OLTL Update Monday 3/17/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/17/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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Nora calls Sam because Matthew’s game got changed and he wants to make sure his father’s going to be there.

Joey welcomes his new volunteer, Jen Rappaport who says she’s late because she was searching for her father who’s going to get her out of this. He tells her to face the fact that she lied to a judge and her father helped her confess so he’s not going to want her to weasel out of community service. He sends her to help prepare breakfast. Then Joey stops Flash who tells him that her friend Riley is doing much better now. She gives him a mixed tape of some of her songs. Al comes up and says he has some news about C.J. He says that an old buddy told him that C.J. wasn’t Hawaii as of a couple of months ago.

Joey asks Flash why C.J. would go to Hawaii and she replies that C.J. never mentioned it. Joey says he’ll use the Banner to help track him down. Joey asks if C.J. had been in any trouble and she says no. Flash goes to get some breakfast and Jessica comes up to her brother, offering him a ride to court. Jessica suggests that Joey to stay at the shelter because they’re so busy. Jessica says she’s surprised to see Jen volunteering here. After Jessica goes, Joey tells her that she’s doing a good job. Then Rae comes to the center and Joey asks her to help him around here by listening to the children when they talk. He says he needs a Director, someone to run the support groups and who knows how to connect.

Marci corners Al as he’s hitting Riley up for drugs and reminds him they were supposed to meet for tutoring. He tries to shrug her off but she doesn’t budge until he points out Jen is there. She goes but warns him not to leave. Marci walks in on Jessica asking Jen what’s in this for her. Jen makes a comment about Jessica being little Miss Perfect but quickly changes her tone when Joey comes around. She says doing her part will make her happy. Jessica leaves and Marci tells Jen she’s there because she’s tutoring Al. Jen asks her to fill in for a moment, suggesting it would mean a lot to Joey, and then takes off. Riley tells Al that he almost died from the drugs last night. Riley throws away the drugs.

Rae tells Joey that she can’t work there, even though the offer means a lot to her, because Viki is still upset with her and she only married Asa for his money. He reminds her that they all make mistakes and that this would be a great way for her to make up for it. Finally she agrees to take the job. Joey catches Jen before she can escape and assigns her to be Rae’s new assistant. Flash reads the job board and comments that she doesn’t know how to do any of those things. The girl next to her comments that putting on clothes to make money sounds better than taking them off for whatever guy will pay. Rae tells Jen she thinks she’ll really enjoy this work, then tells her she’ll need the name, age, and address of every child who comes in, and adds that Jen will also need to take notes at every session. She warns Jen that everything will need to be kept confidential and she makes a comment about Rae’s ability to do the same. Rae says she understands how Jen feels and she and Joey offer Jen kitchen duty instead. Jen agrees to work with Rae. Joey goes to Flash who informs him that she can’t type or wait tables and she has no experience. He suggests she give music lessons. She admits that she can’t even read music. He tells her to hang in there and they’ll find something.

Marci sees Al looking through the garbage He says he thought he had lost his student I.D. Flash asks the girl how she deals with what she does for a living. She replies that she closes her eyes and she’s on an island and when it’s over she just forgets it. Rae gives Jen the name of a few books to get and read in order to gain some insight to what the kids are going through. She suggests Jen may learn something and she says she already did, not to lie to a judge. The girl asks Jen if she can borrow her sweater because it’s so cold and Jen won’t let her because it’s cashmere. Joey tells Jen to leave the crown at the door. Jen asks why she has to share. He says she doesn’t, but she has to be respectful, He adds the only reason she can wear these things is because she was born lucky, not better, just lucky. He advises that when she models the designer clothes in the mirror, take a good look at the person wearing them and tell him if she likes what she sees.

Bo offers Lindsay a glass of water. She has a difficult time accepting that Sam’s really dead. Bo won’t let her leave in her current condition, and then he asks what she’s doing there. She says she couldn’t sleep and had to get out. She says she went for a drive and saw all the lights here. She keeps crying and saying she didn’t know it was Sam and asking how this could have happened. He lets her cry on his shoulder.

Blair tells Troy she doesn’t remember if she called Sam or not. She says her best friend is dead and she doesn’t remember anything. Antonio asks why Troy was there and he discovers that he and Blair were alone Blair shouts that Troy didn’t kill Sam because he had no reason to. Antonio asks who did, and then asks where Todd is.

Blair tells Antonio emphatically that Todd didn’t do it. Bo asks Antonio to escort Lindsay home. He fights to do more but Bo reminds Antonio that Lindsay’s ex-husband was just murdered and she’s a wreck. He asks Antonio to stay with her until she calms down. Blair tells Bo that she doesn’t remember anything because she drank too much last night. Troy corroborates the story and Bo asks if the gun belongs to Todd. She claims that she doesn’t recognize it. He asks if she recognizes the ring and when she says she doesn’t, he suggests that she should. She says she hasn’t seen Todd lately and he reminds her that she saw him at the custody hearing. Todd wants to take Blair away and Bo allows it but warns them not to go too far. Bo tells an officer to find out all about Sam’s last 24 hours of life and also check to see if the gun is registered.

They find out that the gun is registered to Todd and Bo observes that the evidence keeps piling up against Todd. They check Sam’s last three messages; a worried daughter, Todd telling him he’s going to kill him, and a soccer mom wondering why her little boy’s father isn’t at his game when he’s never missed one before. Then they check Todd’s messages and find Blair begging Todd to call her back and asking him twice, in panic mode, what he’s done.

Antonio takes Lindsay home and she tells him he can go but he refuses until he knows she’ll be okay. She says she hasn’t been able to reach her children and she doesn’t know what to tell them when she does. She adds that it wasn’t supposed to be Sam. He asks what she meant by that and she says it should have been a cruel and evil person, not the best person she ever knew. Antonio can relate and he’s taken aback as he’s reminded of his own recent loss. He tells her that good people die all the time and people have died that are better and younger than Sam. Antonio says that there’s usually no one to blame, but what’s good about murder is that someone eventually pays.

Mitch puts Todd in Victor’s coffin to be buried with him and says that his only regret is that Todd won’t live to pay for the murder of his “good friend Sam”. Mitch asks his servant to drive Todd’s car to JFK airport in New York and leave it there. He adds that Todd won’t be needing a vehicle to take him to his final destination, the one from which he won’t return.

Blair tells Troy she can’t stop thinking about Sam and the murder. She blames herself for his death. Troy suggests that Todd killed Sam. Blair replies that it could have been Troy who died instead. She racks her brain trying to remember what happened and asks Troy what happened between she and Troy. He says that she had too much to drink and was upset about Todd so nothing happened. She then remembers how nasty Todd was to Sam but quickly adds that Todd didn’t shoot Sam. Todd assumes she’s blaming herself, and that she thinks Troy could have been the target, because she’s worried that Todd was so jealous he would have killed anyone who came near her. She insists that Todd didn’t do it but admits in confidence to Troy that she found some blood-covered gloves, the ring, and the gun, in Todd’s penthouse. She says he wouldn’t have killed Sam because he loved Sam. Blair says Todd wouldn’t have done it and definitely wouldn’t have done it in front of her. The phone rings and Troy needs to get to the hospital. He gives her his private number and advises her to call if she needs anything. She thanks him for his help and then calls Todd again.

Nora tries to fill Bo in on her Mitch research but he asks her to stop and listen. They step into his office and he tells her it’s about Sam. She asks if he’s in the hospital and Bo nods in the negative. He holds her as she cries. She goes home to tell her son the horrible news. Matthew assumes the bad news is that his daddy isn’t coming to his game. He asks if his daddy is like a star and she says yes. He asks if he can look out the window and see him. Nora tells him to close his eyes and look for his father in his heart because that’s where he’ll always be. Matthew says he sees his daddy.

Antonio tells Bo that Blair and Lindsay are both basket-cases and Bo says it’s how most people react when someone close to them dies. Bo suggests Antonio get some sleep but instead he chooses to go looking for Todd Manning. Bo is skeptical about Todd being their number one suspect.

Mitch calls Blair and tells her she won’t be hearing from Todd anytime soon. Mitch then gives his condolences regarding Sam. He then tells her to rethink testifying against him. He says he’s not threatening her, and then asks how her children are doing.

Lindsay thinks about the shooting and repeats that she can’t live like this. She goes to make a phone call but turns around and finds Mitch standing there watching her.


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