OLTL Update Monday 3/24/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/24/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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Roxy takes Natalie into the beauty-parlor-to-be. Natalie thinks the place looks awful. Roxy tells Natalie all about her hot pink plans. Natalie suggests she level it and start from scratch. Natalie tells her ex-mother that she has no money anymore. Roxy swears she’ll have the place ready in thirty grand tops. She asks Natalie to have Viki front her the money for the beauty parlor. She’s not convinced Roxy won’t blow it but wishes her well.

The voice of the night speaks to his audience as Cristian looks at a drawing he drew of Natalie. Viki comes knocking, looking for Natalie, and Cristian tells her she’ll be back soon. He tells Viki that Natalie puts up a tough front and she’s hurting right now. She says she knows and she wants to help. He admits that Natalie won’t accept it. She sees his drawings and compliments him. As Viki’s about to leave, Natalie comes home and doesn’t buy Viki’s excuse that she was just passing through. Natalie says that Mitch can’t win this. She tells her mother that she’ll be at the probate hearing. She asks Cristian what’s going on because Viki didn’t pressure her. He says he told her mother that he’d never let anything happen to her again. She calls him, and the place, her home.

Joey apologizes to Jen about her father and says he came to make sure she’s okay. She says she’s fine and doesn’t want to talk about it. He offers her a coffee downstairs. Lindsay orders a double martini from Rex. Lindsay sees Jen and tells her she’s on her way out. Bo stops her requests she give him a few answers to a few questions. She goes to the ladies room. Jen insists that Todd is the killer but Joey doesn’t have him pegged as a killer. Jen says she’ll start staying at her father’s house tomorrow. She says her father was always there for her and always knew what was important. She agrees with his assessment that Sam was a Superdad. She says that she’s more like her mother, a major disappointment. She tells him about her father’s part in her community service. She adds that she was mad at him and didn’t tell him she loves him.

Asa observes Lindsay’s nerves and mentions her other exes, his sons. Asa and Nigel go over Asa’s charity options and he sees the many messages regarding Roxy Balsam’s investment request. He comments that Roxy never gives up. Asa asks Bo about Todd but he can’t disclose anything. Nigel and Asa tell Bo about Roxy’s ideas. Rex talks to Asa about his mother’s beauty salon and tries to convince him to climb aboard. Rex stiffs him a part of his change and he doesn’t notice but instead gives him a generous tip. Renee apologizes to Jen about Sam and Joey asks about the theft in the rooms. Jen asks who Flash is. Joey advises that she think of the community center as doing something for her dad, and it beats being alone. She says she wants to be alone. He says he’ll try to get her out of her community service, but eventually she’ll have to finish what she started

After Natalie leaves, Roxy sweeps up the place. Asa comes in and asks her to talk him through her ideas. Asa tells Roxy that the place is a dump but she asks for hundred grand anyway, in order to make the place classy. He entertains the idea, but first wants to know who’s putting up the rest of the money. She says she has a rich and foreign silent partner. He tells her there’s no deal because the place is worth only fifty thousand. She wants to make a deal that he put up the money and she'll offer the talent and brains. He agrees to deal, under the condition that she never lies to him.

Bo tells Lindsay that he’s trying to get a sense of what Sam was doing in his last few days. Lindsay suggests that he should ask Blair, then adds that everyone loved Sam accept Todd and it’s obvious that he did it. Bo says Jen told him she suspects Todd and asks why she didn’t mention it to him herself. She claims she thought he’d figure it out. He comments that he’s not a mind reader. He says he’s trying to keep an open mind and asks where she was the night of the murder. She tells him about the art buyer but then says that the name of the buyer is confidential. Jen comes and warns Bo to leave her mother alone. Jen then tells Bo about her mother being with Mitch the night of the murder.

Mitch tells someone over the phone that the Manning and annulment problems have both been taken care of. His lawyer discusses his charges and he suggests Blair won’t testify against him. She tells him the judge could go either way and reminds him that the Lord name carries a lot of weight in Llanview.

Flash goes to a motel room with a man in a business suit. The voice of the night tells her that in the darkness it’s easy to sell your soul to the highest bidder but if you go that route, make sure you get a real good price. Flash backs away and says she’s going to go take a shower. The man warns her not to take too long. The man grows impatient. He asks what she’s trying to pull and when she says she can’t go through with it he gets angry and advises her to find a new line of work. He gives a few dollars, and a little more advice. She begins to cry, and calls Joey. He comes knocking on the motel door. The voice of the night advises to save your soul for the one you love. Flash falls into Joey’s arms and asks him to get her out of here.

Bo notices that Rex gave him the wrong change but then gives Rex all of it. Renee asks about Gabrielle and he admits that he doesn’t see her very often anymore.

The judge gets a threatening envelope, and then a threatening phone call, from Mitch Lawrence. The voice of the night speaks about crossing the point of no return and trying to get back to where you came from as Sam continues to haunt Lindsay and she stands outside Mitch’s door. Lindsay asks Mitch if she can come in and sit down. She informs him that she told Bo who she was with the night of the murder and what she was doing. He warns her to remember that she and Mitch were talking about art and drinking wine when Todd shot Sam.

Mitch’s lawyer comes to tell him about her research and he tells her about his recent dealings with a person who is losing it mentally and who may be lethal when pushed to the edge. He suggests the problem be solved before it gets out of hand. Sam continues to haunt Lindsay, and she sees blood on her hands where there isn’t any, at least not literally, and she apologizes for shooting him, but he refuses to go away. The voice of the night says that no matter how hard we try we can’t outrun our ghosts and the only way to make them happy is to look them in the eye and welcome them in.

Jen packs and heads to her father’s home but Bo comes to the door and she welcomes him in. He says she sounded really worried about her mother on the message she left on her father’s voice mail. He asks if Jen thought she was in danger and she says only from herself, and then tells Bo she saw that her mother had a gun.




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