OLTL Update Monday 3/3/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/3/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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The voice of the night talks about hope and the darkness in which you seek it. He says we’re all alike when the lights go out; lonely and cold with all we need staring us in the face. The voice continues that after dark we lose our bearings and on the worst night we find ourselves holding on for dear life. He advises to curl up with whatever it is you love most.

Todd asks Troy if his father will survive and Troy tells him that Victor has a fighting chance. Todd calls Sam for help, who’s out with Blair and she tells him not to answer it. Todd sees Cristian who confronts Todd about leaving him for dead and putting his own niece in danger. Todd asks what Cristian would have done and when Cristian doesn’t know, Todd says Cristian would do anything to protect his family. Cristian tells Todd the details of what Mitch did to Natalie and tells him that she wakes up scared and it’s not over yet for her and won’t be for a long time to come. Todd leaves rather than to face this truth.

The Palace bartender tells Roxy it’s cash only and points her to the ATM machine in the lobby. Also at the Palace, Sam and Blair sit together in a romantic setting when Todd comes in searching for Sam. Neither Sam nor Blair are interested in what Todd has to say, but Todd warns Sam to start listening, for his sister-in-law’s sake. Blair begins to get interested, according to Todd, when she realizes she may lose all of his money. Roxy comes up to them and asks them all for money for alcohol. She tells them she dumped Max and got his debts in the divorce.

After Roxy sits, Blair gives her a twenty and Todd tries to get it back, saying they can’t afford it anymore. Roxy takes it, Todd tells her to get lost, and then he shows Sam the letter that his father had begun to write negating the recent changes to his will in Mitch Lawrence’s favor. Sam tells Todd that they don’t have proof and that even if Victor’s writing were legible, and even if they could prove that he wrote it, they don’t know what Victor’s true intent even was. Sam says he can’t do anything with the will. Blair assures Todd she’s not interested in his money and adds that she is working on having custody changed so that if anything ever happens to her, the children go to Cassie.

Joey asks Flash how she knows C.J. and if finding him would be a good thing. He asks if she’s pregnant. She gets angry and assures him she wouldn’t have gotten wasted the other night if she were pregnant. Joey tells her he has no idea where C.J. is because he hasn’t seen his cousin since he was ten years old and his mother moved him to Baltimore. She says she knew C.J. last year and adds that C.J. hates his mother. Flash has heard of Cord and Tina but says she knows nothing about his sister, Sarah. Joey asks how they got separated and she says one day he wasn’t where he was supposed to be. She tells Joey she’s looked everywhere for him. He agrees to ask Viki for help. He shows her a picture of C.J. as a child and says he wouldn’t recognize him if he ran into him in the street. In return, Flash shows him a picture of C.J. from last year.

Jessica comes in and is angry that Flash is there and even angrier that Joey is showing her picture of their family. Jessica takes him aside and says it’s not good to let her into their home since they don’t even know her. After Jessica leaves, Joey apologizes to Flash for his sister and then offers Flash money. She asks for a hundred dollars so she can pay Renee back for the broken vase and he gives it to her and then agrees to call Cord to check about C.J. After Flash leaves, she vows to find C.J., along with Joey’s help and Joey calls Al to get info on C.J. since they were once close.

Bo comes home and it startles Gabrielle, as she was not expecting him. He pulls her into his arms and kisses her passionately. She asks about Lawrence’s bail and Bo fills her in. She tells him it’s not his job to fix everything and he says he hates leaving her alone all the time. She says she’s never felt less alone. He offers to help her with her style editing work but calls Nora first. At Nora’s home, Matthew runs to his mother, thrilled to see her, and they hug. He asks if she’s sad and she says a little. He asks if she’ll change her mind about Dr. Troy and she says no, and then she tells him about her day.

Matthew tells his mother about a dance he learned in school today from “the old days” which means the fifties. They decide to dance and she goes for the radio when Bo calls to talk about Lawrence. After hanging up the phone, Bo pretends to be interested in the style section and Gabrielle wants to do something instead that they would both enjoy, in other words, be romantic. Nora and Matthew dance “the bump” but are interrupted by a phone call from Hank. Suddenly she needs to leave. While Bo and Gabrielle are getting romantic, Nora comes knocking. Bo lets her in and she apologizes profusely for interrupting but adds she wouldn’t do it if it weren’t important. She tells Bo that the Jason’s Landing Police Department made mistakes so Lawrence’s case may be completely dropped.

Viki asks Natalie to go home with her and she and Cristian can have the carriage house. She tells Natalie she and Cristian need time to recover and Natalie needs to be with her family. Natalie yells at her mother and says she can’t live at Llanfair anymore. Viki tries to convince her she would never chose between she and her sister and would have given her own heart first. Natalie says she believes her, in order to get her mother off her back, but Viki isn’t buying it. Viki begs Natalie to talk to her and Natalie says she’s being stubborn because she’s her mother’s daughter. Natalie tells Viki that she doesn’t blame her for loving the golden child more, that it’s only natural since Viki raised her and since Natalie was a stranger who hurt Jessica and who brought Mitch back into their lives.

Natalie yells at her mother to just admit to the truth, that Viki would have chosen Jessica. Viki tells her that she didn’t have the chance to answer her father because she was looking at a ghost. Natalie tells her mother that Cristian loves her just because he loves her, without having to, unlike Viki. Viki tells her daughter that she doesn’t love her because she has to but rather she chooses to love her. Todd calls Viki on her cell phone and tells her to get to the hospital. She says she’ll be there as soon as she can and Natalie tells her good-bye. Viki tells Natalie that she doesn’t want to leave Natalie like this but Natalie urges her to go. Viki says she loves Natalie, not the same way she loves Jessica, but just as much. She adds that she’ll never give up on Natalie because she needs her just as much as Natalie needs her. Then Viki compares Natalie to her Uncle Todd and Natalie tries to convince her mother that Cristian is all she needs. Viki hugs her daughter and then leaves.

Roxy comes up to Natalie and asks her for some cash. Natalie gives her a twenty-dollar bill, just to get Roxy out of her way. Roxy tells Natalie that she’s looking for work but won’t settle for just anything, and then she offers Natalie a room in her home if Viki isn’t treating her right.

Viki tells Todd that Sam was right. Troy tells them their father has been moved to recovery but they don’t have long with him and they don’t know if he’ll live. They get permission to talk to their father. They show him what they found and when they ask, he nods in the affirmative that he was trying to rewrite his will. They tell him that Todd has a video camera and ask him to tell the camera what he was trying to do. Victor says that Mitch forced him to do something but can’t get out the rest. Todd tells his father to hurry up and talk before he dies and Mitch gets everything.

Carlotta is bothered that her home wasn’t good enough for Natalie, but he sets her straight by informing her that the homecoming was more of the problem. Cristian reminds his mother that Natalie’s going through a rough time. Natalie comes in and takes her boyfriend aside in order to tell him about her encounter with her own mother and then with Roxy. Marci brings them flan from Carlotta. Natalie feels guilty for speaking cruelly towards Marci. Natalie tells Cristian that she’s glad he’s there and he assures her that he’s not going anywhere.

The voice of the night reminds the listeners that it’s a long wait until morning, that nights can be endless, and that you should grab on to anything you can hitch your heart to and grab on tight.


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