OLTL Update Tuesday 3/11/03

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/11/03

By Brandon
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Theresa

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Boy, you miss a day on this show and you miss a ton of stuff: I didn't catch "One Life to Live" yesterday, and then today I tune in and guns are changing hands, people are screaming at each other, other people are dead, more people are screaming at each other, people are plotting murders.... seriously, it was dizzying, like falling asleep in Nebraska and waking up in Hong Kong.

So let's go ahead and get the boring stuff out of the way -- I know, I know, that takes up most of the show, but just go with me on this. Al was at Rodi's with Rex throwing darts, and Marcie showed up and revealed to Al that Max and Gabrielle have hired her to be his tutor. Al promptly told her to go rub a lamp -- that one, he's not interested, and that two, he doesn't need any help anymore because he's doing fine now that his midterms are done. However, Marcie went to the college to see if the grades were posted, and came back to inform him that he "flunked with flying colors" all of the exams. She then tried to get him to go to the library with her and he told her he'd get with her tomorrow and then quickly ditched her. And we had to sit through all of that.

Also, Rex caught Al taking more of those speed pills or whatever it was that dealer dude gave him the other day. "I thought those were just study aids," Rex said to him. Al told him to more or less mind his own beeswax -- I'd tell you the exact line but I wasn't listening that closely. And I wasn't listening that closely because I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANY OF THESE PEOPLE!

Oh, and also Rex and Jen had a couple of pointless scenes at Rodi's today: I'm not sure, because I was praying so hard for them to get off my TV screen, but they were stealing money from the bar -- I think -- and buying drinks with it, and then Jen told him that she was moving out of the loft and that she'd give him a call when she got settled in at her new place so that they could get together again. I just wanna put it on record right now that if I have to watch one more "date" between these two, I'm going to vomit profusely. Who's with me on this one?

Meanwhile, at the police station, Antonio was reeling from RJ's revelation that Liz and Keri and the baby are dead, and that it's all Antonio's fault. RJ was shouting at the top o' his lungs about how Antonio got that ridiculous restraining order against Liz and how he broke Keri's heart and how it made her flee town to get away from him -- you know, RJ's usual spiel, nothing new here -- and all of a sudden Antonio lunged for RJ's throat. Hank sprung into action and stopped him from attacking his brother, and Hank and Nora both told RJ that it wasn't anybody's fault, that accidents happen. RJ was having none of it, of course, and started in on Hank about the fact that he only had a year or so with his daughter because of Hank. Antonio then looked at RJ and told him that he didn't even get so much as a day with his daughter. Then RJ said something about never forgiving him or something and then left, and then Antonio left in a complete daze.


He turned up at Rodi's sometime later, acting like a complete zombie. The bartender tried and failed to get his attention, and he later walked over and unplugged the jukebox when the song that was playing reminded him of Keri. Trust me, it was even more bizarre than I just made it sound, and the generally dependable Kamar de los Reyes just didn't quite have a tight-enough grasp of the subtext of the situation to pull off this wordless scene.

Back at the police station, Nora and Hank told Bo about the plane crash, and they all waxed eloquently on why it is that the good people always perish and the scum of the earth always have free reign. Then Nora mentioned Mitch Laurence's name, and Hank noted that Mitch was at the very top of his list now. Bo then announced to them that he has some new information regarding Laurence: he's not sure what it means just yet, but it seems Mitch has been making several phone calls to the Los Angeles area. Hmmm....

Mitch, of course, was at Lindsay's, drawing her into his evil plot with deft manipulative efficiency. It was really quite something to watch this, he knew exactly the right buttons to push with her, and he hit every single one of 'em, taunting her about Troy and about how she doesn't deserve the shabby way he's treated her, and making her think about Blair and Troy together enjoying the rush of new love, and how she knows in her heart that Troy really wants Lindsay. "You understand," she finally said quietly, obviously teetering on the edge of a complete mental breakdown.

Mitch then pulled Todd's gun out of his pocket and laid it on the table. He told her he knows she's seen the gun before -- that she watched Todd throw it away, and that she was tempted to pick it up and exact justice. He also told her other things he knows about her -- that she drugged Nora that she tried to smother Troy with a pillow, that she's a "passionate woman" -- and then told her that she now has a perfect opportunity to get revenge on the one person who has hurt her most. He told her that it could be the perfect crime -- that no one would suspect her, because the gun is Todd's, and that this would be good for her spirit or soul or something. She told him that she doesn't even know how to use a gun, and he told her it was very easy -- "you just squeeze the trigger, and all the pain he's put you through will go away." She told him that she's been to prison before -- he already knew that of course -- and that she swore to herself that she'd never set foot there ever again. Mitch told her she wouldn't have to as long as she didn't get prints on the gun and covered her tracks correctly. Then he left the gun lying on the table and walked into her office to retrieve her gloves. He walked back into the room and laid the gloves on top of the gun and told her that it was perfect.

Jen walked in at this point, and was stunned to see Mitch there. They both covered by saying that Mitch was interested in buying some art. Lindsay told him she'd be in touch and he left. Jen immediately commenced with chewing out her mother for being involved with Mitch in any context, and that's when she caught sight of the gun. Lindsay told her that it just for safety, that she's been fearful ever since those guys broke into the gallery looking for Jen a few weeks ago. She then quickly grabbed the weapon and stashed it away, then asked Jen what was going on, and Jen started whining about having to start community service tomorrow or something, and that she was moving out of the loft. She tried again to get Lindsay to let her stay at the gallery, and Lindsay again told her it was too small for the two of them. Jen asked about Troy, and Lindsay shut her down, informing her that she's finished with Troy, that he's moved on to Blair. She then said she had someplace she needed to be, and left her daughter speechless and concerned.

Lindsay next turned up at Troy's loft as he was heading out the door. She told him she had come there to give him one last chance to tell her that he loves her and wants to be with her the way she knows in her bones that he does. He told her for the 87,000th time that he wants absolutely nothing at all to do with her, ever, ever, ever, and that he thinks she's pathetic, and that he never wants to see her again the rest of his life, and that he does not love her and never ever will, and that she needs to get a grip. Lindsay asked him if he was going to see Blair, and instead of saying, "None of your freakin' business," the way anybody else would have, he meekly told her yes and then left.

Lindsay stood there for a bit, simmering in her own rage and pain, and said aloud to no one, "I warned you, Troy."

Troy was headed over to Blair's house at her invitation. But before all of that, Blair was dealing with Todd again. He had come over to see the kids or something, and Blair told him no, that they were staying at Cassie's and that she doesn't want him to have any access to them anymore. Then Sam showed up with some papers for Blair to sign -- I guess they were custody papers, but they never really said for sure -- and Todd grabbed them and ripped them up, at which point Sam pulled another set from his briefcase with a grin. Blair went to another room to sign them, over Todd's insistence that he'll do whatever it takes to get his children back.

While Blair was upstairs looking over the papers, Todd decided to mess with Sam's mind for a bit, telling him that he can just go ahead and extinguish the flame he still has burning for Blair, because she's already moved on to Troy McIver. What is it about you, Todd then opined, that the women you love end up leaving you for Troy? Blair's done it, and Nora did it before her. Sam dove for Todd, shoving him up against the wall, and Todd said he was sorry -- he forgot all about Lindsay, 'cause she did it too. Sam was about to knock Todd's lights out when Blair came back into the room and stopped them, and Sam informed Todd that he's just angry at himself because he knows it's his own fault that he's blown it again with Blair.

As he was leaving, Sam warned Blair to watch her back around Troy, because trouble seems to follow him wherever he goes. Blair insisted that she and Troy are just friends, and that nothing is happening, and Sam just told her to be careful.

Of course, when Troy showed up later, Blair was singing a slightly different tune: she walked into the living room, stopped right in front of Troy, and immediately stripped down to her skivvies and let him take in the view.

In the meantime, Jen went over to Sam's house and told him that she was worried about Lindsay -- that she acting strangely, and that Mitch Laurence was over at the gallery with her, and that Troy and Blair are seeing each other, and that Lindsay has a gun. Sam was mortified.

And with good reason: Lindsay returned to the gallery following Troy's umpteenth rejection, and put on the gloves, and picked up the gun, and left again. Mitch had stayed in the gallery unbeknownst to Lindsay, and after he watched her leave, he called Todd and told him he wanted to meet with him -- that perhaps they could work out a deal after all concerning Victor Lord's estate. Todd didn't buy Mitch's sudden change of heart and asked what was happening, and Mitch again pressed just the right button: family. Mitch said he still wants a chance with Jessica, and played on Todd's love for his children as well, and Todd took the bait. Mitch told Todd to meet him at Victor's mausoleum at 11:00 that night so that they could speak in private, and Todd agreed.

And the plot thickens....

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