OLTL Update Wednesday 3/5/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/5/03

Written by Laura
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* NOTE: By the end of the episode, we learn the true identity of “The Voice of the Night”

The voice of the night comments that, in the darkness of the night, it’s easier to step up to life’s challenges because we can’t see what’s too far ahead and we believe we have what it takes to face anything. The voice tells the listeners that if you reach around in the darkness for someone, anyone, and you actually find them and they’re willing to hold you and never let go, then nothing else really matters and you don’t need anything else.

Viki tells Mitch to get out of her family’s home and he reminds her that everything belongs to him, including Llanfair. Viki isn’t about to let it mean anything. He compliments her taste, commenting he’ll feel very at home at Llanfair. She mentions prison and he assures her that he won’t be going. He wonders where her hostility comes from since it was only Natalie who was going to be sacrificed and Jessica was never in danger. She assures him she loves both of her daughters the same amount but he reminds her that he was there and saw her pause when she thought she had a choice.

Viki promises to fight to the death to keep him away from both of her girls. She shows him to the door and he agrees to go, for now, but assures her that Llanfair will be his after Victor’s will is read the following morning. She in response assures him that he is no match for her family or for the love that has flourished in that house. He asks if that’s what Victor called it when he was molesting her. She tells him he will not win this fight and he wishes her a good last night under that roof.

Natalie tells Cristian that Viki doesn’t understand her; no one does. He tells her he’s glad that she stood up to his mother, but she worries that she will never blend in. He tells her that if she were blending in she wouldn’t be the woman he loves. She makes another reference to her hair color and he smiles when he says it’s still her. He offers her a night out, at the student union party, and she agrees. They arrive and she regrets that they dropped out of school. She mentions Mitch and Victor and Cristian tells her not to bring them up. She mentions all of her mistakes and he asks her to learn to let it go. He kisses her in order to shut her up and promises they’ll put the past behind them.

Rex pours Jen a drink and they flirt. Marci assures the guests that the voice of the night will come D.J. the party. The guests don’t believe it, and are interested in following Shawna’s suggestion of going to a frat party instead until the voice apologizes for being late. Marci assures her best friend that Jen will be the life of the party but refuses to drink and urges Jen to slow down on her drinking as well. Jen sees Natalie and Cristian together and assures her friend that she doesn’t care. She discusses the mistakes she made and their outcomes.

Joey defends Flash to Renee and she tells her she’s really lucky to have Joey on her side. After Renee goes, Flash tries to convince Joey that she didn’t do it and he says he believes her. She calls him gullible and he says he thought they were past the point of her pushing him away. She says she made a mistake and then runs. She sees her guitarist who invites her to a party. They pull out their fake I.D.’s and head out.

Jessica sees her big brother in the park and he admits he’s beating himself up trying to get through to someone who doesn’t want his help. She advises him to allow Flash to deal with her own problems. She adds that their family has enough to deal with.  She tells him she’s thrilled he’s back. She takes him to the party and introduces him to his other sister. He apologizes to Natalie for all she’s been going through lately and offers his ear. She says she’ll keep it in mind and then leaves. Marci comes up to Joey, glad to see him, but surprised. She says her theory is blown that he’s the voice of the night, describing the voice as smart, intuitive, and caring. He agrees that the voice is wise. He sees Flash and excuses himself.

Jessica asks Natalie why she was so rude to Joey and she gets angry with her twin for telling their mother that she had moved out. Jessica says she had no choice and apologizes but reminds her that Viki has been going through hell too, not just Natalie. Natalie comments that Jessica is the good daughter, the only one to consider Viki’s feelings. Jessica says that someone has to. Natalie makes the comments about Jessica being “the real daughter” and Jessica figures out that Natalie still resents her as she always has. Joey tries to get them to stop arguing and wants to sit with Natalie and tell her everything that’s going on in the family. She assures him she doesn’t need to know anything because she’s not a part of their family. She walks away, again, and Cristian is there to hold her.

Cristian asks her if she and Jessica were fighting and she blames herself. He goes to get something to drink and runs into Jen. She accuses him of telling Natalie everything she did to break them apart and laughing at Jen because of it. She yells at him and asks if he’s trying to punish her by rubbing he and Natalie’s love in her face. She has an emotional breakdown, yelling and crying that she can’t just put on a happy face and pretend he didn’t break her heart. He tries to calm her down but she says he made her this way when he stopped loving her. He sees everyone looking at them and gets angry. She asks him why he picked Natalie over her. Marci comes over and helps Jen away. The Voice of the Night says that sometimes the night makes us strong and brings out our best and other times it drags out all the pain and the worst in us takes over.

Marci swears to Jen that Cristian isn’t worth it.  Jen snaps and makes Marci leave. Natalie enters the bathroom and says that Cristian never told her what Jen to break them up; but Jen’s going to, right now. Jen asks if they share everything or not and Natalie says Cristian didn’t want to betray Jen. Jen congratulates her on winning Cristian and Natalie says she needs to know so she can stop blaming herself. Jen says she remembers that Natalie has always been nothing but trash, not a good girl. Jen adds that Natalie is no better than she is. She swears she will hate Natalie until the day she dies. Natalie reminds her that they used be friends and Jen explains that it was all a game just to torture her. Jen continues telling Natalie everything she did to keep she and Cristian apart and appears extremely proud of herself. Natalie says she can’t believe Jen would do all that just to keep Cristian and Jen asks, “Wouldn’t you?”

Jessica tries again to tell Natalie what’s going on with her husband. She tells Natalie about Victor’s death and his will. Natalie reminds her that she grew up with nothing and can get used to it again. Jessica reminds Natalie that she didn’t feel that way when she first got to Llanview and the response is that the money, and the family, isn’t what they’re cracked up to be. Joey says he doesn’t believe that but Natalie reminds him that he doesn’t know her at all and adds that he’s been there for weeks and hasn’t bothered to meet her. He reminds her that Natalie had been on the run from Mitch Lawrence. She offers to try again in a few years. Joey tells them both to stop it, reminding them that they’re fighting Mitch, not each other.

Al comes in and says hello to Jen and tells her that the song playing speaks to him on a deeper level. She ignores him and returns to Rex. Al sees his dealer at the party and she assures him he’s more than happy with his purchase. He tries to give him something to level him off. Rex steps up after Al goes and asks for his twenty percent for bringing in the customer. The dealer tells him that Al’s going to be a good one. Marci comes and pulls Jen away from Rex and assures her that Rex is bad news and not a nice guy. Jen says she doesn’t want a nice guy because she had one and he fell in love somebody else. Marci tries to relate it to watching Joey look at another girl but Jen swears it was different. She tells Marci she’s lucky because she’s never been with a guy and probably never will be so she doesn’t have to know what it feels like.

Shawna flirts with the drug dealer and asks if he knows who the voice of the night is but he doesn’t. Joey tells the garage band that they’re really talented and asks them to help out at the center more often. They invite him to see them play, but tell him to chill on the “do good” stuff. One of the guys explains that if you give a person a little space they might surprise you. Flash apologizes for getting weird on him earlier and he advises her to come by the community center when she’s ready to trust him because the only way they’ll find C.J. is if she clues him in.

After Flash leaves, Jessica comes and asks Joey what’s going on between he and Flash. She reminds him, again, that Flash is trouble but he assures her that he’s a big boy. Jessica sees Flash and follows her into Angel Square. She enters Flash’s “home” and Flash asks why she’s there checking out her brother’s new charity case but allows Jessica to come in. Flash makes comments about Llanfair and wonders if Jessica is bored or is doing a school project. She admits she’s there because Flash is always with Joey and she wants to make sure he’ll be okay. Flash tells her to leave and she goes.

The Voice of the Night wants to know if you ever find yourself looking through the windows of other people’s homes and seeing the light of other people’s lives shining through the glass. You stand there and watch them and wish to God you were inside.

In Angel Square, a man comes up behind Jessica and mugs her. At first she thinks it’s Joey. She hands over her purse easily but hesitates on giving up the bracelet her father gave her for her sweet sixteen. Antonio comes to Jessica’s rescue, but gets angry that she’s out there by herself and reminds her that she doesn’t belong there, and then tells her he’s glad that she’s okay.

Rex gets Jen drunk and they dance and flirt. Then the party gets broken up because of curfew but they’re all invited to continue the party at the garage. Emily finds a man to go with. Jen wants to go with Rex but Marci pulls her away once again, not allowing her to go home with Rex because she’s drunk. But then Jen sees Cristian and Natalie again and asks Rex to take her away. They make out, and then go somewhere “a little less public”.

Al comes up to Marci and tells her he knows how she feels, to have Jen as the center of your universe. He adds that all she has to do is pay attention to you and it’s a great day, and if you make her smile and it’s like you really mean something to her. He says that he’s no longer in love with her though. After Jen gets what she wants from you, she shuts you out, just like she just did to Marci. Marci swears she won’t let Jen down but Al says that she doesn’t deserve Marci’s help. He says that Marci needs to allow Jen to make her own mistakes. Al reiterates that he knows what it’s like to be wrapped up in Jen’s life, especially when you don’t have any real friends. Marci insists she has other friends, like the voice of the night, and says she’ll even prove it. She takes Al, Shawna, and Molly to the D.J. booth to finally find out the true identity of the Voice of the Night. The door is locked and when Al gets through the lock, no one is in the booth.

Natalie tells Cristian that Jen disclosed everything and he apologizes for not having told her earlier. She says that everyone makes mistakes but you move on and after time they become less and less important. He assures her that as long as they’re together, there’s nothing they can’t get past. They dance alone together, smiling and holding each other close.

The last words of wisdom, at least for the day, are heard and seen by the D.J. who is “The Voice of the Night”. He tells the listeners we’re all looking for a friend in the night and sometimes you make that true connection, you wake up in the morning and that person is still lying there beside you, but sometimes, you make a mistake, and you think they’re the one but their really just a dream in the dark and by morning that special someone is gone and you’re all alone. He advises that the one thing you can really hang onto is yourself, just you. It’s easy to forget that, and when you do, you’re in trouble. And perhaps no one would know better than Al Holden, who is “The Voice of the Night”.

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