OLTL Update Monday 4/7/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 4/7/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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Cristian paints Roxy’s Monroe-like portrait on the wall. Natalie brings Roxy an invitation to a party at Llanfair for Mitch Lawrence. Natalie finds it odd that he invited Roxy but she replies that she’s a somebody in this town now. Roxy offers to make Natalie her first hair dye customer so she won’t look like Jessica anymore.

Jen lashes out at Troy for asking if she’s okay. Troy doesn’t want to leave Jen while she’s upset but she blames him for everything and threatens to call security. Renee passes by and tries to talk to Jen who finally answers the door. Jen asks Renee to tell everyone to leave her alone and then slams the door shut. Renee calls Andrew and he sends her to Joey. Joey reluctantly agrees to try to help Jen.

Nora tells Matthew not to touch any of her papers. Gabrielle hides in the bushes and waits for Nora to leave. She sneaks into the house and rummages through Nora’s belongings, takes the envelope, and finds Matthew standing between she and the door. She asks why he isn’t at school and he says there was a teacher’s conference. Matthew asks what she was doing and she claims Bo asked her to do something for him. Matthew talks about the soccer game and how everyone else had their father’s there. He shows her a letter and asks Gabrielle to read it to him because it has him name on it. He reads her the letter to him from Sam about how much he loved his son. She tells him to keep it some place special and then leaves.

Viki thanks Asa for letting them stay with him and he reminds her that she’s a Buchanan no matter what, and so is Jessica. Joey comes in and tells his sister he found Flash. Then Nigel comes in and hands out all of the invitations. Viki says she knew there would be more to come from Mitch. When Renee comes over to talk to Joey, everyone discusses that they won’t go to the party but when Viki assures them that she will everyone else agrees to go. Viki says she doesn’t want any of her children to go.

Dorian calls Mitch to ensure he’ll be ready for the party and encourages him to believe that everyone will come to the party. Bo comes to Llanfair and tells Mitch he’s there on official business. Bo asks Mitch what he’s been doing in the house, and if it’s burying bodies, and he replies that he’s been remodeling. Bo asks Mitch how he knew Lindsay would need an alibi. Bo also mentions Todd’s gun. Mitch guesses Lindsay found the gun and then shows him out.

Blair asks Dorian whom she was calling and she replies she was calling for a weather report. Cassie comes knocking and whereas Blair is very happy to see her, Dorian is more surprised than thrilled with the vision. Blair then suggests her aunt tell both she and Cassie what she’s up to. Dorian insists there’s nothing sinister going on and invites her daughter to the party. Cassie gets upset when she reads the invitation and asks her mother how she’s supposed to go party with a man who tried to rape her. Blair explains that Dorian has an agenda and when she asks them if they trust her to know what’s best for their family, they both say no firmly and in unison.

Dorian admits there is more going on there than either of them knows but they can use the situation to their advantage instead of fighting each other. Dorian demands an RSVP from them regarding the party and they agree to attend. Blair goes to call Kelly as Cassie goes to get ready. Dorian asks about Kelly and Cassie says she thinks Kelly and Kevin are having trouble but she could be wrong. Dorian gets on Blair’s case for hurting Cassie by dragging her into this. Blair says she’s on board, for now, but she has her limits and Dorian better tell her what’s going on really soon. Blair answers the door to Troy and he tells her that he found a piece of duct tape on the armchair in her living room. He asks what’s going on and she tells him about Mitch’s party, adding that the Cramer women are all going. She asks him to escort her and he refuses but she begs.

Joey goes to talk to Jen and refuses to leave. He asks if there’s someone he can call and then promises it will get better with time. She hugs him and he holds her, then she kisses him passionately and throws him down on the bed.

She asks him to make love to her. He responds to her advances at first and then pushes her away. He says that she doesn’t want to do this and she’s compensating and trying to forget. She tells him he doesn’t have a clue in helping people and she doesn’t need him, no one does, and then kicks him out.

Jessica brings Natalie the invitation and explains why Viki plans to go the party. Natalie and Jessica agree that if their mother’s going then they are too. Roxy thinks Natalie’s crazy to go to the party, but suggests she make her beautiful for it as long as she insists on going. Jessica takes the opportunity to compliment Cristian on his painting and she suggests he take over Lindsay’s gallery for a little while. He says he doesn’t know if he’s ready but she compliments his art again. Natalie watches them together and asks Roxy to change her hair back to red. After Roxy finishes, Natalie’s back to her original hair color. Roxy asks why Natalie changed her mind so drastically regarding changing it back to red and she swears it has nothing to do with Jessica. Natalie reads the shades of red aloud and when she reads ‘Kentucky Bourbon’ Roxy immediately tells Natalie about her need to see Nigel.

Viki returns home from seeing Ben and tells Jessica that the doctors were encouraging but Ben’s still stable. She adds that after seeing her husband’s sweet, handsome face she realized she could deal with anything. After Viki goes, Asa tries to get Jessica not to go the party, but she won’t budge. Asa asks Nigel to get his flask and fill it with some good bourbon. He tells Asa he has no time for that because there’s someone very important he needs to go see. He goes to Roxy, at her salon, and they begin their passionate love sequence. Jessica waits for Joey and when he finally comes home she asks where he’s been. He says he was talking to Andrew about Jen, his inability to get through to her, and the importance of not leaving her to deal with all on her own. Meanwhile, someone enters Jen’s room as she sleeps and walks over to the bed.

Mitch’s lawyer is the first to attend his party. She asks why she’s been invited and he hands her a legal document that he wants her to look over. She says she’s surprised and he says it’s the reaction he was hoping for. Later at the party, Viki compliments Natalie’s hair and Natalie assures her mother she wasn’t about to let Viki do this by herself, Troy, Cassie, and Blair wonder what Dorian’s up to, and Nora thanks Bo for taking Matthew to the game, to which he shows her pictures of the event as Gabrielle enters and watches them. Mitch walks past her and greets his guests. He offers Viki no hard feelings but she assures him the war’s not over. He then welcomes Cassie but Blair stands in front of him and warns him not to press his luck.

Mitch moves over to Natalie and thanks her for granting him the annulment, adding that happiness is much more important than money. Mitch then welcomes the esteemed Commissioner of Police and the lovely ADA. He promises he wouldn’t dream of jeopardizing his freedom tonight. Bo suggests they all leave, as this is just another Lawrence dog and pony show and there’s no surprise guest. As they all begin to leave, he presents Dorian to them. Everyone looks surprised, especially Viki, Bo, Dorian’s family, and Renee. Natalie asks Cristian who the woman is and why everyone’s so shocked. Mitch announces to his guests that he is getting married tonight and presents his bride-to-be.

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