OLTL Update Wednesday 4/2/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/2/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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Dorian tells Blair not to kill Mitch. Blair’s shocked that her aunt is back in town. She says she came back because Blair was arrested. Blair insists that Dorian realize the identity of the man in front of her. Blair tells her his story, giving the entire list, and Dorian feigns surprise. Dorian slaps him for ruining her life by sending her to prison and Blair continues to threaten his life if he doesn’t tell her where Todd is. Blair asks why she cares if Mitch dies and she says she doesn’t want Blair to go to jail. He lies to her and says he would ensure that Blair didn’t testify against him and says he believed she was the one who shot Sam. He says Todd left the evidence and then left town so they wouldn’t blame Blair. Blair knows he’s lying and says she’ll give him ten seconds to tell the truth about what happened to Todd. She says she heard him tell his goon he put Todd in Victor’s casket and he says it was a misunderstanding.

Cristian and Natalie continue to dance in celebration to their successful evening. Soon they switch to horizontal dancing and he thanks her for making a meal for his mother and assures her it was a big deal that she reached out to his mom.

Roxy and Nigel, under hypnosis, kiss passionately, and wind up on the floor. Joey, Asa, and Jessica hear him and assume someone broke in. Nigel apologizes and says it was his fault because he bumped into a table. Asa asks why he’s so jumpy and tells Nigel that he’ll pay for that vase because it came from the Ambassador of Japan. Roxy comes back downstairs and kisses him passionately once again.

Joey, Jessica, and Asa discuss Viki’s mindset. Jessica then guesses something’s wrong with Flash and asks her brother why she’s so important to him anyway. Asa tells her that Joey has girl problems and he isn’t out to save her soul. He claims he’s just worried about her living on the streets. He tells Jessica about the hotel room the other night and he defends her, even after he tells her she has his wallet. He says he wants to track her if she uses his credit card. Asa advises Joey to find the girl and get it over with. Jessica advises Joey ask Bo to have her tracked. Meanwhile, Flash hangs out at a train station and uses a stranger’s card while an officer looks on. She gets her ticket and it says she has seven hours before the train leaves.

Lindsay goes into the station and says she’s there to confess but can only do so to her good friend Bo because he cares about her. She and Jen run into Nora then and Lindsay compliments Nora’s new hairdo.

Gabrielle rereads the letter from Sam to Bo and Nora. Bo comes home raving about Matthew’s soccer game and talking about how sad it is to live without a father. She falls into his arms and says she’s done something terrible and he’s going to hate her. He says he loves her and nothing will change anything. As she’s about to tell him, Nora calls. Nora tells him Lindsay’s agenda and he heads out. Gabrielle swears she’ll tell him later.

Al pays his mother a visit and tells him Marcie’s doing wonders for him. She gives him a hundred dollars “for books” and he asks about Bo. She “kinda” admits that she’s jealous and asks if Al likes him. He says he does, “he’s not Dad”, but he likes him. Then Al thanks his mother and takes off. Joey calls the house looking for Bo and she tells him he’s with Nora at the station.

Lindsay and Jen sit and talk to Bo and Nora. He records her soon-to-be confession. She tells him that she shot her former husband but meant to shot Troy instead. She then tells them the entire story, in a very calm manner. Nora asks if she knows why Sam was at Blair’s that night. She gets confused, thinking she shot Troy, and not knowing why he died. He tells Sam’s ghost he never should have went to Blair’s. She apologizes to his ghost. Jen tells Nora that the worst is when she talks to Sam. Nora comforts her and tells her to go home. Bo tries to touch Lindsay but she won’t let him because she’s bad.

Troy asks about Blair’s coat and realizes she never came back for it last night. He goes to look for her. Troy comes knocking and Dorian asks for the gun while she goes to get rid of him. Blair returns to find Mitch missing, and Dorian holding a gun, and a pair of scissors. Mitch angrily returns home to Llanfair and asks his assistance for the blue prints to the house. Dorian says she let him go because she doesn’t want Blair locked up for life. Blair asks her aunt what she’s up to. Dorian tells her Blair’s exhausted and not thinking clearly. She tells her aunt she just wanted to make him pay and she asks Blair to trust that she’ll take care of it and she'll make him pay. Blair gives him a welcome home hug and says she’s glad her aunt is back. Dorian asks her again to trust her. They want to go to sleep but Blair explains why Dorian can’t go to sleep in her own bed. Blair adds that she has the guest room and Dorian says she’ll go to the other guest room.

Marcie goes to Rodi’s looking for a lost scarf and orders a Ginger Ale. She bumps into Al’s dealer, sees him with Al, and warns Al not to hang out with the guy because he’s always in trouble. Joey takes Jen to Rodi’s and she orders a drink. First he lectures her and then asks if she’s upset because of her father. Jen tries to pull Joey out onto the dance floor and Marcie takes off with Al following her with concern. Joey wants to know what’s going on and she asks if he has any special advice for someone who’s mother just murdered her father.

Jen runs into Joey and asks him to get her out of there. Then Nora runs into Troy and she informs him that Lindsay just confessed. She asks him for help. She says that he seems nice and asks if he’s a policeman like her friend Bo. He reminds her that he’s a doctor and she says they’re good people, then calls Troy handsome to. He asks if she’s okay and she asks him to protect her. He asks what’s going on and she says Bo’s not there and asks if she killed him too. She brings up she and Bo’s previous engagement. Bo comes back and tells Lindsay she’s going to go to St. Ann’s. She asks Troy to take her. He asks if she knows who he is and she says that she doesn’t but he seems kind and sometimes the kindest people in the world are strangers. He agrees to accompany the officer. Bo calls and informs Nora that Troy’s checked Lindsay into St. Ann’s. Nora assumes Lindsay’s just trying to get away with murdering Sam. Nora starts to cry over Lindsay leaving Matthew without a father. Meanwhile, Gabrielle burns Sam’s letter.

Asa says goodnight to his granddaughter and he finds Roxy’s still there. Nigel says she came back to get Nigel’s input on the salon. They talk about hair dryers, and how good “hot” is. He snaps his fingers when he realizes he forgot his gun in the other room and they snap out of their passionate state.

Blair apologizes to Troy for Rodi’s and he interrupts to inform her about Lindsay’s confession. Blair notices her aunt is gone and wonders where she is. Dorian has gone to Llanfair, and tells Mitch, “Darling, at last.”

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