events necessary to get the box open. She and Blair put the pages in order, did what they said, and were stunned when the box actually popped open.

And what was inside? Lots and lots... of sand.

Blair was getting the creeps and wanted them both to get the hell out of there, but Dorian refused, and got down on her knees and began running her hands through the sand, certain that Victor had something hidden inside the box. And sure enough there was: Dorian found a velvet bag. And tucked inside was a massive, uncut, perfect diamond. The ladies were stunned at the flawless beauty of the gem, which Dorian recognized immediately as the Badrah Diamond -- I have no clue if I spelled that correctly, but that's how Robin Strasser was pronouncing the word. She told Blair how Victor used to talk about the diamond all the time, and now she can't believe that he had it the whole time. Blair asked what the big deal was about the diamond, and Dorian told her that Victor claimed that the gem was cursed, and that its owner was doomed to go mad and die a horrifying death.

Blair insisted that she put the diamond back, and Dorian refused, saying that this is the 21st century and that there is no such thing as a cursed diamond. Blair reminded her that Mitch will be enraged when he gets the box open and realizes the diamond is gone, and Dorian told her that Mitch may not even know what's in the box, since he couldn't get the thing open in the first place.

So Dorian had the diamond in hand, and she and Blair had decided to get the hell out of the room before Dorian's claustrophobia set in, and as they were leaving, that pesky metal door slid shut, locking them inside.

In the garage, Mitch set about installing the air filter into Jessica's car, and they somehow started talking about Mitch's family and childhood. Mitch started telling her a story about his father, who was a devoutly religious minister who believed in constant prayer, and I don't know, something about how Mitch's little brother may have been killed by their father after Mitch ran away when he broke a glass or something. It was all badly written and completely overacted, so that's why most of it whizzed right past me, but Jessica was moved by his story for a moment, and Mitch realized it and tried to reach out to her. He asked her if he could just hold her for a minute or two, and Jessica snapped back into reality and told him absolutely not. She tried to get in the car to leave, and he begged her to let him just give her a hug. He reached out to grab her and she roughly pushed him out of her way. He fell backwards against a shelf, and the force of it knocked over an open bottle of rust remover that was sitting on the top shelf, and the liquid rained down all over his face, eyes, and head. Jessica was horrified as he started screaming in pain.

Meanwhile, Asa informed Viki that he's been checking up on Judge Grafton, the judge who screwed her out of her fortune and handed it all to Mitch. He told her that the judge has pulled a few fast ones in the past, and that he was in a mess of trouble with the IRS, but that all of the evidence suddenly and conveniently vanished. Viki immediately got that it probably "vanished" right into Mitch's hands.

As Asa was leaving, Lois arrived. She had managed to sneak away from Llanfair for a bit, and she had something very interesting for Viki to look at: a copy of Mitch and Dorian's prenuptial agreement that Lois lifted from Dorian's bedroom. Viki read through it and it all seemed fairly normal, until she got to the bottom and ran across a clause that stated that if Mitch ever died under suspicious circumstances, Dorian got nothing from Victor Lord's estate. Viki wondered why Mitch would ask Dorian to sign such a bizarre document, and asked Lois to be careful, but to continue to keep her eyes and ears open.

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