OLTL Update Wednesday 3/26/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/26/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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Blair tries but can’t pry open Victor Lord’s coffin so she calls for help. The person on the other end doesn’t believe her and hangs up on her. She brings a crowbar and still can’t do it. She calls Troy and leaves him a message. She calls the police again but they still don’t believe her.

Lindsay stands in front of Sam’s friends and family, along with his ghost who urges her to confess. Lindsay tells them that Sam isn’t the one who should have died; it should have been Troy. Troy appears to get very uncomfortable and Jen stands up and asks her mother why she’s talking about Troy when this is about Sam. Lindsay looks at Troy and says she knows he was there and Todd lost control because of him and thought he was shooting him. Will takes his mother to her seat as she tells Troy to his face that it should have been him. Joey takes control of the service again and Will holds his mother. Six men, three of them Bo, Hank, and Will, take the coffin out after the ceremony ends.

Joey believes he lost control of the service but Andrew tells him differently and asks him to cut himself some slack. Marcie comes to tell Andrew that Lindsay’s looking for him and takes the opportunity to tell Joey he did a great job. He leaves her to attend to the family while she daydreams about a wedding between herself and Joey.

Cristian thanks Natalie with a kiss for getting him to paint again. She reminds him that his mother has left messages twice and asks him not to be angry with her. He says his mother needs to apologize to him. Natalie vows to solve the problems between Cristian and his mother with a family dinner. He asks her to leave it alone and says that his mother is the problem, not her. He lovingly tells her she’s impossible, but allows the dinner.

Antonio assures his worried mother that he’s fine. He asks her to drop the Keri and baby topic. He tells her he’s tired and then informs her that Bo took his gun. He yells at her to leave it alone and then gets a call about a robbery in Angel Square that he agrees to take care of.

Cristian and Natalie make out as Antonio comes in with a gun in order to deal with the burglary. He has a gun pointed at Cristian’s back and Cristian tells him it’s him and then turns around. Cristian assures his brother that the place is no longer abandoned and explains why he and Natalie are there. Cristian suggests that Antonio is out of control and Antonio brings up their mother. Cristian tells him it’s complicated and Antonio asks if Natalie’s the complication. Cristian tells his brother to leave Natalie alone, and then tells him that his mother wants him to choose between she and Natalie, and he chooses Natalie.

Antonio calls in to tell the force that all is okay. Antonio apologizes to his brother for rushing in on them and upsetting Natalie and Cristian tells him to save it for Natalie who’s left because Antonio drove her away. He agrees to apologize next time he sees her and then adds that he’s been having a difficult time dealing with his loss. Cristian suggests he get some counseling through the force. Antonio says he doesn’t need a lecture and Cristian asks about the gun. Antonio replies that Bo took the gun he has from the force but this is his own gun. He says he knows he can lose badge for it but it’s better than losing his life. Cristian invites him to a family dinner Thursday night.

Bo tells his staff via telephone to go ahead and send someone over to the Lord coffin. Then he tells Will that he’s doing everything he can to find Todd. Will thanks him and then leaves Bo to fill in Nora. They wonder about Blair, and about Lindsay. Hank offers his condolences to Lindsay, as does Rae. Then Bo asks Lindsay how she is and she says she’s just trying to get through the day. He asks her about the gun and says he’s worried about her, as Jen is, that she may he hurt herself. Sam’s ghost assures Lindsay that she’s not suicidal, that she’s homicidal. She assures Bo that he and Jen are wrong and tells him that the toy was a gun. He asks why she didn’t tell him that earlier.

Troy shows Matthew his phone and realizes that he’s gotten two messages from Blair. Andrew agrees to keep an eye on Matthew so Troy can return the calls. Blair comes running in, tells him about Mitch burying Todd alive, and asks him to come with her. Bo comes out and asks to speak to Blair. Troy urges Blair to tell Bo where she thinks Todd is. She tells Bo everything, sees that she’s not believed, and runs off to Todd’s rescue. They all meet at the crypt and when they get the lid off, Bo informs her that Victor Lord is the only one in there. They put it back and Blair says she heard Mitch talking to his goons. Bo tries to establish a time line and Blair thinks Todd may have gotten out and may be in the cemetery, hurt and hiding. Bo asks for her help and she yells that she needed his help and he wasn’t there. Blair insists, loudly, that she’s going to prove Todd didn’t kill Sam. Bo assures her she’s not going anywhere, because she’s under arrest.

Jessica goes to the diner for Joey and Carlotta confides in her regarding her sons. Jessica agrees that Natalie can be a handful but assures her that she means well. Natalie walks in and invites her for dinner on Thursday. Carlotta claims to be busy that night and when Natalie changes it to Friday, Carlotta asks Natalie to have Cristian call her instead. Jessica advises Carlotta to rethink the invitation and to give Natalie a second chance for Cristian’s sake. Carlotta says she’ll do it if Jessica’s there too and Jessica agrees to go, so long as Natalie invites her.

Lindsay asks her daughter why she told Bo about her gun and Jen tells her mother that she’s been acting very strangely lately. Will asks what’s going on and when Jen tries to reply, Lindsay yells “not another word” and asks to be alone with Will. Marcie asks if there’s anything to do and Jen snaps at her. Marcie tries to get her to eat and Jen yells that food isn’t the answer to everything and Marcie over all people should know that. Marcie runs out and Joey goes after her. Will asks his mother what’s gotten into Jen. He says he’s never seen her be downright cruel and asks what’s happened to her. Lindsay replies that Cristian broke her heart, and he’s the reason everything has gone wrong in Jen’s life.

Joey tells Natalie that Jen should have never treated her that way. Marcie confides in him and says that Jen’s her only friend but sometimes she can be so mean. Joey tells her no one should ever treat her that way, but try to remember that Jen just lost her father and she’s really hurting. Marcie says Jen’s right that she is fat and ugly but Joey tells her it isn’t true, that Marcie’s wonderful. He adds that she’s warm, giving, smart, and very pretty. He assures her that she’s lovely and that he’s not just saying that, and she replies with a passionate kiss. He pushes her off and she tells him she knew he was the right one for her since the moment she saw him, just like in the movies. She describes the moment as he tries to interject through her rambling. He finally interrupts and tells her that there’s been a mistake. He apologizes profusely for giving her the wrong impression. He tells her that she is beautiful but he doesn’t like her in that way. She starts to cry, apologizes, and runs off.

Natalie says she left because she had some errands to run. Jessica comes in, talking about Roxy’s new place, and tells Natalie that Carlotta changed her mind. Cristian wonders why Carlotta said no in the first place. Natalie asks Jessica to come and Jessica says she promised Carlotta she’d be there, because she’d feel better with a big party and lots of people. Natalie asks what Jessica’s secret is with Carlotta and she replies that she’s just known her a lot longer so she listens to her. Jessica asks Antonio to join them and he agrees. Natalie asks Antonio for help but he has to go call the station and advises that she ask Cristian. Jessica tells Cristian that she’s thrilled that he’s painting again, even if it is a painting of Roxy. Natalie observes how close they appear to be.

Marcie asks Carlotta for permission to take the night off and Carlotta, who barely hears her, tells her that she can’t give her the night of because she needs to catch up with the inventory. She turns on the radio and the Voice of the Night suggests that sometimes days are worse than night, we can be sad or lonely anytime. He asks who you turn to, and if you have no one, what’s left and what do you do. She makes herself a giant hot fudge sundae and cries as she eats it.

Lindsay tries to talk to her daughter, but Jen’s angry. Lindsay asks her to see it from her side and Jen can’t figure out why Lindsay’s mad at Jen for being worried about her mother. Lindsay suggests Jen tell Bo that she made a mistake and it was a toy gun. Lindsay asks her to help because she can’t handle Bo asking her all of these questions and accusing her of murdering Sam. Jen says she knows that of course Lindsay didn’t kill her father. Lindsay says she can’t take it anymore and yells at her daughter to just leave her alone.


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