OLTL Update Wednesday 4/9/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/9/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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The Voice of the Night, Al, thinks about all of the stars in the sky, even the ones we still believe in that we can’t see. He pre-records his show for two hours and then takes off. The Voice continues and advises that the listeners make every second count because they have less time in their lives than the stars do.

Cristian and Natalie discuss Dorian, and Cristian fills her in on some of the history. She offers that marriage should be forever and only if you love someone. Marcie asks Cristian to find out who the Voice of the Night is since he’s headed near the studio but Cristian doesn’t appear interested in the quest as he has other things on his mind. Natalie asks her sister how their mother’s doing and Cristian suddenly takes off. Natalie then asks Jessica how it is staying at Asa’s and she tells Natalie she’s going to move into a dorm and their mother’s going to get their own place.

Dorian hides from her husband so she can thumb through some files of Victor’s assets. Joey goes to see her and she observes that he’s a priest-to-be. She says she’s not surprised because she knows how good he is. He says he thought he saw the same in her but the Dorian he knows wouldn’t marry Mitch. She assures him it has nothing to do with Viki and he asks what they want from each other. She says if she wanted to contest the will all of this would have been hers. He becomes frustrated and leaves. Cassie informs Blair that she’s leaving Llanview again. Blair tries to explain to her the reason Dorian is doing all of this but Cassie thinks her mother is only out for herself. Cassie assures her cousin that if it’s true, then Dorian’s crazy, because if Mitch ever found out then he’d kill her.

Cassie refuses to stick around and watch her mother self-destruct. Dorian assures Cassie he’s doing it for her but Cassie thinks it’s because of the money. She asks her mother to prove that she loves her like she says she does, by getting Mitch out of their lives, tonight. Dorian is silent and Cassie heads out and back to Blair’s children, after warning her cousin to be careful trusting Dorian. After Cassie goes, Dorian reminds Blair that Cassie isn’t as strong as they are. Dorian then asks Blair if she’s with her because she needs her to pretend she hates Dorian as much as Cassie does for marrying Mitch. She agrees and Dorian heads home to her husband, but first Blair asks what Dorian’s going to do when she has to sleep with him and she replies that she’ll jump off that bridge when she comes to it.

Gabrielle tells Bo that he’s Matthew father. She apologizes for not telling the truth earlier but she didn’t want things to change between them. Matthew tells his mother about what Gabrielle was doing at her house. Gabrielle asks Bo if there’s anything she can do, and then Nora knocks so she confronts Gabrielle about entering her home and reading her son a letter from Sam. Gabrielle admits it and gives her the details. Nora demands an explanation and refuses to allow Bo to defend her. Bo assures her that Matthew had asked. Nora gets upset because Matthew’s “just a little boy who just lost his father”. Bo tells her that isn’t the truth, and adds that Matthew is his son. He shows her the letter, even though he hasn’t yet read it himself.

Nora reads Sam’s letter and imagines Sam standing before her, speaking the words that are on the page. The letter says that Sam found out a year later, while working on a negligent suit on the DNA lab they used and the technician’s error. He then reran the test and there was no doubt Bo’s the father. He tried to tell Matthew but Matthew’s love for him stood in his way. He apologizes, but says he didn’t regret a single day he spent with Matthew. Nora cries and becomes angry with Sam for no longer being the one person who never lied to her, and instead lying about the biggest thing in the world.

Bo reminds her that Sam didn’t know about it all along and she replies that he knew it for long enough.

Nora becomes angry that Sam never told Bo because she believes that a father has a right to know. Bo suggests perhaps Sam had been thinking more of Matthew. She’s angry because Sam took the secret to the grave and they may not have known for many more years if he hadn’t died. She then mentions the son that Bo has already lost. Bo says he can almost understand because of when he lost Drew and knows it’s the worst pain a parent can go through. Nora insists it was wrong and he reminds her that getting angry won’t change it, and now they need to figure out what they’re going to do about it. She doesn’t know what to do, or what to think, because she’s so angry, and apologizes for feeling that way but adds that she just can’t help it.

Nora tells Bo that everything’s a mess and he says it’s all so surreal and he’s been there before. He then tells her that none of this is about them, and it’s all about a boy who lost his father, the man who has been his dad all of his life. Nora asks if he’s saying they should never let Matthew know the truth. She asks him if he can honestly let it go and he says no because he wants Matthew in his life because he’s his son and he never thought he’d say that again. Nora says that she too wants Bo to be a part of Matthew’s life, and they agree that Matthew’s dealing with a lot right now. Bo suggests they wait a little while before they tell him. She heads off to be with her son and apologizes to Bo for all of the lost time. He sits and thinks and smiles.

Cole tells Antonio he made parole. Antonio suggests they take the conversation elsewhere. Cole tells him he’s not in Llanview because of him but he’s skeptical. Antonio warns Cole to stay away from his mother, and from him. Cole says he heard about the plane, and Antonio throws him against the wall and threatens to send him back to Statesville if he steps out of line even once.

Al asks Marcie for some coffee and she pours it over the top of the cup and onto the counter as she stares at the man she loves. Cristian calls the diner and asks Marcie to give Natalie a message. She interrupts Natalie’s conversation with her siblings to deliver the message. When Marcie leaves, Joey follows, and Natalie reads her message “I want to bring you closer to having forever, meet an angel and you’ll know what to do.” She immediately leaves. She goes to the statue at Angel Square and finds his next note, “Click your heels three times and you’ll know where to go next.” She finds the next note at home, which says, “You’re almost at Heaven’s door, but the room has no ceiling.”

Gabrielle meets Max at the diner and Al comes over, wondering if they’re talking about him, and commenting that it’s nice when a son can bring his parents closer together. Gabrielle reminds Max that this could bring Nora and Bo back together because it’s what broke them up in the first place, and also that Bo may never forgive Gabrielle for lying to him in the first place. Max offers comfort in that she did come clean with Bo with what she did and why she did it. She asks if he thinks she’ll lose Bo and he reminds her that he’s a cynic, and then assures her that his money’s on her.

Jessica asks her best friend Al if he’s okay while Marcie refuses to talk to Joey about the kiss. He blames himself and asks if they can still be friends. He tells her that someday she’ll find someone perfect for her and she thinks she may have already, and she turns toward the radio an listens to the Voice of the Night questioning why people go after what they can’t have. Joey’s cell phone goes off he walks away with it. Al returns and tries to talk to Marcie but he shushes him so she can hear the Voice of the Night, who concludes his thoughts by saying that even though we can’t touch them, the more we reach, the more they touch us. Joey tells his sister that the call was from R.J. requesting a rescheduling of Flash’s audition.

After Joey leaves, Antonio comes in, and Jessica asks him if he’s okay. He asks her if she wants to talk about the Dorian and Mitch thing, which she does. Cole watches them from outside.

Mitch finds what he’s looking for but has to figure out how to open the large box. He talks to a painting of Victor about what he’s stolen from him already and what he has left to take, like power. Dorian comes home and asks him what happened. He trivializes it and says that he doesn’t want it to spoil their wedding night but she insists on having a look since she used to be a doctor. She suggests that it needs stitches and he asks her not to put him off any longer. He admits that they didn’t marry for love or their obvious mutual attraction, and adds that he knows exactly what she’s doing.

Cole stops Jessica and asks if it’s Daria. She assures him she’s Jessica. He asks if she has a twin and she says she does but her name’s not Daria. He wonders if they’re related and asks her for her last name. She gives him her last name and he says he’ll ask Daria next time he sees her. After Jessica leaves, Cole files her name in the back of his head. Antonio calls again to get information on when Cole left Statesville and discovers that his first stop was Llanview.

The Voice of the Night talks about the one special star, the wishing star, and Natalie finally makes her way to the roof. He uncovers his painting with the words, “Will You Marry Me?” on it and leaves her awestruck. Then he hands her the ring, on a paintbrush.

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