OLTL Update Monday 3/31/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/31/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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*** After Lindsay stands up and runs into Mitch, telling him that Jen now knows she killed Sam, Bush interrupted to talk about War stuff. So I did not get the rest of the episode. ***

Carlotta calls Antonio to ensure his attendance at Natalie’s dinner. Natalie and Jessica come in to talk to Carlotta and Jessica informs them that she’s not coming after all. Jessica says she doesn’t want to leave Viki alone. Natalie assures her sister that their mother will fight and win. Carlotta calls Jessica a part of the family and he agrees to come. After Natalie leaves, Carlotta comforts and reassures Jessica.

Natalie tells Cristian, in Spanish, what she’s going to say to his mother when she arrives. He laughs and informs her that she will be telling his mother that she hopes she sits in her food. Cristian advises her to stick to being herself. Carlotta and Jessica arrive and Jessica asks where Antonio is. Jessica and Carlotta talk and laugh over dinner. Natalie turns on the radio because she’s pre-requested a Latin song. Carlotta informs Jessica that Antonio’s been throwing himself into his work.

Nora talks to Bo about her son being a soccer champion. He says he wishes Sam could have been there but was happy to take Matthew to the game. Antonio interrupts to ask Bo why he took him off of homicide. Nora suggests that Blair isn’t guilty and that Sam wasn’t the intended victim. Bo sends him back to his cases and when Antonio says he’s finished with them, Bo tells him goodnight. He then informs Nora that he pulled Antonio off of the case because the fewer people who know about Lindsay the better. She agrees on that as well as the fact that they need more before they can make an arrest. They review what they know and what Lindsay claims, but Bo suggests they can get to Lindsay through Jen.

Antonio gets drunk and asks Troy if he feels lucky not being at the morgue instead of Sam. Antonio says it should have been him because he was going upstairs to have sex with Blair. Troy tells him he’s a little out of line and his reasons for going upstairs are none of his business. Antonio says it’s his business if the killer was there because of Troy. Antonio asks who would want him dead. Troy replies that he’s already answered these questions at the station but Antonio assures him that he has a few more. Troy replies that if the police have more questions for him they can ask him back to the station, otherwise he needs to leave him alone.

Nora tells Bo that Lindsay being the killer doesn’t add up because the gun was registered to Todd. They doubt that Lindsay stole the gun or that Todd gave it to her. Bo gets a call from an officer informing him that Antonio is at Rodi’s picking a fight with Troy.

Marcie tutors Al but he finally escapes for some recreational time, and invites her to come with him. Gabrielle reads the certified letter from Sam to Bo and Nora informing them that Bo is Matthew’s biological father. Max walks up and informs her that he’s the new manager at Capricorn and he can now pay Al’s tuition. He asks what’s wrong and when he specifies she replies that she and Bo aren’t having trouble, yet. Gabrielle shows the letter, and the proof, to Max. Max comments that having a child changes your entire life, and she agrees. He asks if she’s afraid that Bo and Nora are going to get closer and she admits that having a child binds you together forever.

Al comes up and Marcie informs them that he’s been studying so much he’s going to Ace his History test re-take. Max asks if he’s been getting enough sleep, Al yells at Max to get off his case, and when they say they’re just concerned, he apologizes and says he’s just tired. Gabrielle reminds Max that being parents doesn’t always mean that you become lovers again but she is afraid of their History together, as well as their child together. Max subtly hints that they don’t ever even have to see the letter. She says a lot has changed since she’s been with Bo. He tells her to hurry up and decide as he points out that Nora and Bo just walked into Rodi’s.

Bo and Nora look toward Antonio and Troy. Bo steps in and calls Antonio outside while Troy looks over at Nora. Antonio assures his boss that he was only doing his job and Bo demands he hand over his badge. Antonio does so and then walks away. Bo apologizes to Troy on Antonio’s behalf and he says it’s fine but asks if what Antonio’s saying is true, that he could have been the target. Bo assures him he’s checking all possibilities. Nora asks if they’re going to go to Lindsay’s and he confirms this but first stops to see Gabrielle. She hugs him and rubs her eyes. She tells him she’ll wait up for him but he assures her he may be the rest of the night.

Marcie orders the drinks and he considers taking a pill on the way to grabbing the dartboard. He offers her some food but she says Jen’s right that she eats too much. Al says Jen was just trying to be mean. Marcie explains how she’s an emotional eater. He secretly understands that everyone has their demons, as he looks at the bag of drugs in his pocket, again. Marcie tells him she wishes she could be like the Voice of the Night and be on the radio because the guy is so sensitive and confident that she can tell he must be like that in real life as well. He gets up to get them some refills and eyes the pill and puts it away once again.

Blair pays a visit to Mitch, while looking for Viki, at Llanfair. He tells her the news. Blair asks if this is why he killed Todd and informs Mitch of what she overheard. He calls it another mental breakdown. She demands to know where Todd is and he says he wants to know the same, now Mitch owns the penthouse and the Sun. He wonders where Todd’s cash and other assets have disappeared to. He brings up her possible conviction for Sam’s murder and she hints that they both know she’s not the guilty party. She then adds that if she goes to jail it’ll be because she killed Mitch. She admits to threatening him and adds that he’s going to pay by spending the rest of his life in jail. He gets a phone call and he tells them who’s in his home talking to him right now. Blair finally leaves and he calls the person back on the phone, assuring the person that Blair is not a problem. They discuss that the person on the phone will be coming to town soon and they’ll celebrate with champagne.

Lindsay tells Jen to leave her alone because she can’t breathe. Sam’s ghost pressures Lindsay to tell Jen everything. Lindsay finally shouts her admission. The Voice of the Night talks about the first few nights of Spring and it’s hint of what’s to come and at the same time, it’s refusal to let go of what used to be. Jen cries, distraught over the news. Lindsay swears it was a mistake and that it was meant for Troy. She relives the events of that night as she cries uncontrollably. She asks Jen to understand and to forgive her. She begs her daughter not to hate her.

Jen pushes her away and swears she will never forgive her for killing her father. She gets angry with her mother for taking away the one good thing in her life. Lindsay tells her daughter that she can’t go back to prison, Jen says she can’t even be around her anymore and storms out, leaving Lindsay falling to the ground in despair. Sam looms over her and she asks if Jen hating her is enough but he says “Not nearly enough”. She says she’ll live with the guilt the rest of her life but he reminds her that at least she still has one. He tells her a life for a life and promises that she’ll be locked up for the rest of hers. She gets up and runs straight into Mitch’s arms. She tells him that Jen knows, she had no choice, and asks him to get out of her way. (This is where Bush interrupts the rest of the show)

Mitch’s attorney informs him that he’s right; a lot of Todd’s assets are unaccounted for. Blair puts it all in a safe and says to herself that she took it so that Starr and Jack would have it, adding that she didn’t think he’d miss it because he had so much. She promises Todd that she’ll protect them, and takes a gun out of the safe as well. The attorney tells Mitch he’d have to sue Todd to get it back and he advises her to let it go in that case. She reminds him not to do anything illegal or he’ll lose everything. He promises he won’t have anymore run-ins with Llanview’s finest.

Max tells Gabrielle he’s been thinking a lot about Luna lately. Gabrielle responds that she’s sorry she never knew her and she knows he still misses her. He says when you meet the other half of you, you think it will go on forever but it can end easily. He adds that if he knew he could lose her so easily, he’d have hung on to every second with all of his might. She thanks him and he wishes her luck then leaves to go see R.J.

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