OLTL Update Monday 3/10/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/10/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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Short synopses by Suzanne:  Mitch is setting Lindsay up to kill Troy...Nora, Hank, and Antonio found out about the plane crash.  Mitch crashed Victor's memorial but left early after trying to bait Todd into violence.  Jess talked Natalie into showing up and Viki was grateful to see her.  Todd was annoyed to find Blair and Troy dancing together and said loudly that he wished Troy and Sam would just do him a favor and die.  Troy and Blair left together after dancing romantically.  Lindsay saw them together and got upset, crushing a glass in her hand.  Mitch tended to her wound and suggested that she find a better target for her anger.  Mitch phoned someone again and told them that all was going according to plan.  When Natalie whined about feeling like an outsider with her own family, Cristian reminded her that he is her family.

Nora comes to visit R.J. and he tells her the news, through his sobbing, that he’s lost Kerri, Elizabeth, and the baby, that they all died in a plan crash. Nora refuses to believe it and R.J. gets angry when she mentions Antonio’s restraining order. He says Keri called him from the airport to say good-bye one last time. He says he had promised to be the kind of father that Keri deserved, so he could have a better life with his daughter, and asks if that’s so wrong. Nora assures him that Keri was happy. He says it’s not true, because of Antonio tearing her heart out. She says that her father had made her happy and she loved her father so much. He says sometimes he would just look at how beautiful and smart and kind and caring she was and wonder how she could have come from him. He says Keri was the only good and right thing he ever did. He trashes his home and asks how this could be happening. He falls to his knees in despair and Nora holds him, trying to comfort him. He asks to be left alone but she refuses to allow it. She says they need each other. The phone rings and Nora agrees to leave.

Antonio tells his brother and Natalie about his plans to make a nursery in his home so he can be a part of his daughter’s life. He believes he’ll never have another chance with Keri, however. Jessica comes over and Antonio assures her that he checked on her uncle for her and he’s fine. Then Jessica asks to see Natalie. She tells Natalie that she needs to be there for Victor’s burial. She wonders what would makes Jessica think she would want to go to a funeral for an old psycho. Jessica says to do it for mom and to stop thinking of herself. Jessica assures Natalie that all Viki has is her kids and that if she feels anything at all for their mother. She’ll be there. Natalie tells Jessica that she’ll go. Cristian asks if she’s sure she wants to do this and she says she can handle it and if Mitch shows up she’ll throw him in the coffin with Victor Lord and they can both rot in peace.

Joey assures his mother that the family will be okay and she agrees. Todd arrives, to make sure Victor’s really dead this time, and Viki notices his ring. He says he’s wearing it because the Lord family is the only family he has left since Blair finally pulled the plug on him seeing his kids ever again. He says he’s going after Mitch now and will kill for his father if that what it takes. Viki and Todd discuss the guest list and suddenly Mitch arrives. Joey tells Mitch to leave the family gathering and Mitch reminds him that he is family, married to one sister and father to the other. Mitch asks if his bride has the ‘heart’ to come to the funeral. Todd tries to throw him out but Mitch says in order to get rid of him he’s have to follow through with shooting him this time. Viki wants to know what he’s talking about and Mitch says Todd didn’t have the guts to finish what he had started. Todd suggests perhaps he’s changed his mind.

Viki threatens to call the police but Mitch reminds them he’s not trespassing on his own property. Joey goes to call the police but Mitch agrees to leave. Todd assures him that Victor is already in hell, where Mitch will be soon if he has anything to say about it. But Mitch says he doesn’t, just as he has nothing to say about it, just as he has nothing to say about anything else in his sorry life, including his children. Todd goes after him but Joey stops him, and throws Mitch out for good. Mitch leaves and calls someone to assure him that all is going well and they can take Todd Manning out of the picture. Todd says he should have killed Mitch when he had the chance to, but Viki and Joey swear to him that it’s a bad idea. Todd says he threw away the gun, and then he says that being a good father isn’t in the cards for any of the Lord men. He walks out and Viki tries to follow but Joey tells her to let him go.

Jessica, Natalie, and Cristian show up and Viki’s surprised but glad to see Natalie. Joey performs the ceremony and says he prays for Victor’s salvation. Joey adds that Victor did one very good thing; he created this family, a family full of honor, devotion, and love. Then he encourages them to find strength in one another. Viki thanks Natalie for coming and invites her to a family meeting regarding the will. She says she’ll let he know if she’ll be there or not. Natalie comes home to Cristian and fills her boyfriend in on the details. He asks her to stay away from Mitch and promises that everyone has their day. She tells him about the family meeting and he advises that she go since they are her family. She says all she sees is the family history and she’s just a visitor. She says she doesn’t have a home or a family and he offers himself.

Troy orders a drink, and then notices Blair doing the same. He tells Blair that Lindsay never gives up without a fight. Lindsay remembers her most recent encounter with Troy and him telling her he feels nothing for her except pity. Jen calls her mother to tell her she got stuck with community service over the Cristian situation. She asks her mother to talk to Sam to convince him to get her out of the sentence. Lindsay says she refuses to do it because Jen got herself into this mess. She adds that Jen got off really easy, compared to going to jail. Lindsay tells her daughter that obsession is a really bad thing and nothing good can come of it for anybody. Lindsay calls someone, pretending to be Nora, and asking about Troy’s whereabouts. They tell her he’s at Rodi’s.

Blair tells Troy that there is no self-pity allowed in their Wild heart Loser’s club. She shows him the secret handshake and Todd comes in, sees them holding hands, and demands to know what’s going on. Todd doesn’t realize it yet, but Lawrence has followed him there. Todd is angry that Blair took the kids from him and she’s not even with them. Todd assures Blair that Starr is going to hate her for the rest of her life for taking her away from Todd. Troy tries to break up the fight and Todd tells him that Troy’s just another notch on Blair’s belt and starts to name Sam, and Chad. Then Todd comments about Troy’s relationship with Nora. Troy tells Todd to cool off and points out Todd’s jealousy problem. Todd responds that he wants to see and Sam gone, that if they got struck dead, he’d be a happy guy. Blair threatens to call the police but Todd leaves.

Troy offers her a ride home but instead she wants to dance with him. Lindsay comes in and sees them together. Mitch still watches. Lindsay stares, and drinks, and breaks a glass in her hand, drawing blood. Mitch comes over to offer help and Lindsay runs out. Mitch mends her hand and attempts to mend, or manipulate, her heart. He suggests she take her pain out on a better target than a wine glass. He says he knows how tormented she’s been by the men she loved completely, deeply, and with devotion. She says that some would call it obsession. Mitch says others would see it as the fiercest of loyalty, the kind that only a woman with her passion is capable of, and adds that the men are fools for not enjoying, recognizing, and cherishing that. He adds that she has every right to be angry and hateful but the feelings won’t stop the men from hurting her over and over again, she has to actually do something about it. Troy and Blair continue their slow dance then he gets her coat and leads her out. Meanwhile, Todd sits next to his father’s coffin, holding the ring, and thinking.

Antonio tells his brother not to worry about their mother disliking Natalie and reminds him that Carlotta used to feel that way about Keri too. Antonio suddenly becomes uncomfortable discussing Keri. Cristian suggests that maybe he and Keri aren’t really completely over. He says it won’t be easy but he has to move on and make sure he doesn’t lose his daughter. He gets a phone call that Liz was spotted at the airport yesterday and he heads out.

Nora goes to the police station and when Hank finds her she says she needs to talk to him. He says he doesn’t have time because he’s working on putting away Mitch Lawrence for good but she tells him to shut up and demands he come to Bo’s office with her. Behind closed doors she tells him the news and at first he doesn’t believe it. She tells him he needs to go see his brother. Hank asks how he is and she repeats that R.J. needs him. Hank says Keri was like a daughter to him too. Nora apologizes but before Hank can go to his brother, Antonio comes barging in, talking about Liz disobeying the restraining order. Antonio is angry but Nora needs to speak to him. They allows him to ramble and before Hank or Nora can tell him what happened, R.J. barges in and tells him that they are all dead, and it’s all Antonio’s fault.


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