OLTL Update Wednesday 3/12/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/12/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Theresa

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Todd visits his father’s tomb, in order to meet Mitch Lawrence as planned. Mitch arrives he asks Todd why he didn’t kill him when he had the chance. Todd answers, “I ought to kill you now, Bastard”, and suddenly somebody knocks Todd out from behind. That somebody, servant to Mitch, has a tape recorder and has recorded Todd’s most recent statement. Mitch takes off Todd’s gloves and ring and orders the servant to cuff him to the wall. Todd dreams that his father, in a suit, is insulting and kicking him in order to wake him up.

Victor orders his son to listen to him. Todd says he’s not Victor’s son and he’s nothing like him. Victor says Todd can’t fight it and he must give Victor immortality because he has a heart of a Lord. Todd agrees with his father and says that the world will remember them both as rapist. Victor believes they will instead remember Victor Lord for his money, his newspaper, his children, and his grandchildren. Todd reminds him he gave away his money, his children hate him most of all. And that Todd refuses to allow his children to be a part of Victor’s legacy. Victor says he can’t stop him but Todd assures him he can and will. He adds that Blair was right and Todd doesn’t belong anywhere near his children so they’ll never know who Todd really is, what his father made him.

Victor becomes angry with his son and Todd says he’d cut out his own heart before he let his own son turn out like Todd. Victor takes his ring off of Todd’s finger and says he doesn’t deserve it because he’s nothing like his father. Victor says he’ll find someone who deserves his legacy. He says he’ll find Jack and Victor lives on while Todd dies in the crypt. Todd shouts for his father to take him instead of Jack, begging to be his father’s legacy. Todd says he’ll live on with Victor’s heart, not Jack. Finally, Todd awakens, still chained to the wall, and then notices his ring missing.

Antonio can’t unzip the zipper on his jacket without getting horribly angry. Jessica comes up behind him and apologizes for his loss. She asks if she can help and he screams at her to back off and then he runs off, leaving his jacket in her hands.

Cristian and Natalie move into their new home. He praises Natalie on doing well lately and she tells him she was awkward with her mother and wouldn’t hug her when Viki wanted to. Cristian advises to give it some time and assures her she’ll figure out a way to make peace with her family. She in turn asks about Carlotta and Cristian says his mother was in the wrong and adds that today they’re starting over and they’re going to make sure everything goes well. She says she finally feels home. Cristian suggests he’s going to apply for management at Break Bar again and Natalie says she’s going to try to get a job too. He looks at the picture he drew of her and she suggests he go back to being an artist. He says he needs time and money first but promises he’ll do it at some point. He thanks her for helping him find his way again and she welcomes him home. He leaves for his mother’s to pick up some things.

Antonio returns to his home and starts throwing and kicking things around. He looks in his duffle bag and finds a stuffed toy and a picture of he and Keri from Hawaii. Jessica comes knocking, eager to help Antonio. She asks him to open the door so she can give him his jacket. When he does she says he shouldn’t be alone right now and says she knows how awful he feels. Jessica brings up her own miscarried child. He blames Dorian for that incident but she assures him it was an accident. He tells her about a false alarm at work the other day and adds that he was going to call Keri the minute he got to the stakeout and if he would have called she might have been late for the plane and would still be alive. He cries uncontrollably and she shakes and she tries to comfort him but he won’t allow it. She apologizes and Cristian knocks on the front door because he forgot his keys. Jessica opens the door and tells Cristian that his brother needs him, and then tells him why. With Cristian ready to tend to Antonio, Jessica leaves. Antonio comes out and tells his brother he’s got to get to work.

Natalie and Nora meet at the police station and Natalie asks if she’ll mess things up if she moves in with Cristian. Nora assures her that things are different now that Mitch has been arrested for kidnapping and attempted murder. Nora adds that if the will holds up he stands to inherit a fortune so he’ll gladly give Natalie an annulment, adding that if he divorces her he’ll have to give her a settlement. Natalie says she now wants a divorce instead of an annulment. She says that she did consummate the relationship.

The voice of the night asks if you remember what you dreamed about when you were a kid, what you wanted most of all, and if you told anyone or if you were afraid they’d laugh at you.

At Rodi’s Lindsay asks for Troy and Nora comments from behind that she wishes she could take the mature action of feeling sorry for Lindsay, but that she just isn’t feeling very mature. She adds that she’s tired of hating Lindsay but she just can’t help herself. Lindsay advises Nora to leave her alone. Nora asks why Lindsay has such a need to connect her life to Nora’s. Lindsay repeats that Nora needs to leave her alone. Nora continues to goad her and asks how it feels to be at the other end of it, to rather die than have someone keep after you like this but they still do. Lindsay explains that it’s a bad day to make her mad and Nora assures her that she already is mad, ‘stark, raving mad’.

Lindsay suggests that Nora’s just upset because Lindsay got Troy and she didn’t. Nora isn’t buying it and asks Lindsay where he is, pretending to look around. Nora adds that Troy can go to hell and Lindsay can go with him. She says Troy is all Lindsay’s, if she can track him down from wherever it is he’s hiding from her. Lindsay asks why Nora’s upset that Lindsay’s looking for him and she replies that she’s upset that good, honest people that she loved died today and Lindsay’s still walking around breathing their oxygen and making people miserable. Lindsay asks who died and Nora says she doesn’t get to know that because Lindsay doesn’t care, all she cares about is herself and that’s why no one loves her.

Nora names all of Lindsay’s past men and says that none of them ever loved her and that they all laugh about her behind her back. She throws what Troy did to her back in her face, and adds that Lindsay keeps chasing after him when it’s obvious he doesn’t want her. Lindsay says she’s sorry that someone died but tells Nora not to take it out on her. Nora remembers that it’s “Lindsay’s world and we all just live in it” and then storms off, leaving Lindsay devastated once again. Lindsay calls Troy at the hospital. Mitch asks her if she’s okay and she asks him if he’s laughing at her. He says he would never do that then asks if she found Troy. Lindsay says she won’t let anyone laugh at her. He agrees and encourages her to take action. He says that the lord works in mysterious ways and he sends a messenger to execute his will. She says she has to go, and does so, leaving Mitch smirking.

Troy asks Blair what she’s doing and she says she’s giving him his initiation. She begins to take off his clothes too and Troy says they need to slow things down a bit. He hands her back her coat and says he wants to talk. She agrees, but continues to flirt. She takes out the champagne and drinks it and bites a lime in a sensual manner, and then tells him it’s his turn. He says he can’t because he’s on call and because she’s just trying to forget about Todd. She replies with a passionate kiss and she assures Troy that nothing is going to stop her so he mine as well just go along for the ride. He replies by kissing her back.

Blair asks Troy if he’s ready now and he repeats that he can’t because he’s on call. She tells him it’s his loss and adds that it’s only the beginning for them. He offers to take her upstairs and tuck her in but then leave. She suggests that he wants it as much as she does and he agrees but adds that he’s not going to do anything about it. He carries her to bed, leaving her robe on the floor. Upstairs, he puts her in bed and she asks him to stay. He agrees to stay, but only until she falls asleep. He tells Blair he likes her and she’s beautiful and a lot of fun. She falls asleep instantly, he puts his fingers through her hair, and then he gets a call from the hospital. He tucks her in, turns out the lights, and then leaves.

Sam comes to Rodi’s looking for Lindsay and Mitch asks what’s wrong. Sam counters by asking if Mitch has seen her. Mitch tells Sam that she was there earlier and they had a meeting but she left a while ago to meet with an artist. Mitch asks him why he’s so agitated and Sam says it has nothing to do with him.

The Voice of the Night says tonight is about dreams that don’t come true. He adds that everyone has broken dreams but wonders if their broken by others or by ourselves. Lindsay enters Blair’s home and sees the robe lying on the ground. She takes the gun out of her purse, puts it back, and pours herself a drink. As she’s doing so, Troy leaves the home. The Voice of the Night asks what happens to broken dreams if you keep dreaming them; do they break you? The Voice advises you not to let them, to dream a new dream instead and maybe that dream will come true. Sam comes in, sees the robe, and immediately runs upstairs to Blair. Lindsay also heads upstairs, with the gun. Sam walks toward Blair, thankful she’s all right, and Lindsay fires two shots at him from outside the door, mistaking him for Troy in the darkness.


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