OLTL Update Wednesday 3/19/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/19/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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Lindsay says she should have killed herself because then Sam would still be alive because he wouldn’t have been with Blair. Jen asks her mother not to do this to herself because she’s all she has left. Lindsay swears she’s not going anywhere. Jen asks her mother for help in finding Sam’s murderer. Jen says she won’t feel better until they find the murderer and Lindsay assures Jen that it was Todd. She claims she heard Todd threaten Sam. Lindsay says that the motive was Blair and that Todd was the only person with one. Lindsay imagines Sam, in a white suit at court, demanding that she tell the truth and nothing but the truth. She then imagines Nora as the judge. She tells her late-husband’s ghost that Mitch made her and Judge Nora says it’s always someone else’s fault and next she’ll be blaming Nora. Sam reminds her that she pulled the trigger. Nora rules Lindsay is guilty. But they allow Sam to decide the punishment, and he decides he’ll haunt her, everyday until she gets what she deserves. Lindsay gets up and walks out.

Nora tells Bo she owes it to Sam and Matthew to work on the case. They deal with their suspects, first Blair. Bo wonders where Todd’s prints are since it was his gun. Troy comes in, reluctantly, and gives his condolences to Nora. Nora is respectful, then leaves as soon as possible. Bo asks Troy what Blair’s hiding. He says he knows it couldn’t have been Blair because she was out cold. He adds that he left around midnight. Bo lets him go, for now. On his way out he tells Nora that he and Blair are just friends, and that he still loves her. She gives him the cold shoulder. Bo informs Nora of Troy’s comments and assures her that Troy’s telling the truth. Nora suggests they question Blair again but Hank gives her another job to do first. Bo tells Hank that the death occurred between eleven and one, according to the coroner, midnight according to Troy, and then adds that if Sam’s answering machine time is correct, then Todd made the threatening call after the murder occurred.

Blair confronts Mitch Lawrence about what he’s done to Todd and Sam. Mitch denies it and Blair asks if Todd’s dead. He comments on her struggle with sanity, and denial. She demands to know where Todd is and then asks how far Mitch would go to keep her from testifying against him. He continues to deny everything while threatening her children in his pseudo-subtle manner. A guard comes to tell Blair that Bo needs her back at his office. Blair sits in Bo’s office as he and Hank question her about Todd and the gun. Bo plays back her message to Todd for her and asks what she thought he had done. She claims to have called him about the kids and insists Todd didn’t do it. They ask her to explain the evidence and she says she wishes she knew where Todd was but she doesn’t. Bo asks her if Todd’s covering for her like she did with Max. She finally cracks and tells them that Mitch Lawrence killed Sam.

Blair admits to what she saw and heard. Bo wonders why Mitch wouldn’t have just shot her instead of going through all of the trouble of killing Sam. Bo says there isn’t enough to do anything. They get a call saying they found Todd’s car at JFK airport. Jen comes barging in and they let Blair go, for now. Blair apologizes to Jen for Sam and Jen asks if Blair’s ex-husband is sorry too. Jen wants to know what their doing to find the only person who had a motive and Bo assures her they’re doing the best they can to catch the killer. He agrees to contact Jen when he knows something. After she leaves, Bo wants to know how Jen came up with Todd’s name as a suspect.

Bo calls JFK and they tell him no one matching his description boarded any airplanes. Mitch arrives and Hank leaves them alone. Bo asks where Mitch was last night and he says he was making a purchase for his home. Bo asks when the last time he saw Todd was and he says it may have been when Todd came to his home with a gun and threatened to kill him. He says he thought about reporting it but didn’t want to put Viki through that. Bo informs Mitch that Todd is missing. Mitch assures him he’s a man of god, and adds that he’s not Todd’s only enemy since he was such a violent man. Bo agrees, and asks Mitch why he referred to Todd in the past tense. He tries to weasel out of it, but admits he wouldn’t mind if something did happen to Todd. Bo asks about his last contact with Blair and he says he can’t recall. When asked about his last contact with Sam, he says he ran into him recently at Roadies. Bo asks what Mitch bought last night and he tells him what, and from where. After Mitch leaves, Bo writes a list of suspects, and then calls Lindsay.

Antonio enters the Palace Bar looking for someone. Jessica walks up and tells him she liked Kerri and she’s there for him if he needs someone to talk to. She then inadvertently tells him about the memorial service R.J. had today.

R.J. tells Joey that Liz and Keri wouldn’t want him to sit around feeling sorry for himself as opposed to working on keeping Capricorn afloat. Flash tells her band the place won’t work because she’s not right for it. Joey introduces the two of them and R.J. reminds Flash they’ve met before, but advises her to forget that day. She wants to do a sound check but he assures her there’s no time for it. Joey presents Flash’s band to R.J. but is interrupted by an angry Antonio getting in R.J.’s face with his fist for not telling him about the memorial for Keri and the baby. R.J. says Antonio didn’t deserve to be a part of their lives and blames him for their deaths. Antonio attacks him and Joey and Jessica try to break it up. R.J. leaves and a band member tells Joey that Flash took off. Joey goes to find Jen and asks her if he can help in any way regarding her father. Jessica tells Antonio she’s sorry R.J. didn’t invite him to the memorial service but suggests that he have one of his own. Jessica reminds him of when he advised her not to run from her problems, and tells him to take his own advice. She adds that buy not letting himself feel anything, he’s running as fast as he can.

Lindsay goes to the Palace for a drink and Nora finds her there. Nora stops and tells Lindsay that Jen is more than welcome to come by the house anytime to see Matthew. Nora assures Lindsay that Bo’s working very hard to solve this case. She asks if Lindsay saw anything strange that night and she insists that she didn’t. She demands to know what Nora’s accusing her of. Lindsay says she’s being accused of not loving Sam enough to want his killer to be found. She insists that she loved Sam more than he ever knew, more than she ever even knew herself. She adds that she’d do anything to bring him back. Nora says that she loved him too and wasn’t able to show him but will show him know, by fighting for justice. Lindsay turns around, sees Sam standing behind Nora, and breaks her glass. Nora suggests Lindsay go home to rest. She also suggests that Lindsay may need a little help in dealing with it.

Troy tells Blair she did the right thing telling Bo. Blair says they don’t believe her. Troy suggests he feels the same. He suggests maybe Mitch is pretending to have had something to do with the murder so he can scare Blair. She tells Troy she’s going to go after Mitch on her own. He tells her to let the police handle it. She says the police think she did it and in order to prove her innocence, she has to prove Mitch’s guilt. She asks for his help and assures him she’ll nail Mitch with or without his help.

Antonio goes to see someone, Kerri. Keri says she feels guilty about her mother dying in the plane crash, and about making people think that she and the baby died too. R.J. says that he too misses Elizabeth but that this is the best way to move on and she can start a new life in Toronto. He assures her he’ll be okay, and will visit her every chance he gets. He vows to always protect her.

An old man in a suit finds Flash and asks why she’s crying. He then suggests a way for her to make some money. She asks what he has in mind.


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