OLTL Update Friday 3/14/03

One Life to Live Update Friday 3/14/03

Written by Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

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Bo chews out Antonio a bit for his treatment of Flash at the hospital yesterday.  He threatens to pull Antonio off duty if he can't keep his personal feelings in check.  Antonio swears he will do it, saying it's the only place where he can stop thinking.

Joey arrives at Llanfair for the family meeting.  Jess and Viki are there.  Viki tells him about how they have to fight hard to beat Mitch.  They wonder where Todd and Natalie are.  Natalie comes in and tells them about her plan to say that she slept with Mitch so she can get a divorce and get half of everything he owns back for the family.  They are tell her what a bad idea that is and beg her not to do it.  She tries to get them to back her up, but they won't.  She gets frustrated and snaps at Viki. She starts to storm out, but Asa is walking in and scolds her for talking to her mother that way.  While Natalie is outside, Jessica suggests that she get close to Mitch so that maybe they can get to him through the weakness he has for her.  Viki says no way.  They are hugging when Natalie comes in again after trying to phone Cris.

Mitch taunts Todd, who is chained to the Lord mausoleum wall.  Todd tells him that people will miss him.  Mitch laughs at the idea and then tells Todd that everyone will think he left town because he committed murder. Todd nervously asks who he murdered and hopes it isn't Blair.  Mitch tells him that it's Sam.  Todd gets all choked up that Sam is dead.  Mitch says that Blair is alive, for now.

Troy is in Lindsay's bedroom where she's just awakened.  She is shocked to see him there and wonders why he isn't dead.  He doesn't understand what she means.  She says it was all a bad dream she had.  She thinks he's there because he cares, but he says that he's just there because Jen begged him.  He asks her if she's feeling self-destructive.    He gives her the number of a crisis hotline and tells her to get some help.  He leaves but phones Jen to suggest that she look in on her mother.  Lindsay phones Mitch and leaves a message for him to call her back. 

Blair awakens in her underwear and is upset to find Sam dead next to her on the bed.  She gets blood all over her hands and other things.  She stupidly picks up the gun and then drops it again.  She sees Todd's ring on the floor.  She phones his number and gets his machine.  She screams into it, yelling "What have you done?!"  Then she phones Troy's service and leaves a message, saying it's an emergency.  She phones the Llanview police but I think she hangs up.  We see her pick up some bloody gloves (at Todd's place?) and hide them.

Troy is almost home when he gets the message that Blair tried to phone him for an emergency.  He calls his service and tells them to tell her that he's on his way if she calls again.  He goes to Blair's house and finds the door open.  He calls but gets no answer.  He rushes up the stairs and finds Sam, and figures out that he's cold.  He sees the gun and phones the police.  Blair comes back in, all dressed now. He asks her where she went and she has a vague answer about thinking that the killer may have still been in the house.  She seems in shock.  There is confusion about why Sam was even there.

Bo and Antonio get the news about Sam and rush out.  Bo isn't sure he wants Antonio along, but Antonio assures him that he'll be fine.  They arrive at Blair's house with a bunch of other cops and start to work on the crime scene.  Bo and Antonio question Blair and Troy.  Antonio is a little harsh and implies that Blair might be a suspect, so Bo tells him to tone it down.  Antonio yells at a younger cop about some evidence labeling.  Bo comes over and fixes the situation.  He takes Antonio aside again.  Sam is brought downstairs.  Blair goes over to him and kisses him goodbye.

Blair tells Troy quietly that she doesn't remember anything because of being drunk, including whether she called Sam or not.

Lindsay is outside in the bushes watching when she hears two cops say that Sam is dead.  She breaks down.  Bo finds her and wonders why she's there.

Mitch has his men tie Todd up and put him in Victor's crypt, on top of his body.  Todd tells Mitch to go to hell.  Mitch tells him to rest in peace.

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